MORGANTOWN, W.Va. —  After failing to qualify at West Virginia, and rethinking a 24-hour flirtation with Marshall, highly recruited receiver Jacob McCrary announced last week he was heading to junior college.

Precisely which junior college became apparent Monday when MetroNews confirmed McCrary enrolled at Northwest Mississippi Community College. It’s a program located in the small town of Senatobia and led by a new head coach who previously worked with WVU offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson. photo

Jacob McCary, a three-star receiver at Coral Reef High in Miami, has hopes of re-signing with WVU in 2016.

“That’s kind of the way these things work at the junior college level—it’s about building relationships,” said Northwest’s Jack Wright, who served with Dawson on the staff at Division III Millsaps College during the 2006 and ’07 seasons.

West Virginia wants to re-sign McCrary in 2016, and the player shared a mutual inclination during a recent interview with the Rivals website Wright said “we feel a sense of responsibility” to develop the player toward that goal.

Recruited out of Miami’s Coral Reef High School by the likes of Florida State, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, LSU and Notre Dame, McCrary failed to qualify after his standardized test score was flagged by the NCAA. Instead of enrolling at Marshall as a non-qualifier and sitting out the upcoming season, McCrary was steered to the junior college route with designs on making it back to Morgantown in two years.

“It’s humbling for these kids, going from being recruited by the best big-time schools to having to work their way back though junior college,” Wright said. “But for a kid like him, he will be that much more appreciative of the four-year school when he gets there.”

Because Senatobia resides in the shadow of Memphis, Wright said the campus doesn’t feel as isolated as some others in the Mississippi juco system.

“It’s not like he’ll be stuck at one of these junior colleges that’s an hour from any town and sits out in the middle of a cotton field,” Wright said. “This place is nice. We’re a full-scholarship program with really nice dorms and a full cafeteria.”

Northwest also runs a version of the high-tempo spread offense Dawson and Wright coached at Millsaps, where the Majors enjoyed a rapid turnaround to earn their first NCAA playoff berth in 31 years.

“I’m sure some of the terminology has changed, but the offense is very similar to what a lot of the Big 12 teams are doing,” Wright said. “We spread it out with a lot of three- and four-receiver sets. And if a kid has to read a coverage on a certain play, it’s probably similar to what he’ll have to do when he gets to West Virginia.”

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  • Mister Man

    I just read Chuck Landon's column. LOL!!!!

  • Jim Lahey

    I bet He doesn't make it through Juco.

  • Bullhalsey

    Marshall doesn't need him. Wvu desperately does. He "flirted" w/Marshall until he realized he'd probably never see the field...who cares? Never even heard of this kid.

    • BR

      Hey Bull**** -

      You're telling us that when thug Cato leaves next year and MooU is back to winning 4-5 games a year that you wouldn't want him on the roster??



    • Mister Man

      He wont see the field at Marshall. Yup.

    • Mister Man

      Not according to Chuck Landon. He's another one of those steals Marshall gets from WVU.

    • Aaron

      You're either delusional, high or just plain dumb if you think a player recruited by the likes of FSU, LSU, and every other school who courted him is not wanted by the Marshall coaching staff.

    • steve

      You often hear of Marshall mentioned in the same breath as FSU, Alabma, Auburn, etc... Keep telling yourself that Marshall doesnt need him and eventually you will believe your own lie.

      • Mister Man

        Don't forget Notre Dame. lol

  • wvufanatic

    I am glad to hear this i felt like the marshall thing was a knee jerk reaction. I hope that next year hes ready to play with the eers he is a very talented young man

  • steve

    I wonder if Chucky the mullet Landon broke this story? His last article concerning this player in the Herald Disgrace painted a picture of how great it was stealing WVU recruits.

  • Ducks In A Row

    "and rethinking a 24-hour flirtation with Marshall"

    Hahahaha. Lol. Marshall fans so mad right now, you could fry an egg on their head.

    • James

      Not upset at all duckster. We are loaded at WR. Go Herd!

      • Jabo

        Loaded with all those great, 2 star unranked guys. LOL

        • James

          Stars don't mean a thing but Angelo Jean-Louis and Deontay McManus had 4 stars.

          • Jabo

            1st time ever.

      • Ducks In A Row

        Is that you, Chuck? LOL

        If we only had likes on these boards.

    • Greg

      It has been reported that McCrary didn't have the ACT or SAT scores for Marshall. Good luck to him.

      • Charles

        That's a lie. What do you think a non-qualifier is exactly? Just about every non-qualifier marshall takes does not have the act or sat score. That is why they are a non- qualifier. There is no bottom. They can take whatever score they wish. Redshirt them. Put them in remedial classes the first year. If they pass with a 2.0 they are qualified. Do not believe the crap out of the hhd. The kid chose to go the jucco route to a wvu friendly jucco! Period. End of story.

      • WVU Fan

        Any answer to why Prop U did not prop him?

        Tell us another story please.

  • any major dude

    Don't get me wrong- I'm happy to have a talented kid aim for WVU. But shouldn't the last sentence read: "And if a kid has to read a book for a certain class, it's probably similar to what he'll have to do when he gets to West Virginia"? Isn't the idea of Juco to help qualify kids academically?

    • notorious


  • Jabo

    Glad he's coming back to WVU instead of Marsha.

    • James

      By the time he gets out of JUCO, Holgs won't be there. Then were does he go?

      • Jabo

        Not Marsha U

        • James

          Probably won't be USPAM either.

          • Jabo


    • JimJim

      How about Ohio State????

      • Mister Man

        Without their QB?

      • the flying dutchman

        how about ohio state?.....i like their tattoos..i heard they get them at a reasonable price.

      • NCWVUFAN

        Nobody cares about Ohio St. on this message board. Go find somewhere else to troll.

        Marshall.....Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.