MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Martinsburg scrimmaged Loudoun County (Va.) over the weekend as the Bulldogs continued through preseason practice.

All photos are by Christopher C. Davis/Clark’s Artistic Photography. A complete gallery from the scrimmage is posted here.

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  • James

    I saw the Bulldog scrimmage and watch the Huntington scrimmage on tape, both have good teams, probably both will in the top 3 all year long, difference between the teams, will be the bulldogs defense and depth in the back field, barring injuries, the Bulldogs will have 2 D1 rbs in the back field, 3 receivers who run a 4.6 40, and their defense will be the fastest in the state, but on any given day, anything can happen, all I can say just hope your team doesn't have to make the trip to the Panhandle in the playoffs, and until a team in the state can beat the dogs they are the favorite, haven't lost to a team in the state since 2009

    • sportfourteen

      The receivers run 4.4, 4.5, and 2 of them 4.6's.

  • Herd98

    Hey Mburg Capital may be decent but Huntington High is loaded again and ready to compete for the title. Im hoping that Martinsburg and HHS can meet again that was a classic game last year. They had their first scrimmage this week against Riverside. they put up 86 points and Riverside only got into the end zone once and that was really the only time they even got near it. Looked like HHS was just on a different level. I cant wait for the season to kick off next weekend.

    • 1prouddog

      Cmon Turd980...
      Your a big blow hard! You talked the same crap last year. HHS gonna beat the Dogs!
      Riverside...who is that?
      The Dogs offense didn't even show up last year in the championship game! I bet it will this year though!!!
      5 in a we go!!!

      • KDWNY

        Yeah Riverside is that team from 99-01 who eliminated ya every year. And who went up to the eastern panhandle on ya same field and blew the doors off ya with Michael Terrell and crew 59-22. So don't try and disrespect Riverside, because they will be back.

  • StarInWV

    Cobourn Field should be renamed 'Boyd'ville! Trey looks a gear faster than everyone else...or maybe everyone else was just in slow motion. Either way, if he stays healthy, he is going to set some records.

    • 1prouddog

      That's Blasphemy son! Cobourn Field is rich in history....Trey could win Kennedy Award!!

      • StarInWV

        Don't jinx it prouddog...let his actions do the talking!

  • 1Prouddog

    Bulldogs look like Championship caliber again!!!

    • Mburg

      I agree. They looked very good at the scrimmage on Saturday. Offense looks unstoppable - I was a little concerned about the defense but they looked good as well. I believe Capital has a good team as well and have the tools ( good AB and we) to put up a decent challenge?

  • Bo Myers

    Great photography. Chris is a master of his craft.