WASHINGTON, D.C. — United Mine Workers Union President Cecil Roberts and International Secretary-Treasurer Daniel Kane have been reelected to new five-year terms. Both were reelected by acclamation. 

Cecil Roberts

“I am extremely honored to be given this responsibility for another five years,” Roberts said in a prepared statement. “To have the trust of the membership of this union and for them to continue to have such confidence in our leadership is humbling.”

Roberts was first elected UMWA president in 1995.

The union also chose other international union officers and Auditor/Tellers including the first woman to serve in a UMWA office in the union’s 124-year history. Tanya James is from West Virginia and will serve as Auditor/Teller for the eastern U.S.

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  • Peanut

    Roberts = POS i made the best living in my life under bush obama got elected and jan 28 i was laid off from a union mine which i had been at only 6 months now i ve been laid off 5 times in 6 years thanks obama i shure am glad umw voted for him smh ! Ugh all i can say is i wish ol D blankenship was still operating cuz i kno at least hed get a contract for a coal buyer so we wud be working in 5 years tho there wont be a umw any way i wudnt never vote for it after what ive seen

  • Aaron

    Wikipedia list the UMWA with 80,000 members. I wonder, how many of those are active and how many are actually working.

  • Mike

    Isn't acclamation synonymous with anointed? Perhaps coronation is more accurate. What a perfect example of the continuity of rewarding failure.

  • Jim N Charleston

    And Nero plays the fiddle while Rome burns.

    All I got
    I'm Jim N So Charleston

    • Jim N Charleston

      Btw Acclamation vote means no ballot

  • Jim - Morgantown

    Obama lover Roberts, how did that work out Cecil?

  • Randy

    I think he and Don Blankenship should have a grenade fight in a phone booth. May the best a**wipe win. Oh, I guess the rest of us would actually be the winners.

    • Randy

      Oh. To anyone younger than 15. A phone booth is a thing that people used to go inside of and put money into. You would pick up this thing the size of a foot long hoagie and put it to your ear. Then you would push these buttons. Those of you with a retro cell phone app know what I'm talking about. You would do this so you could call people. You usually had to tell them who you were as skype, snapchat, facetime, and Al Gore's internet were still in their infancy. But phone booths went the way of the buffalo. Now we have flush toilets, I can't get my 8 tracks into those cd player slots, mom has a tattoo, and grandma is having my brother's invetro baby. WTF?

  • David Kennedy

    I was a member of this union years ago...even served as a recording secretary of my local.
    We gained an incredible contract with a 'cost of living escalator in the 1970's.
    That incredible benefit was rescinded with the next contract...and this union has lost ground constantly since that time.
    It is a 'dead Union now...meaningless..just a hefty tax on its members...
    It's representation should come from the likes of Cecil Roberts...he certainly can represent this 'dead Union well...and in 5 years it won't matter who is in charge...it will be just a part of American history.

    • Pinky

      You were a boss too, don't forget about that. You were a lousy union man and you sucked at being a boss! You blow with the wind David, always have and always will.

      For those of us who know you, your opinion means crap!

      Remember when you headed up "Republicans for Pritt"? I do.

      • David Kennedy

        I was a Foreman too..but never a 'Company Man...
        And the Union sucked...
        It was your Union who 'Back Stabbed Charlotte Pritt and held this state back from real progress.
        I remember it all better than you do.
        Many real men (good workers) have told me I was a good Foreman. I'm good with that...proud of that.
        Just finished a book on my career in the mines...particularly the recovery of the dead at Number Nine.
        Have a good day...if you can.

        • David Kennedy

          Had to go to the archive...
          Republican's for Pritt did very well...took 67% of the vote in Marion County. Against Senator. MoJo.
          I would say that Republicans for Pritt was very successful in our area.
          It was certainly fun to be involved...and we, as a state missed out on having a person of great character as Governor.

          • Pinky

            I don't know anyone who thinks you were a good Forman and I worked there for 40 years. Any yes, you were a company man don't deny it. As far as your book, it must be a short story or full of b***s*** just like you!

  • RogerD

    Roberts is a proven leader......at getting arrested and making a fool of himself. Good job, UMWA. You obviously like his style.

  • Pickle Barrel

    Yes, he's done such a wonderful job, hasn't he? UMW representation in the WV coalfields is running about 12-15%. And we can all remember when it was 85-90% about 30 years ago. What a leader.

  • Sidney Bell

    Cecil Roberts is an articulate and courageous spokesman for coal miners. He recognizes that Nick Rahall has been the best friend miners have ever had in Congress. It is amazing how miners who have made $85,000 a year during the current president's six years in office can forget the layoffs of the Bush years when coal was going for $23 a ton. Despite the GOP propaganda, coal will continue to be an essential fuel for electricity and industry here and abroad for decades to come.

  • DP

    TRULY FRIGGING UNBELIEVABLE!!! How could ANY Union Miner vote for this Joker who knew of Obummer's intentions relative to coal, but yet campaigned and supported him in 2008???

    I have to wonder if Roberts had any opposition to again be reelected president. This is absolutely baffling!!!

    • Bradley

      It wasn't the union that did anything wrong. It was the companies that busted up the unions. How soon we forget!!

  • grey4449

    I sure Roberts will back Rahall in the next election. After Rahall voted to lower carbon emissions and help the EPA kill coal. Roberts is a big Obama supporter. Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    The union voted for an Obama supporter? That's the strangest thing. I'm surprised they would hire a man who actively campaigned for the man who is shutting down the coal industry.

  • The bookman

    What a joke. Full disclosure. I'm not a big union fan. I know, surprise. However, if I were, I would have to ask myself if this is the guy I want leading me and my industry into the very turbulent times in coal's future! No leadership, no vision. Just make sure the last miner out turns off the lights.

  • Independent View

    I certainly hope that a raise or a clothing stipend is part of his compensation package then, maybe he can afford a Bosley hair transplant and throw that ridiculous looking rug that he wears in the dumpster, where it belongs.
    It would not look any more ridiculous if it had a chin-strap on it.
    oh, the vanity of it.