BECKLEY, W.Va. — One of this year’s most popular campaigners for the GOP will be in West Virginia on Tuesday to publicly endorse three Republican candidates in the Mountain State ahead of the November midterm elections.

Mitt Romney, a former Presidential candidate and a former Massachusetts governor, has stops planned in both Charleston and Beckley.

At those events, he’ll be supporting U.S. Senate Republican nominee Shelley Moore Capito, 2nd Congressional District Republican nominee Alex Mooney and 3rd Congressional District Republican nominee Evan Jenkins.

Capito is running for the seat retiring U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) currently holds. Mooney is seeking Capito’s current U.S. House seat. Jenkins is challenging longtime 3rd District Congressman Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.).

Romney will headline a private Republican fundraiser in Charleston along with a Working for West Virginia Jobs Rally that’s open to the public in Beckley. That rally is scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at Tamarack.

Romney won every county in West Virginia in the 2012 Presidential election against President Barack Obama.

Already this year, he’s made appearances on behalf Republican candidates in New Hampshire, Florida and Iowa.  Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Though Romney has said he will not be running for President in 2016, that has not stopped efforts to draft him. The Utah Republican Party has created a website — — for the effort.

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  • Kelly Sparks

    I am not here to criticize Romney or to praise Obama but to state facts.Obama saved the auto industry by extending leadership when Romney stated ,"let them go bankrupt".our deficit has decreased faster and by larger numbers under Obama than under any president in the past 50 years.Wall street and the stock market is doing better in the past five years than ever before,causing 401-ks and invested pension dollars to show a return.when I mentioned the Auto industry,I just read that one in every 6 jobs are tied to auto so Obamas feat was nothing short of spectacular to those men and women working in plastics,glass,rubber and all the other industries and services that supply and help deliver the product.Both Romney and Obama put forth a health care program and they are practically identical,Obama used the Massachusetts
    Governor Romneys plan as His model,Romney berated Obamas plan as being destined for failure.Whether we like it or not Obamacare has been a complete success overall,we have seen the lowest cost increases since the 50's and more people are insured now than ever before.No longer can a insurance co.refuse to cover you or a family member because of a preexisting condition and they are required to expend 80 percent of your premium on services to the insure,not bad I think.The coal industry and gutless politicians blame Obama for their problems and nothing could be further from the truth.Natural gas is cheaper and communities where coal fired generation plants are located are demanding clean air and the EPA is doing its job of looking out for the health of our citizens.That being said,the coal industry has never made more profit or sold more coal(look it up)train after train loaded to the brink with (150)80 ton cars in tow are leaving these mountains around the clock.Today more jobs are being created in solar than in coal,WV should be persuading solar and wind generation manufacturing companies to locate here.Nay Sayers claim renewable energy does not work but they are wrong,Germany now gets 50 percent of their energy from renewables and they are on the path to be fully self sufficient from these very services in 20 years,not bad seeing they have less wind and sunshine than we.Romney vs Obama cannot be debated without discussing income inequality,the divide between the rich and poor has never been greater than it is now,just a hand full of family's have more wealth than the bottom 60 percent.The wealthy are taxed at the lowest rate ever and even then find loop holes to not even pay that meager sum.the extremely wealthy,Romney included hids their money in foreign accounts and register their companies abroad to avoid paying taxes.Those who are worth only a few million and earn only a few hundred thousand are not included in this the 1 percent group,you are with the rest of us(although better off)paying to make up for the stinginess of the top 1 percent.Recent studies from various universities proclaim the US is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy ruled bu a few extremely rich who buy their shills in congress.That is the reason for Romneys visit today,convince mindless mountain folk that the pawns for senate and congress that he is hawking are worthy of our vote,the most oxymonoric statement ever because if they are good for Romney the 1 percenter they damn sure can't be good for the majority of us who are assuridely in the bottom economic half.

    • billyed

      Well said! Kelly

    • Ole Sasquatch

      I just read where Romney paid over 3 million in taxes in 2011. You should not be jealous of people who use freedom to get ahead and your facts only have 1 side -we're not buying it.
      I like that about Obama reducing the debt. LOL.
      I hope you still can get Soc. Sec. when you get older. Most of that Govt. money you like so much goes to buy democrat votes along with more debt. That's all the facts people need to know.

      • billyed

        That is about a 14% tax rate on his
        $21 million yearly earnings he is claiming, not counting the money hidden offshore.
        One making $50,000 a years pays an
        18% tax rate. Is that Fair?

        • Ole Sasquatch

          7.2% for 50000 Married filing JT.
          tax 3611 divided by 50000 =7.2%
          Not 18%. You should not get on here and try to mislead people so.
          Is that Fair for you to write something in the public square to mislead and confuse?

        • Ole Sasquatch

          Surely you've heard that the top 10% pay 90% of all fed. inc. tax. Can you just dwell on that awhile and just maybe it will sink into your thick head.
          Now, out of all your taxable inc. you make in a yr. what is the % of fed tax you pay less your refund. Copy. You need to sit and think awhile how things really work. You need some perspective - you're all messed up.

  • DP

    Richard-you need to lay the crack pipe down for a week or so to get yourself somewhat together- which based on your comments would be quite an accomplishment!!!

    If you recall (and I'm sure you can't) almost ALL world leaders believed Iraq had WMD's. Also, many of our illustrious Dem politicians (including BOTH of the Clintons, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerrey, Jumpin Jay Rockefeller (to name just a few) believed this to be true!!!

    So Richie Boy, get off of the crack, quit watching MSNBS--- and maybe, just maybe (highly unlikely) you will see the light!!! By the way, Natalie is going to get trounced and the Republicans are going to regain the Senate!!!
    Can you live with that, Richie Boy???

  • billyed

    Romney is a constituent that Capito works for, not West Virginians.
    Bain Capital founder, that that brought up and closed American factories and business. Costing thousands of American jobs,while investing and out sourcing American jobs to foreign countries.
    Romney paid a tax rate of only 13.9 percent on income of $21.7 million in 2010 – less, even, than teachers, firefighters, cops and nurses. Romney takes advantage of offshore tax havens in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts. Also, claims a tax write off for his dancing horse. Romney says the massive windfall he enjoys from exploiting the tax code is "entirely legal and fair."

    • Ole Sasquatch

      I don't see anything wrong with that. What do you think his tax rate would had been if he had not given that big bunch to charities? How much have you given to charities in your lifetime? Romney gives more to charity in 1 year than you or I will in a lifetime. If our laws allow us to get a tax break we should take it. Romney don't owe you anything, get out & work and make your own money and make your donations to govt. since you think it is such a good thing. Other people don't owe us anything. Why do you think they would? How were you raised? Give-me give-me. Sounds like you have a cast on your arm so your hand can stay held out.

      • billyed

        Charities are another tax hide away for the 1%. With so many loopholes, of what conatuses a charity, are questionable. Many of these charities run by the 1%. Are insiders, like relatives and business partner connections, that make a 6 figure income running these phony scams.
        Tax dollars are used for much more than giving handouts to people you find questionable. Taxes also pay for things like, GWB unfunded wars, infrastructure, military, education,police, fire departments and people who are in need.

        • Ole Sasquatch

          Over and over again the Courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everyone does it, rich and poor alike and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands.
          Romney paid over 3 million and did not take all his charitable deductions in 2011.
          Services of the govt. are poor for the money paid for it. I can think of all kind of sentimental, heart felt services, but when you pay through the teeth and you are already in extreme debt to the point that Soc. Sec. is probably doomed you need to quit digging. What we see as Americans is a Democratic Party using sentiment to the hilt to get elected, much more so than the Republicans and it's repulsive.

    • Aaron

      It is funny you mention Bain Capital and associate Capito with Wall Street but fail to mention that the President chose former Bain executive Jeff Zients to head his national economic council, that Obama received more in donation from Citi Group in one election cycle (2008) than Capito has during her entire political career or that this Administration received millions in support from Wall Street.


  • winston

    We would know he was not high on pot or drunk when there was a emergency now they make there own beer in the white house smoke pot support pot and wonder why America is going to hell.

  • Mike

    Romney = Loser. Multiple times. Never accomplished anything in his life. U.S. would be in a major depression and 5 wars if he had been elected. Empty suit.

    • Justin

      He did amass a small fortune and was elected Governor of a state. So tell me Richard, what have you accomplished in life that makes you say Romeny hasn't accomplished anything.

      • Ole Sasquatch

        Gives a lot to charity and never bragged about it. Just about the opposite of what Mike above has stated.

  • DP

    Had Romney been elected POTUS instead of . the Bystander/Fundraiser in Chief currently in office, this Country would have been 10 times Better Off!!!

    The current POTUS is without a doubt the biggest Pathological Liar of any President during the past 100 years!!! Scandal after scandal after scandal, it just never stops! Of course when a man whose claim to fame was that of having been a community organizer, what should the electorate have expected???

    As far as Romney's appearance helping the Dems, he did win ALL 55 WV Counties in the 2012 election vs. our current Clown in Chief!!!!!

    • richard

      DP, are you joking? Biggest pathological liar of any president? Do you not remember Weapons of mass destruction and all that crap that came from the mouths of the past administration? Obama is not even close to the mountain of lies that came from the Bush administration. You need to stop listening to Limbaugh and FOX "News"so much.

      • Ole Sasquatch

        I have a pretty good memory of several prominent democrats voting for the Iraq war and afterwards saying they were lied to don't hold water since they had the same info the republicans had delivered by our secret service. That argument, like everything is Bush's fault, is outdated and minimized by the socialist administration we suffer under now.

        • BH

          Outdated argument? The consequences of the 8 year Bush/Cheney regime continue with America paying for their decisions many years to come.

          • Ole Sasquatch

            Gee you still don't know the record debt Obama has on his record already and he has only been in there 6 yrs. Add many, many more years. But that's what democrats do with govt. they buy votes and ignore the debt - so much for your Soc. Sec. to be.

        • Aaron

          Don't confuse poor Richard with the facts.

    • WVPatriot

      Shows you 55 counties can be wrong. Fortunately, the rest of America was smarter.

  • richard

    Republicans are in real trouble if he is the best they could bring out to stump for them. Remember he is the man who lost big to the person that so many of you think is the devil himself.

    • Wirerowe

      It is a moot point but while President Obama was a much better candidate than Mitt Romeny, Romeny IMO would have been a much better President. Republicans are doing okay. They will have one Senate seat and least two of the house seats. Big shift within the historical context of last 50 years.

  • Mountain Navy

    Hopefully I will get a chance to see him.

    • richard

      Oh yes, and maybe he can inspire you to become one of his little lap dog. Dream big, Mountain Navy, dream big.

  • william

    What a great man!
    A man with CLASS and GREAT CHARACTER.
    I bet not to many people can say this about their friends or THEMSELVES!
    This country would've been much better with him as our president.

  • JTC

    I wonder if Queen Ann will accompany him into the land of the 47%, will need to install car elevator for parking purposes.

    • Mountain Navy

      You do know his wife has a very serious illness correct?

      • richard

        What does that have to do with anything?

  • wv4evah

    Please check the roof of the car that brings him to town, to make sure his dog still isn't strapped-atop the vehicle

    • Eerman

      Ha. Good one!

    • Mountain Navy

      Didn't you know Obama ate that dog. Just read Obama's book he admits he ate the dog in it.

  • Woodchuck

    This should help the democrats!

  • Gary Keiffer

    I Hope people remember Nick Rahall voted to lower carbon emissions that is killing coal jobs. We need Jenkins, Capito and Mooney to win Nov. 4. If you are tired of the EPA, OBAMA and HARRY REID you need to vote REPUBLICAN.

    • Eerman

      Coal has been seriously declining in WV for more than 20 years. Find someone else to blame.

    • richard

      And if they win, it will make no difference at all in the land of coal. Coal is dying people!! Move on.

  • Mr.P

    Romney= Joker

    • Mountain Navy

      Yet more people in WV voted for him than they did Odumbo.

      • Eerman

        WV Voters = Jokers

  • jay

    maybe he will bring his dancing horse

    • Dave V.

      And his silk pajamas.

      • tdwv

        ....and his magic mormon underwear.