ELKINS, W.Va. — Charges could soon be filed in connection with vandalism at Elkins High School in Randolph County.

Elkins High School Principal Russ Collett said he and other school officials spent the weekend cleaning up the mess and talking with investigators with the Elkins Police Department.

“It was graffiti in nature and it was some messages on the wall,” Collett said of the damage.

By Monday morning, most of that graffiti — which included satanic symbols and statements about brainwashing spray-painted on the school’s exterior walls, walkways and parking lot — was gone.

The vandalism was discovered on Saturday morning. Surveillance video is being enhanced in an effort to identify those responsible for the damage which was done around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning.

“The kids are upset that it happened to their school. Our parents are upset that it happened to our school and, of course, our teachers and the administration, we’re upset as well,” Collett said. “At the same time, we’re going to learn from it and keep moving forward.”

Schools opened for the new year in Randolph County last Thursday.

“We had just a great two days and so to have this happen over the weekend was unfortunate but, you know, school is a growing and learning experience and that’s what we’re hoping to use it as,” Collett said.

Anyone with information about the vandalism can contact the Elkins Police Department at 304-636-0678.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    So they were protesting common core indoctrination being introduced into WV's curriculum.

  • Bigfish

    Much ado about nothing. A teenage prank. Find something important to report on.

  • CaptainQ

    Having lived in Elkins for a long time earlier in life, I can tell you this. IF they find out these 'vandals' are kids of the 'rich and powerful' in town, the investigation will be dropped like a hot potato. That's the way it's always been in that town. Rich kid's prank = poor kid's jail sentence.

    Nothing ever changes there.

    • LookinatElkins

      Been thinking of moving to Elkins. Maybe I should re-consider?

    • bill


  • Jackson

    Youth with no constructive life to talk about. Their sentence should be picking up litter, mowing the grass and other maintenance as community service at the school for on year. The embarrassment alone would be remembered forever and prevent any occurrence.