CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Office of Disciplinary Counsel recommends Randolph County Circuit Judge Jaymie Wilfong be suspended for four years—the rest of her term—for failing to disclose an extramarital affair with a corrections official who appeared in her court.

MORE: Read Tuesday’s court filing.

The counsel submitted its findings Tuesday in a post hearing legal brief a week after Wilfong appeared before the state Judicial Hearing Board on various alleged violations of the Judicial Code of Conduct. 


Randolph County Circuit Judge Jaymie Wilfong

Wilfong allegedly violated the code during a two-year extramarital affair with the director of the area community corrections program. Wilfong admitted the sexual relationship with Travis Carter was inappropriate but claims it did not impact her decisions from the bench.

The disciplinary counsel said Carter or his subordinates appeared before the judge on dozens of occasions during the relationship. Wilfong reportedly ignored advice to expose the affair and recuse herself from those cases.

“Judge Wilfong’s misconduct calls into question calls into question her judgment and brings the Randolph County system of justice into disrepute,” Tuesday’s filing said. “Public confidence in the judiciary is a fragile thing—Judge Wilfong should be suspended from office ‘not to punish the judge for extensive wrongdoing, but to relieve from the bench a person whose further service will be detrimental to the judicial branch of government.’”

Wilfong has also filed a post hearing brief.

The hearing board will make a recommendation to the state Supreme Court, which will make the final decision. Justices will have a number of choices but cannot remove Wilfong from office—that can only be done by the legislature. The court could suspend the judge for the rest of her term.

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  • Picklebee

    What is not stated in the article:
    1.Does the not so honorable Judge still qualify for her pension and health coverage?
    2.Does the not so honorable Judge continue to draw her salary even while not working?
    3. Will the not so honorable Judge be allowed to count her 4 year hiatus towards her pension?
    Indeed, our legal system works for lawyers. We tax payers get stuck paying for their wrongs.

  • obama is at fault for this

    We all know Obama is at fault for this mess. At least that's what most of the folks reading this believe.

    • Dumb Liberals

      It's not? He is, after all, the chief m0r0n of the liberals.

  • Chef Camille

    I really think she should retire and run for the House of Delegates and keep accruing the pension benefits. She has served the penal system well and now should get into politics at a state level where her knowledge and breadth of experience can service a wider array of politicians.

  • Dumb Liberals

    She raises her gavel and drops her drawers. That’s free justice. I surprised she didn’t want to provide oral “arguments” to the “disciplinary counsel”. Here come the judge ……

  • thornton

    Lack of respect for one's job is a terrible thing...moreso when that job holds the individual to a high standard of conduct.

    I do not think it is too much to expect a judge to use judgment and..... to suffer the greatest fall when their judgment is proven deficient or situational.

  • David

    Yeah but Byrd never asked Clinton to leave for diddling his intern in Oval Office did he?
    You people are nothing but hypocrites. It's already been established by the Democratic Party that a persons sex life is none of your business! And has no effect on their ability to their job. Get over it

  • James 2014

    Another slap on the wrist is coming. It's business and politics as usual in this state. Nothing surprises me anymore in this type cases. Simply unbelievable.

    • CaptainQ


  • Robin Wilson

    She should be removed from office. She took an oath to uphold the law and violated that by having an extramarital affair. She knew she was in the wrong yet continued to let the affair continue. She was married and defied the one law of God... how can she stand before others and judge.

    • sue

      It's not against the law to have an affair. Just sayin'

      • Independent View

        The fact that she had a two-year affair is, as you said, "not against the law."
        The problem is that she was having an affair with the tri-county community corrections director. His livelihood depended on having people convicted of low-level crimes or first offenders committed to the program and the judge was the only person in authority to grant that those commitments.
        And, she lied not only to Randolph County Court Officials, she lied to Mr. Crabtree of the State Supreme Court.

        • johnny

          As with all Communuty Corrections Programs, I think the guilty party has a choice, of particpating in that program or going to jail, if the judge thinks the program will benefit you and your family more than being in jail , this is a option. AS far as Crabtree goes, if he knew about this and didn't stop it , he's as gulity as they are.

          • bohica

            The person to blame for this, is, the judge herself, she had all of the power to stop this affair, itstead of harassing, stocking and threatening a subordinate. She used her power to pursue this affair for her own benefit.

    • Rich

      I fully agree. This is the same subterfuge they went through with the family court judge in Putnam County. The Legislature needs to step up and do its job: Impeach her and remove her from office. That cuts off her pension and removes her from the bench instead of this smoke and mirrors stuff.

  • Independent View

    What hutzpah this woman possess, she believes--even now that she did noting to be disciplined.
    Surely, the voters of Randolph County will speak at the polls come next election and not return this embarrassment to the bench.
    As the Senate hearings on Senator Packwood for sexually harassing his female staffers was being debated in the senate, even senile old Bob Byrd rose to the floor and pointed his shaking finger at Packwood and famously said: "have the good graces to go!"
    The same advice should go to "Judge" Wilfong. Reprehensible behavior from the person that holds the highest office of public trust in the county.

  • Jim slade

    If you like pale chicks she is hot

  • The bookman

    She isn't fit to serve given her conduct. To use an Aaronism, it really is that simple.