CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The defense will begin presenting its case Wednesday morning in the felony theft case of a Charleston logger.

The prosecution rested its case Tuesday afternoon against David Bowen after a full day of testimony.

Bowen allegedly cut down more than 300 trees at Coonskin Park following the derecho–and prosecutors allege he was only hired to cut down 31. They allege he sold the trees and pocketed the cash.

Kanawha County Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Hutchinson testified for most of the day Tuesday. Hutchinson said there was no formal contract between the park and Bowen for the salvage timber job but Bowen knew the scope of the project.

Hutchinson told the 12-member jury he was embarrassed by what happened at the park.

“Not only did I feel like a fool because this went under my nose. Everyone in the park felt like a fool,” Hutchinson said.

Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department Cpl. Brian Humphreys also testified Tuesday in connection with a conversation he recorded with Bowen as part of the investigation.

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  • David

    So are we to presume that Jeff Hutchison did not check on this work? I imagine cutting down 31 trees would take considerably less time than 300. Would an ordinary person not question this?

    What if the conversation went something like this. Jeff Hutchison, "I am too lazy to count more than 31 trees, there may be more. If there is you can remove those too and we will not owe you any additional money." " Sound good?"

  • cutty77

    Agree to cut 31 Trees,then cut 300. Talk about sleep at the switch. Jeff Hutchison is done once they get this trail over. The Parks have been a mess for along time. Another reason why Charleston is in such a Mess from Top to Bottom. Bad Leadership from Danny,Hoppy,Kent,and Hardy. I'm so Glad I live in South Charleston,but i work in Charleston. I can only

  • David

    This is a fine example of the government not wanting any competition when it comes to stealing!

  • zero tolerance

    If it isn't on paper it wasn't agreed to.

    This should be comforting to the folks living near Kanawha State Forest.

  • ViennaGuy

    Jeff Hutchison did this without a written, signed, legally-binding contract?


  • At Last

    At last we have a government employee who admits that he is a fool.
    If the County Commission wasn't so set on getting WVAWC & Mark Plants they would be asking for Jeff Hutchinson resignation.
    Maybe trees don't vote?

    • Chris

      I agree. This is embarassing for Kent Carper to have this happen on his watch due to an incomptetent parks and recreation director. Hutchison cost the county just as much money (value of the timber) as Plants has.