BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. — Police in Morgan County charged a Berkeley Springs man with murder Tuesday following a stabbing.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Department arrested Wesley Andrew McCoy, 24, following a fight with Justin Harold Buell, 32, at a residence along South Washington Street near U.S. Route 522.

Investigators allege McCoy was in an argument with his girlfriend at about 3 a.m. Tuesday when she called friends to come pick her up. Buell was in that group, and detectives said McCoy stabbed Buell in the neck. He died a short time later at a nearby hospital.

Deputies were continuing their investigation Tuesday.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    I believe this is called a "2 for". Two pieces of trash eliminated from the societal food chain.

    • his step daughter

      Excuse me? And who exactly are you? Did you know Justin? Did you know his family? I am very sure not. My step dad was a great man, he did NOT deserve to die. His wife and children's lives have completely turned upside down because of this man. They have nothing now. He was the working parent in the house so now theres nothing for them to love. My mom and him were madly in love, they hated being away from each other. She was in the hospital when this happened. He wasn't alowed to see her and he was worried to death. The night he died, his friend called to she how he was doing and after hearing how worried he was, he told him he should come over so they could hang out and get his mind off of things. My brothers were staying over at their grandmothers, which was right across the street and he even stopped in to tell them he was heading out for a while and kissed them good night. This was around 12. His friend got the call friendsmbthe girl and they went to help. You know why they went to help? To save her life. Because that man is obviously capable of murder. Now tell me, how does this make him trash?

      You are a coward for hiding behind your computer and spewing hate about a man you never new existed. I can't see how you can live with yourself. Shame on you.

      And he had 3 children, not two. Step child does not mean he was any less of a real father to me.

      • HisAuntKim

        Jamie. People like him aren't worth an explanation... Let him spew his hate... He deserves to live in it... Ignore him please... We know the truth, that's all that matters... Your surrounded by love... We'll live in that...

      • his step daughter



        *from the


    • HisAuntKim

      One of the so called "Trash" your taking about, went there with intentions of helping a girl out of an abusive situation. He leaves behind a wife and two young sons as well as a step daughter... It's amazing to me how idiots think they are here to judge people they don't know.... So maybe the girl lived in his place... You can continue to sit behind a screen and judge... As that's probably all you'll ever do in life... Hmmm I wonder whats more trash like... Someone who gave up his life to save another's, or someone who judged him... Because ... Well that's all they can me that's a wasted life... Kind of trashy .

      • jenni

        Hi my name is jen Im jessicas sister I haven't seen him in a very long time since we lived in Largent, im very sorry for your loss and everyone else can say what they want they didn't know him. Please call Jessie she wants to make it to the funeral thanks..

        • HisAuntTina


          Justin's Facebook page has information about the funeral on there.

      • Dumb Liberals

        3 o'clock in the morning and he's a "daddy" with a wife and 2 kids. Yep! That's trash. If he was not, he wouldn't have been out at that hour of the morning deal with other trash. Keep trying Kimmie, Auntie of Trash.

        • HisAuntKim

          Just as I thought, please any women in DL.'s life make sure your attacked when it's convenient for him to get on the computer and talk about that's all he can do... Yes at 32 he was married with 2 children... And still willing to help others...I'm sure a lonely loser like yourself wouldn't understand that. . It's very obvious you wouldn't go out of your way to save another person.. Well unless it's convenient for you. No sense in replying DL..everyone sees you for who you are... A waste...

          Jenni, I don't know who you are hun, but I'm sure something will be posted on FB before Saturday..

          • Tina

            Hey DL, it seems to me you dont have much of a life yourself, since you have time to judge others online all day. Don't post anything else, he, as you can see has children who see this. Find a life and someone else to pick at, if you were any kind of man you would. Keep your opinions off this page where his children can see it. Have some respect for others, you know nothing only what you read, and well there is always more to the story. Obviously you're uneducated, and ignorant, torturing the children of a man who was murdered. He is not worth the time or energy to get mad. The world is full of Ignorance and this is an example.

          • HisAuntKim

            Jenni, You can find the information your looking for on FB...
            I didn't know any of his friends... I live down by Annapolis.look forward to meeting some... Take care hun.

          • jenni

            I know my mother was kimberly Duncan and we werent close and thanks ill let her know.

          • Dumb Liberals

            *Kimmie the trash auntie

          • Dumb Liberals

            Not an issue for them as they don't associate with trash, Kinnie the trash auntie.

  • MOCO man

    You are correct.........and they should live in a tent city for the two or three months it takes to find them guilty and put away within the next day or so.........

  • chasmo

    here is another young punk that will have better living conditions & insurance than most of the tax payers in WV, with their taxes keeping this POS alive. Capital Punishment is the only answer , plus, would open up numerous " cells"