Items seized during the raid
Photo provided by the Harrison County Sheriff's Department
Items seized during the raid

CLARKSBURG, W. Va. – Three people were arrested Tuesday evening in Clarksburg after a high risk drug search warrant was executed.

Maurice Lamar Garrison, 32, and Margaret Ellen Proctor, 31, both from Clarksburg, along with Andrew James Carter, 27, from Tampa, Florida, face drug charges after the Harrison County Street Crimes and Drug Unit, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team and the Salem Police Department’s K-9 Unit raided an apartment on Broaddus Avenue.

Authorities had previously been monitoring the location after receiving numerous complaints about drugs being sold in the building, and after a week, the SCAD Unit had obtained enough information to conduct an undercover controlled purchase operation. This led to the eventual raid.

Among the items seized were 28.3 grams of raw heroin worth $14,000 in Street Value, along with 81 Hydrocodone pain pills, one pound of marijuana, weighing scales, packaging materials and $13,731.22.

Garrison is charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin, conspiracy to distribute heroin, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, conspiracy to distribute marijuana, possession with intent to distribute Hydrocodone and conspiracy to distribute Hydrocodone.

Carter is charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin, conspiracy to distribute heroin, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Proctor is charged with delivery of Oxycodone, possession with intent to distribute Hydrocodone and conspiracy to distribute Hydrocodone.

All charges are felonies and all three are being held in North Central Regional Jail.

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  • Mr.P

    When your too lazy to go out and get a REAL job and make an HONEST living this is usually what happens to you.

  • Mr.P

    Next thing you will hear about these three is when they are wanted or arrested for probation violations

  • 2XLPatriot

    Add tax evasion, failure to report income and anything else to keep the charges coming. Let the IRS turn their dogs loose on them. We all know they are viscious!

  • MOCO man

    All three should have been shot.......right on the spot. That would be how you clean this crap up.......

    • Jason

      Yep...police officers being the judge, jury, and executioner....sounds like a great society to live in. If that interests you, go give North Korea a try, that sounds on par with their policies. How about let's consider the problem is not the people supplying them, but the need from people buying the market drugs are the purest form of capitalism supply and demand...the ONLY reason there is a people selling this stuff is because people are willing to buy it, creating a market...this arrest will not change anything, it will only create a supply void in the market where another dealer will step right in and make the money. What we should be moving towards is education, where people make the decision and choose not to consume these things, therefore removing the market for them and if nobody is buying then there will be nobody there selling. (personally, I say legalize drugs and make them pure and cheap to cut the black market out all together and let adults choose what to do with their own life, then put the tax money into education and rehabilitation centers for people with addiction problems to get help...problem isnt the guy smoking a joint or drinking a is the guy waking up and drinking a case of beer or making the decision to do drugs and not become a productive member of society, you will always have people with addictive personalities regardless of the law, but with the right resources it can be minimized as a whole. prohibition does not work...only education and having people make responsible as possible decisions will work over time.)

    • Niki Freeman

      Ya shoot them while neighbor kids are out playing. That house was right next to five houses thst all have children there. Including my son and daughter who played two houses down. I just moved into the neighborhood and cant believe i left the big city in salt lake city utah because if this shit and this is bad. That lady has a seven yr old daughter. I don't think that there is enough positive activities here for people or resources for addicts to get clean. And no jobs for ppl who have gone to jail so because no one gives them a chance they are forced to begin these illegal activities. And i have heard the men were scary. And weren't careful. Put yourself in the lady's daughters shoes im sure she's scared and worried and hear cops killed your mom isnt a good thing. So dont be immature. Maybe if your a business owner youparr can be a solution if not your part of the problem. I mean how can people be on the straight and narrow if they cant find a job anywhere? I mean its ridiculous we tear into them but no one tries to help. Its horrible we need to help and the crime will go down.

    • Dumb Liberals

      Do you really want chief RACIST attorney Holder visiting the state and spewing his propaganda? I don't disagree with you one bit, but the left's new battle cry is "They are above the law".