WHEELING, W.Va. — Heavy rain Wednesday morning caused flash flooding in Wheeling and surrounding areas.

Wheeling Mayor Andy McKenzie said the high water hindered morning traffic.

“National Road, some of our basic roads, were impassable because of trains clogged up or water coming. We had a lot of rain in the Wheeling area,” the mayor said.

The water came up quickly covering highways and the parking lots of several businesses. Some of those businesses had to close for a short period of time.

Mayor McKenzie said the water went down quickly.

“It seems like as soon as the rain stopped and the water was able to start following in the sewer systems again the water dissipated,” he said. “In about a two-hour period it was as much rain as I’ve seen in a long time.”

The National Weather Service is calling for the possibility of showers and thunderstorms for most of the state through Friday.

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  • Hillbilly

    How did politics play into this story ? What a couple of idiots ..

  • Dumb Liberal

    Let me guess, this was not the first time this area has flooded? Hope they had the taxpayer financed national flood insurance. There should be a condition of every police - if you use it, you get one payout - period. The next time it floods in the same spot - you eat it.

    • Mosby

      I forgot to mention this is the ORIGINAL National Road, the gateway to the west. So yes, this area has flooded before many times since it was constructed in 1818.

    • Mosby

      This is probably the most conservative area in the Ohio Valley, considering the valley is ultra conservative already.