MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Philadelphia lineman Dontae Angus, a signing day surprise for West Virginia last February, has received NCAA clearance and is expected to be in classes Friday, said a program spokesman.

The arrival of the 6-foot-6, 330-pound Angus means 18 of 21 signees are now on campus. The exceptions are receiver Jacob McCrary (who enrolled this week at Northwest Mississippi Community College) offensive lineman Justin Scott (who has yet to complete junior college coursework) and linebacker Davonte James (who left the program after spring semester).

“Angus continues the trend of WVU commitments that fit the mold for playing nasty,” said Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of “He is just a monster rolled inside of a NFL-sized left tackle. And he has the athleticism to play defensive line as well.

“He was a big pickup on signing day after Maryland lineman Jamie Herr elected to reclassify. The fact Angus was able to qualify was a pleasant surprise for WVU, because some believed it wasn’t likely.”

According to Rivals, Angus held scholarship offers from Rutgers, Purdue, UConn, Buffalo, Temple and Eastern Michigan, but he committed to Florida in July 2013—a pledge that turned shaky when Gators offensive line coach Tim Davis was fired in December. Davis had been the lead recruiter for Angus out of Martin Luther King High.

Angus is considered raw, so he likely would not have seen action as a freshman even had he been on hand through summer conditioning  and preseason camp.

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  • Mister Man

    Welcome to WV, Dontae. Work hard and make yourself proud.

  • Mister Man

    Somebody got on the wrong thread.

  • Tyrone

    Saban ? Where is Saban mentioned in this article ?

  • any major dude

    Saban is notorious for playing head games with the media. I think he got it from his daddy. That apple didn't fall far from the tree.

  • squad

    all around this is a pretty embarrassing thread

  • Woodchuck

    Always amazed at how these guys enroll after the semester starts and then make the honor roll. They must academically gifted.

  • any major dude


    Always interesting to read what the opponent has to say about us, but I have to admit I don't really follow. Saban seems to start by saying they don't really practice for the opponent much, then goes on to say how they are practicing for the opponent.

    I assume he's talking about our IL and OL. He didn't mention that not only are our guards coming off injury, but that our O tackles are both Frosh. Are we really playing the 3-3 stack?

    Most coaches will only give reporters coachspeak. Saban is possibly clever enough to say he's concerned about things he's not concerned about, and doesn't mention things like freshmen OLinemen, who are probably guys he thinks his D can beat.

    Honestly I doubt if either Saban or DH even care. Neither one is going to put any stock whatsoever in what the other says to the media. Only we fans who cling to any utterance from above care, and it doesn't really matter what we think.

    • spiralninja

      True. I totally agree. A summation of what you're saying is this; If the guys lips are moving, don't believe what he's saying.

      I'm not sure how he carries himself most of the time, but in that presser, he seemed pretty distant, uninterested and unaccommodating, to say the least. Common coaching tactics, I suppose.

  • lee

    Nice mug shot.

    • FNP

      Racist Statement

    • Dumb Liberals

      Lee, I agree. I figured the PA DoC was offering him an early "work" release on the condition he checks in with his parole officer once a week.

      • Sherald Hill

        Please please put your real name on here if you're going to make comments like that. Football talk is football talk but when you get that ignorant it really would make more sense for you to add your real name and even location to your comments so we know where to send condolences to your mom for her having to put up with you for 50 years.

        • Drama Queen Conservative Troll

          Don't worry too much about Dummy. He is lost in his little dreamworld of a white utopia of Protestant conservatives that can live altruistically without the interference or order brought by government.

    • Andy

      You're brain dead. Do us all a favor and go play on the yellow line.

      • hailey

        DL a real inernet tough guy, do us all a favor and put down the keyboard, turn the lights out in your mommies basement. Let's have Dontae check in with you once a week to see if you wet your bed.

  • Bartholomule

    6'6" 330lbs. Angus. OK I'll say it. WHERE'S THE BEEF? You heard it here first.

  • spiralninja

    Latest from media session with Saban....

    "I think you guys have been around here long enough that I think you can practice too long for a game," Saban said. "There's things that we work on everyday that are things that we don't see. They play a different defense, so we need to look at that a little bit -- a 3-3 stack -- with our offense. They're obviously a speedball team that spreads you out and throws a lot of bubble screens and makes you defend 53 yards wide and lots of vertical routes, too."

    Weak areas were reported at the ILB position, and their OL has two returning starters from injury that are playing catch-up.

  • L77

    I saw his senior year. It was filled with late to practice or a no- show, attitude issues, no leadership, anger periods and lazy.

    Things were tough for him. Hopefully this is in his past and he will take great steps in his life, eventually becoming a great performer and Mountaineer!!

    • Swamp Fox

      L77, did you ever have the chance to watch Randy Moss @DuPont HS back in the early 1990's? Sounds a lot like Randy when he was never in the huddle, last on or off the field......although Randy was a huge talent his work ethic was non-existent

  • any major dude

    That's a big pickup alright...and I do mean pickup! Mr. Angus is certainly beefy. Hope his brain and his heart is as big as his body. Still looks tiny next to Calicchio, though.

  • Aaron

    He needs to get in the books and ensure that he doesn't have academic problems next year by taking advantage of a red shirt year to catch up academically THEN he needs to ensure he's ready to hit the field next year.

    If he can move, he will be a huge pick up for the Mountaineers. Not bad for group that can't recruit.

    Gee, thanks Ollie.

  • Big Rick

    Big Rick can't wait to see what this big man is capable of after some college conditioning and coaching.
    -Big Rick

  • cutty77