MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Philadelphia lineman Dontae Angus, a signing day surprise for West Virginia last February, has received NCAA clearance and is expected to be in classes Friday, said a program spokesman.

The arrival of the 6-foot-6, 330-pound Angus means 18 of 21 signees are now on campus. The exceptions are receiver Jacob McCrary (who enrolled this week at Northwest Mississippi Community College) offensive lineman Justin Scott (who has yet to complete junior college coursework) and linebacker Davonte James (who left the program after spring semester).

“Angus continues the trend of WVU commitments that fit the mold for playing nasty,” said Rivals writer Keenan Cummings of “He is just a monster rolled inside of a NFL-sized left tackle. And he has the athleticism to play defensive line as well.

“He was a big pickup on signing day after Maryland lineman Jamie Herr elected to reclassify. The fact Angus was able to qualify was a pleasant surprise for WVU, because some believed it wasn’t likely.”

According to Rivals, Angus held scholarship offers from Rutgers, Purdue, UConn, Buffalo, Temple and Eastern Michigan, but he committed to Florida in July 2013—a pledge that turned shaky when Gators offensive line coach Tim Davis was fired in December. Davis had been the lead recruiter for Angus out of Martin Luther King High.

Angus is considered raw, so he likely would not have seen action as a freshman even had he been on hand through summer conditioning  and preseason camp.

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  • L77

    I saw his senior year. It was filled with late to practice or a no- show, attitude issues, no leadership, anger periods and lazy.

    Things were tough for him. Hopefully this is in his past and he will take great steps in his life, eventually becoming a great performer and Mountaineer!!

    • Swamp Fox

      L77, did you ever have the chance to watch Randy Moss @DuPont HS back in the early 1990's? Sounds a lot like Randy when he was never in the huddle, last on or off the field......although Randy was a huge talent his work ethic was non-existent

  • any major dude

    That's a big pickup alright...and I do mean pickup! Mr. Angus is certainly beefy. Hope his brain and his heart is as big as his body. Still looks tiny next to Calicchio, though.

  • Aaron

    He needs to get in the books and ensure that he doesn't have academic problems next year by taking advantage of a red shirt year to catch up academically THEN he needs to ensure he's ready to hit the field next year.

    If he can move, he will be a huge pick up for the Mountaineers. Not bad for group that can't recruit.

    Gee, thanks Ollie.

  • Big Rick

    Big Rick can't wait to see what this big man is capable of after some college conditioning and coaching.
    -Big Rick

  • cutty77


  • thornton

    Hopefully, Smile 101 has a few seats left.

    Welcome to the lad.

  • Dave

    6'6" and 330lbs. and hasn't even met the Director of Strength & Conditioning, Mike Joseph yet. Welcome aboard young man !!!

    I'm lovin' it !!!!!!!


  • Ducks In A Row

    Young man looks about as mean as a bobcat that just walked across a bed of thumbtacks. We'll take all of them, won't we?

    Good luck, Mr. Angus, and welcome aboard.


    Nice!!!! we need more men in the trenches like this man!!!! VT (Virginia Tech) was able to find a Bruce Smith and we need to find our Bruce smith some day.

    Its great to see this kid on board.


  • jt

    If he puts his head into it and takes this (obvious) red shirt year to hone his skills he has the potential to be a good one for us.

  • Mountaineer Fanatic

    I do not expect him to play this year. But it is good to have him on board. If he keeps up his grades and works hard he can be a great find for 2015.
    Lets Goooooooo
    EBB TIDE!!!!!

  • TruthTeller

    Some you on here I really worry about. Come back to reality and stop having your head in the EA sports video game world. You just can't throw athletes into the game when they have not even went through the spring and summer camps. Some of you seem to have the minds of five year children. This guy will be playing next season. If he brings some brains with that brawn.

  • Alex

    Angus sounds like my kind of lineman. Hope he can stay healthy, and improve on all the skills.

    Good luck young man.

  • squad

    now that would be the most incredible thing ive ever seen in college sports. no way he sees the field this week. the big question ill be to see if he can play enough this year to merit ruining a red shirt...

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Well the game next Saturday is going to be won or lost in the trenches of our offensive line - there is no doubt of that in my mind. A few days to make all the improvement possible in that category. Good Luck Coach Crook.