RIPLEY, W.Va. — Police are looking for the man who robbed a bank in Ripley Thursday morning.

The robbery was reported at just before11:30 at the Premier Bank on South Church Street.

Authorities said the suspect was armed, wearing black, carrying a tan bag and wearing a motorcycle helmet when he entered the bank and demanded money. He ran out of the building into some nearby woods. No injuries were reported.

“Several officers saw him several hundred yards away from the bank upon their initial response and then he fled up into the woods,” State Police First Sgt. O.S. Starsick said. “We don’t know if had somebody waiting–we don’t have anything that points to that.”

Schools in the Ripley area were placed on precautionary lock-down status for the rest of the school day. School buses were escorted through the city by police cruisers because the search was still active when schools dismissed. Buses did not run the Cedar Lakes area where it’s believed the suspect could be hiding out.

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  • citizen

    say if this person stole 20,000. which is a high number. how much has the police departments spent looking for him? 100,000?

    • Mel

      i agree. it ticks me off too. I think that the banks should pay for their own security. I'm not saying the Police shouldn't have made an effort to catch the robber but the State Police helicopter for 2 days to hunt a bank robber who didn't physically hurt anyone is too much. Just think of how much money the banks robbed people of in the mortgage Ponzi scheme. I have to admit I was rooting for the robber.

  • Luther

    It's Parkersburg baby killer Curtis Richards. Compare the eyes and eyebrows. Hands and arms covered to hide tattoos.

  • emerald

    I don't understand how someone can do that it's stupid Yvette respect. For the community.. they probably got away. If cops seen the y didn't they catch them.

  • Bo

    In that picture "he" looks like a "she". I've had two other people that said the same.

  • Dumb Liberals

    'cause that's where the money is.