SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — South Charleston Mayor Frank Mullens said he believes a Thursday economic development announcement at a former chemical plant property is just the start.

Mullens and others announced Carrier Enterprises plans to open a new warehouse and showroom in October on the former FMC plant property behind Advance AutoParts and Rite Aid near MacCorkle Ave.

The mayor said the city is in discussions with other businesses to set up shop on the 14-acre site.

“I think you’ll start seeing in the very near future that property being developed into a small industrial park,” Mullens predicted. “It’s 14 to 16 acres of flat industrial property abutting Kanawha River. It’s a very attractive piece of property for industry and we’re starting to see that prosper and take off a little bit.”

Mayor Mullens said the city plans to make some improvements at the intersection of MacCorkle Ave. and Asby Ave. so motorists know where the industrial park is located. He said it’s all part of South Charleston’s ongoing transition.

“No longer the days where you can depend on the chemical industry and that alone. All eggs cannot be in one basket anymore,” the mayor said. “I think we’ve done a good job in being very diverse in how our city is starting to look from a business standpoint.”

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  • cutty77

    Danny Jones should watch how South Charleston does business. All Danny cares about is South Hills.

    • Silas Lynch

      Danny Jones has been trying to overthrow South Charleston for years to keep his city's population above the Federal Funding low mark of 50K people--- Apparently he has quit trying and now resides in the strategy of importing from Detroit and those entering from the southwest... Keep your eye on that dirty bird or our capital city will be a sanctuary city...

      With or without offense to friend or foe, I sketch your world exactly how it goes.