MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — What stung Clint Trickett worse than even a pulverized throwing shoulder was the agony of losing.

He was back in Morgantown and back on the West Virginia campus where he spent his adolescence as a coach’s son. Comforted by a familiar past and presented with an opportunistic future, he hoped to begin Chapter 2 of his college career by making the Mountaineers winners.

But 4-8 wasn’t that.

It wasn’t something West Virginia fans or their quarterback could stomach. After all, the program hadn’t endured a losing record since 2001, when Trickett’s dad Rick first joined Rich Rodriguez’s staff. That 3-8 season, which proved an anomaly after WVU bounced back for three top-10 finishes under Rich Rod, orientated the young Trickett to the impact of the Mountaineers on this state.

“I’ve been the kid who had to go the school the next day and hear, ‘Your dad sucks!’ And I understood it because, well, we lost, so yeah,” Trickett said.

“Us and the basketball team are what everybody looks at. We are the quote/unquote pro teams in West Virginia.”

He embraces that responsibility, and has since the day he returned to campus last summer, beginning what was a frustrating, painful and wholly unsatisfying debut season. His designs on delivering in Year 2 are based on making quicker decisions and synching up with the talented skill players around him. He felt the state’s pain in 2013 just like he did in 2001, only this time he’s in a position to do something about it.

Watch a “Cheers & Jeers” recap of Trickett’s first season above.

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  • MountainMover

    I think he can win, I think he's tough and teammates respond to that. But even the toughest QBs with great leadership skills can't win unless they get some protection. That's the biggest question mark for me this season. We were giving up sacks and tackles for loss last year to teams we should've been able to block without much effort. If they can protect him, we should see big improvement.

  • nashville cat

    i seriously have my doubts if trickett can lead us to more the 5 victories.. I just think at his best, he is a very average college qb.
    I am also very suspect of our defense.
    Yes , we have more depth, but is it quality depth.
    Sorry but 4-5 wins is about all i expect , even with a the hipe we have been hearing.
    At this time of the yr. everyone is undefeated, and everyone is trying their best to sell tickets.With falling attendance, a lot of hipe is being put out there,,, show me the money.

  • mntneerjay

    Hey, that was pretty funny! Great job, Allan.

  • WV Grad


  • any major dude


    I heard Don Nehlen actually praised him twice!

  • bcr

    Loved the video! Some people need to lighten up!

  • Tomgone12

    Allan ... Appreciate the creativity. Good to have a little fun telling the story. Let's hope CT has a lot of positve highlights in 2014. Sometimes he looks so fragile its scary, and he's got to learn how to get rid of the ball and avoid getting hit. Surely they've worked on it. The receivers and back have to be on the same page and read coverages with him while O line protects. I like that Don Nehlen praised his praised his performance. CHEEERS!

  • Neal

    Keep up the good and unbiased work Allen. When you go 4-8 there are going to be far more jeer moments than cheer moments. Very fair piece.

  • any major dude

    Trickett brings leadership, smarts, and toughness. His size should not be a problem if the big boys upfront can plug those enormous holes that opponents blew through in 2013. I can tell you this for sure: if the O-line doesn't run and pass block, Ole Sasquatch will personally stomp Coach Crook under his big foot like
    a steel toe boot on a stink bug! I hate to use the word obsessed, but if the big shoe fits...

    • Ole Sasquatch

      You got that right!

  • DP

    Allan-A very good article and video! I enjoy your articles and feel you are VERY well informed! There is NOBODY who is a bigger WV fan than myself and I have been for many, many years! Some of these wackjobs who are down on you SHOULD just give up on WV sports and spend their time watching paint dry!!!

  • rock solid

    Folks, don't you remember the days when we lost every year to Penn State? We would play well in the first half and be competitive. Then the second half the talent of Penn State would wear us down and we would lose decisively. Same set up here. I hate to say it, wish it were not true. We are outgunned with athletes from Alabama that just keep on platooning into the rotation and we can't match their numbers. We are now Rutgers against WVU. WVU is growing but we are a long way (from Orange and Fiesta Bowl talent) we had some years ago. I wish Clint and the gang my best, but we are not even close to a Pat White offense that could scare the heebegivees out of any opponent. Boy those were days! Don't write off the season after the Alabama game. This year we will be competitive in the Big 12. Don't know how many we will win, but the Big 12 will know that WVU is not a homecoming automatic victory. We didn't fall overnight, and we won't dominate overnight, but we are coming back in a league that is light years better than where we were in the Big Least. We just need to keep recruiting like we did this year and we will compete with anybody the Big Twelve can field against us in the future. A little success and more and more east coast kids will want WVa as their home team. Then we don't have to pick the dregs after the Big Twelve takes the cream from Texas and the southwest and we can be the thorn in the Big Twelve's saddle that WVU has always planned on becoming!

  • Aaron

    It should be noted that Trickett played through 7 games with the same injury that has sidelined Braxton Miller for this upcoming season. If nothing else, the young man is tougher than nails.

  • Tyrone

    The comment section here is like kids at the playground .I think i will just take my ball and go home

    • Ole Sasquatch

      What! This is Fire Face by Dieago!!!

    • Ut Oh

      Bye Tyrone!

  • Barry

    @ any major dude,

    This is church to a lot of people that comment on this site. It is actually their religion, and no one can have a differing opinion. It is blasphemy. How dare anyone have a little fun and not pretend that the last few seasons of football and basketball have been great. I say if they don't like the reporting, then don't read or watch it, but it is those people who degrade MetroNews that run their mouths on this site the most.

    Allan, enjoyed the video. Keep up the good work.

  • any major dude

    I thought Allan's piece was entertaining.
    @I hate...
    This ain't church, dude. Relax!

    • FNP

      In a way he's right bud. I understand you want to have some fun and do something different but this missed the mark by a long shot. It is becoming a very common thing to mock and degrade the WVU football and basketball teams. I know the generation is different and things change but whatever happened to good ol' writing. I dont hate Allan or think everything he does stinks but there are times where he pokes a little hard and seem to still favor the SEC. Now i know he wasnt brought in to be a fan of WVU but at the same time you're going to get this type of feedback if you continue to write up things under this kind of light. I would like to see some true WVU writers take part in these articles because even though they tend to be more optimistic, its a lot better of a read.