CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Delta Air Lines is making another investment in Charleston. The company has announced plans to replace one the three regional jets it flies in and out of Charleston daily to Atlanta with a 76-seat Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft.

“I think it signals Delta’s commitment to this market and the strength they believe that’s in this market,” Yeager Airport Manager Rick Atkinson said.

Delta operates four round-trip flights a day from Yeager to Atlanta International Airport. The morning flight is a 126-seat Airbus while the other three have been 50-seat regional jets. The conversion of one of those flights to the larger jet will happen Sept. 2.

“This offers another first-class product and basically is the same capacity-wise as one more 50-seat jet daily to Atlanta,” Atkinson said.

Delta began the Airbus flight a few months ago and Atkinson said it’s averaging more than 80 passengers a day.

“Some days it goes out full and it also provides the opportunities for some cargo and shipping,” Atkinson said.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    Flights to and from nowhere! Thank goodness the ole senile Carpetbagger is almost gone. Ole hunchback has one foot in the grave and the other in the hole. He helped kill the Wild and Wonderful with his allegiance to the m0r0n.

    • richard

      You, sir, are a complete dumb***!!

      • Dumb Liberals

        I'm sorry Richard, but you already own & occupy that title - and carry it proudly, I understand. Don't forget to wipe!

        • richard

          OK, just wait and see. Put the politicians in there of your ilk and just see what happens. Watch the coal industry continue to decline. Watch Yeager airport's downward spiral begin after many years of improvement thanks to the "carpetbagger's" hard work. Watch the unemployment rate shoot toward the moon. We've seen it all before, and then we'll see who was right.

  • Carmen

    Enjoy it while you can, when Jay is no longer Chair of The Senate Commerce Committee It will be back to puddle jumpers to Cincy and Charlotte exclusively.

    • Todd

      Carmen you should know what you're talking about before you comment. Charleston has no nonstop flights to Cincinnati. "Jay" had nothing to do with Delta's decision to upgrade in Charleston. It was based on passenger loads.

  • cutty77

    I know this. The cost to fly to Atl. from Charleston has more than doubled in less than a month. You can drive to Columbus and fly there for Half price of Charleston.

    • richard

      Parking is also twice as much out of Columbus, not to mention that if you want an earlier morning flight, you must stay the night before in Columbus. I think Charleston has done a great job with our airport here. I can remember just a few years back, you would pay double here what you would out of Columbus. I fly quite a bit and Charleston may be just a few dollars higher, but sometimes it is even lower than Columbus.
      So go ahead and drive to Columbus, but I choose to drive 45 minutes and support our local airport and economy here and not Columbus, Ohio's.
      cutty77, I'd be willing to bet that you are one of those folks who would drive 3 hrs to Columbus to fly, and then you'd return home to b**** because "there's nothing here".

    • Capt. Sully

      And the cost of your fuel to and from Columbus? Not to mention your time? Does that offset the difference in price?

  • FungoJoe

    Probably brought on with the competition of Yeager adding the United flight to DFW in Dallas, TX.
    Bring a legit low-cost airline to Yeager like in Huntington.

  • Joe

    GO Delta GO! The next flight we need is nonstop to Laguardia or JFK to connect to their huge worldwide hub in New York.