Seth Grim, 20, of Pennsylvania charged with marijuana possession and could be facing much more.

AMMA, W.Va. —West Virginia state police arrested a Pennsylvania man after he wrecked on Interstate-79 in Roane County early Friday morning, revealing guns and improvised explosive devices among the wreckage.

Seth Grim, 20, was taken into custody and was being held in the South Central Regional Jail. He faces charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana after troopers found an pot in the vehicle.

What started as a routine response to a motor vehicle accident blossomed into a full-blown security scare for first responders.

Roane County 911 received a call of the wreck near the Amma exit about 3:30 a.m. Firemen arrived on the scene and found the single SUV had rolled over and was in the median. The driver suffered a head injury and was transported to Charleston Area Medical Center by ambulance.

Fire fighters also discovered about 40 live chickens that had been inside the vehicle were running wild around the accident scene.

However, the story turned from amusing to frightening when suspicious items were found and the state police bomb technicians were called to the scene. The entire interstate was shut down for more than a half-hour between the Wallback and Ama exits. It finally reopened around 8:30 a.m.

Police released this statement.

“The West Virginia State Police and the Roane County Sheriff’s Department are investigating a single vehicle traffic crash on I-79, near the 30,5 mm. Currently, only one lane in each direction is open, as some possible improvised devices were discovered in the vehicle.”

Troopers now say the IEDs were actually altered fireworks. They were removed from the scene and rendered harmless. Troopers also confiscated guns from the scene, but did not indicate what caliber, type, or how many were in the vehicle.

Additional charges are expected to be filed in the case against Grim

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  • Doyle

    I understand eric holder is promising a full and through investigation - president to comment on situation upon completion of todays golf outing

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  • Tea McAlpin

    I have heard that "altered fireworks" before! Guess this story will take a back seat for a while.

  • JTC

    Were the chickens being held against their will? Did they cross the interstate to get to the other side? These and other answers today at noon!

  • Dave

    Why did the chickens cross the road?

    To get away from the IEDs of course.

    rim shot

  • ferguseon

    why the cops picking on this poor white man for

  • Viktoria

    So, where are the chickens and are they okay?

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    Too bad he isn't Justice Workman's son.

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    I wonder if the WV department of Agriculture is going to investigate the interstate movement of the chickens and test the birds for desiease. News media should follow up on this story.

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    Fried chicken is delicious. However, chicken is not one of my favorite pizza toppings.

  • Roland

    Send lawyers, guns and money.
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    Warren would have loved this one. Rest in peace, and enjoy every sandwich...

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