Seth Grim, 20, of Pennsylvania charged with marijuana possession and could be facing much more.

AMMA, W.Va. —West Virginia state police arrested a Pennsylvania man after he wrecked on Interstate-79 in Roane County early Friday morning, revealing guns and improvised explosive devices among the wreckage.

Seth Grim, 20, was taken into custody and was being held in the South Central Regional Jail. He faces charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana after troopers found an pot in the vehicle.

What started as a routine response to a motor vehicle accident blossomed into a full-blown security scare for first responders.

Roane County 911 received a call of the wreck near the Amma exit about 3:30 a.m. Firemen arrived on the scene and found the single SUV had rolled over and was in the median. The driver suffered a head injury and was transported to Charleston Area Medical Center by ambulance.

Fire fighters also discovered about 40 live chickens that had been inside the vehicle were running wild around the accident scene.

However, the story turned from amusing to frightening when suspicious items were found and the state police bomb technicians were called to the scene. The entire interstate was shut down for more than a half-hour between the Wallback and Ama exits. It finally reopened around 8:30 a.m.

Police released this statement.

“The West Virginia State Police and the Roane County Sheriff’s Department are investigating a single vehicle traffic crash on I-79, near the 30,5 mm. Currently, only one lane in each direction is open, as some possible improvised devices were discovered in the vehicle.”

Troopers now say the IEDs were actually altered fireworks. They were removed from the scene and rendered harmless. Troopers also confiscated guns from the scene, but did not indicate what caliber, type, or how many were in the vehicle.

Additional charges are expected to be filed in the case against Grim

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  • Ashley Cathy

    Do you like date movies

  • Christopher Everspark

    This is an interesting assortment of things to be uncovered at a crash site.


  • CPT_Jack_Wigal

    Where is Gary Larson (of "The Far Side") when we need him most?

  • CPT_Jack_Wigal

    Where is Gary Larson (of "The Far Side" fame) when we need him most?


  • Danny

    I heard about this before! They're testing this In the Denver and Seattle market now. They're feedin' them chickens that Mary J Wanna, then selling them to KFC. It's part of the new "Real Secret Herbs and Spices" recipe. "They can't fly but they can get you high" is on the side of the bucket labeled "Pot O' Chicken".

  • Randy

    Maybe it really was medical marijuana. Maybe he is actually a genetic scientist. Maybe those weren't really chickens. Maybe they were actually 40 little Gary Karsten clones. Yeesh yeesh yeesh yeesh. But genetically improved. Peckers with peckers like Gary but able to lay literal eggs. Not just figurative ones like Gary.

    • Ronin

      More fiber and less caffeine.

      • Randy

        I have felt a little bloated and edgy lately.

  • Ronin

    Charged with intent because "an pot" was found in his car?

    Funny that if he had three cases of liquor or cigarettes, no one would charge him with intent to distribute.

    Apparently one of the effects of using cannabis is that it makes prosecutors and police officers psychic, with the ability to determine intent.

    This guy was an idiot before the first toke... don't hate on a beneficial herb for his stupidity.

    Nice reporting throughout this piece.

    Like the way those IEDs turn out to be fireworks, right there at the very end...

    Well played, Metro News... well played, indeed.

    That looked JUST LIKE real journalism.

    One guy crashes a truck with some buds in his goods and it's headline news, but a handful of souls marching for medical on Main Street is too small to report.

    Got it.

    • Fred

      An excellent statement on today's lack of editorial quality in news media.

  • WVU fan in AZ

    5 star recruit headed to Univ of Alabama to enroll.

  • susanf1218

    Explosives, pot, guns, a dog, and chickens all in a car - what could possibly go wrong??

  • Glenn

    Don't you love it when the chickens come home to roost. Funny story I shared with friends and family.

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    Seems like a lot of weird stuff always happens on I 79 near Amma

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    Country music song here somewhere .

  • Billy

    I hope this does not cause the police to start stopping everyone that has chickens in their car, thinking they have pot too. This could be as bad as racial profiling.

  • osiris

    No wonder you can't have chickens anywhere anymore! It's obvious that they're a bad influence!

  • WV Worker

    Looks like the chicken fight will be delayed for a little while. Bet he was headed to Ky for sat night entertainment.