MORGANTOWN, W.Va. In this edition of NAPA Auto Parts Gold & Blue Now, Steven Lassen, from Athlon Sports, speaks about Alabama’s offensive changes since fall camp.

Also, CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman predicts the Mountaineers as the conference’s most surprising team at season’s end.

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  • Phil M

    If we still have one of the worst defenses in the country, you don't stop them or stand a chance of winning. So it doesn't matter what we do otherwise.

    You have to stop their run game and make them pass. Then we see if we are better. We must have an much improved pass rush and a much better secondary. Go with the 3-3-5 defense and bring pressure.

    Other than that we must run block and pass protect and that my fellow Mountaineers are the keys to the game. Oh and we must come out ahead on the turnover margin and win special teams. A first quarter like we had against Georgia in the same building would be just what the doctor ordered.

    Go EERS !!!


    we need to pull a page out of the old book on how to stop a team when it come to stopping Alabama, They have the best running backs in the country and they have the best wide receiver in the country.

    So how do you stop them with one of the worst Defenses in the country.....? First off, we will not stop Alabama's Offense... second is the answer -- we keep our offense on the field with the "ball control offense", (The speed ball offense is what Nick Saban calls are offense ) Can you control the minutes you are on the field with a Speed ball control Offense ? I don't know ? But that is what I feel Dana & our players need to do to win this game.


    • TruthTeller

      The run defense is not really the problem. The Big 12 is about throwing the ball more than running and that is where they really need to improve. Alabama plays one of the most basic manilla old school offenses I have seen. They just wait for the other team to make mistakes and then capitalize on those mistakes. You are correct in saying we need to shutdown the run because that is pretty much what the SEC does is run the ball. I agree with you on forcing them to pass the ball because they are not that good at it.
      There is a big difference in Big 12 and the SEC. All the talent is on the defense in the SEC. They have mediocre offenses. WVU has a pass rush now which they have not had since Bruce Irvin left. WVU should play fast and throw deep on Bama because their secondary is not use to covering deep passes. WVU has a chance to win this game regardless of what the haters and the doubters say!!!

      • dude

        dude above me sounds like a fair weather fan. All the talent in the SEC is on the defensive side? really? should I list all the offensive superstars in the NFL from the SEC? Alabama runs a PRO-style offense by the way. It IS still the most common and versatile offense in NCAA and NFL. Oh, one more thing. Alabama isn't used to covering the deep ball? Where the heck did you get that? That doesn't even deserve an answer.