Dave talks with the Charleston Daily Mail’s Derek Redd about Marshall’s chances for an access bowl and gets a preseason update.

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  • Larry

    There was a show on this morning with Chad Pennington and Rakeem Cato, and Pennington kept calling him Cato, I am not sure he really knew what his name was.

  • T D

    They need to get by Miami (Ohio) first. And Ohio always seems to have the Herd's #. Not sure if I am sold on all hype that is out there.

  • Junius

    Mike, put your stopwatch down, and get out from under the bridge. I understand why you have venom to spew. I appreciate the bones that Metro News is throwing our way, but a Morgantown based MU sports page isn't atop the list of news sources for MU fans, for some odd reason. Dave Wilson does a nice job, and I'm sure leads a tough life.

  • Junius


  • Ray

    Maryland, Kansas, Iowa St. Do you post here because they don't take you seriously on the USP@M page? Pitiful smh

  • Mike

    17 hrs in,no post from MU fans. This is always how this board looks. MU has no bearing on College Football. MU is a an also ran in College sports. Best team in worst conference in College football. That doesn't say much. Once again SOS somewhere between 109-122 out of 128 football teams. I would cry if it wasn't so funny.

    • Jabo

      I laugh every time I look at this!

      Aug. 30 at Miami-OH 3:30pm
      Sep. 6 Rhode Island 7:00pm
      Sep. 13 Ohio 12:00pm
      Sep. 20 at Akron TBA
      Oct. 4 at Old Dominion TBA
      Oct. 11 Middle Tenn. TBA
      Oct. 18 at Florida Int'l 6:00pm
      Oct. 25 Florida Atlantic 7:00pm
      Nov. 8 at Southern Miss. 7:00pm
      Nov. 15 Rice TBA
      Nov. 22 at UAB 1:00pm
      Nov. 28 Western Kentucky 12:00pm

      • Ms Horsewoman

        Im going to be laughing 8-9 times this year when the Who gets beat....

        The B12 invited the Who to be the new doormat which you are/will be for years to come.

        The Who doesn't have the facilities, money or resources to compete with 85% of the B12 schools.

        Also anyone that came out of the Who from 79-99 such as Jeff Hostedler, Major Harris, Todd Sourbraun, Amos Zereoué, Marc Bulger and 08-09 with Geno Smith, Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey were recruited by Doc Holliday, who now works where. That's right in Huntington.

        • Jabo

          And he is really recruiting at a high level. Look at your commits for next year. LOL

      • Roger

        Hey Jabo, since you keep so close tabs on Marshall's schedule let me know when they set a time for the Akron game. I'm thinking about going. Go Herd!

        • Jabo

          I'm sure that will be the biggest game of that week. LOL

      • BAMA

        I'm goring to laugh when BAMA beats the piss out of wv who

        • Jabo

          Marsha can't....12-0.

        • Mister Man

          You shouldn't be laughing at anyone.

          • Mister Man

            Keep on goring that though