DUNBAR, W.Va. — The Cold Spot has been a gathering place in the Kanawha Valley for many years, but early Saturday morning the popular bar and grill was lost in a fast moving fire.

“It’s kind of ironic, we’re putting out hot spots at the Cold Spot,” said Kanawha County Fire Coordinator C.W. Sigman from the scene Saturday morning.

The fire erupted about 3:30 a.m. and had engulfed about 60 percent of the building by the time fire departments from Dunbar, Charleston, and South Charleston arrived on the scene.

“The first arriving units had fire coming out the sides toward Route 25,” Sigman said. “I was coming just a few minutes later and you could see it from the Dunbar Toll Bridge so it was going pretty good just a few minutes into it.”

Dispatchers with Kanawha County 911 said they got a call from somebody who was apparently an employee who closed up for the night. The caller told the dispatcher he walked outside and all he saw was fire.

Firefighters on the scene indicated the fire appeared to have been concentrated in the ceiling above the kitchen area.

“That’s where they saw the heaviest fire,” Sigman said. “They don’t know if it was from the stove, or electrical, or whatever. They just won’t know until they get into it.”

A fire marshal was due at the scene Saturday to begin the investigation.

The building housed a popular bar and restaurant on one side. The other side housed a small market. The establishment was an institution among locals for lunch and hanging out with friends after work.

Several patrons lamented the loss on social media as news of the fire spread Saturday morning.

“I was thinking recently we hadn’t been in a long time and needed to go get some wings,” wrote one poster to Facebook.

Another added, “So sad! Where will everyone get their football & wings this season?”

“Man that’s terrible,” one commenter posted to Twitter. “Best wings and a great hangout. Some great memories there.”

Sigman said the construction of the building and the intensity of the fire made it impossible to save the structure, but he added fire fighters did an excellent job keeping the flames from several other businesses located nearby.

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  • Mr.P

    Must be time to do some remodeling and still have $$$$ money leftover,lol.

  • any major dude

    Ron, Joeys by the Civic Center is no longer in business. Unfortunately, Joey's health went downhill. This Cold Spot is (was?) between Charleston and Dunbar.

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    I'm not from Charleston , I thought there were several The Cold Spots in the area . What ever happened to Joeys ? ( I think ) near the BB arena ?

    • Degenerate Gambler

      There were 3 Cold Spots, the one that burned, one in Cross Lanes, and one in Glen Jean. The one in Cross Lanes also has a convenience store/head shop in it, where you can buy tools for using and concealing illegal drugs. They are bars, and mostly cater to an unscrupulous, shady clientele.

      • Rev Roy


  • Degenerate Gambler

    When I first heard about this I was so upset, because I thought it was the Hot Spot, the seedy video lottery place next door. I'm so relieved it wasn't, my machine is ready to hit, I just know it. My big payday is right around the corner.

  • Ray

    Good cow. Where will all the drunks and cheaters go now to live a lifestyle of filth? Glad its gone.

    • No drunks

      You are right ray. The staples of wv folks and that is beer,smokes,lotto tickets.

    • marc

      Yea, get a Drink Ray

    • stfu

      hey ray maybe if youd go have a drink you wouldnt be such a judgement piece of trash but please be sure and pray for everyone tomorrow

    • Monty Burns

      They will all come over to your trailer you white trash loser.

      • Silas Lynch

        You're worthless idiot with a big mouth from your keyboard.

  • Raging Moderate

    Too early to speculate.
    Hope they had insurance. Need those small businesses in the area.

    • Mr. Obvious

      Insurance may be the reason.?

  • Andy

    Sorry to hear about the loss. The wings sucked and got smaller and smaller over the years.

  • Dumb Liberals

    It was a ______ lightning strike, maybe? C'est la vie!

  • David

    Those poor beers...

  • Jack

    Arson for profit?