HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Demolition work is scheduled to begin Monday at a Huntington public housing unit that’s been around for almost 75 years. Three units of Northcott Court will undergo the wrecking ball over the next few weeks. It’s the first phase of a three phase project to clear the property.

The Huntington Housing Authority began looking at other options for the buildings adjacent to Hal Greer Blvd. last year after the urging of city leaders. Mayor Steve Williams said last September Northcott Court residents deserved better after six people were shot there.

Housing Authority Administrative Assistant Lee Green said there are three main reasons for the demolition including the age of the buildings, the city’s desire for commercial development on the property and the safety of residents.

“A big reason is that when they expanded Hal Greer Blvd. it moved the road a lot closer to our units,” Green said.

The first phase of the demolition will take down the three closest units to the busy street eliminating 30 residences.

Green said those who lived chose whether to move to other public housing units in Huntington or obtained vouchers to rent from a private landlords. He said the relocation efforts have gone smoothly.

“The planning process was done well in advance, so there’s not a whole lot of having to wait for things,” Green said. “We’ve tried to hold units in preparation for some who are wanting to move.”

Phase 2 will include removing the three units on the rear of the property while the final phase will take down the exterior units on either side of the complex.

Green said Northcott Court has served its purpose providing affordable housing for thousands of Huntington residents for nearly three-quarters of a century.

The Huntington Housing Authority will maintain ownership of the property and initially lease it to interested developers.

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  • Kyle McDonald

    That's unfortunate that such old buildings had to be torn down. But at least they can improve now. I wonder what kind of safety measures they took during the demolition?

  • Brett

    Very glad to see this go away. One of many steps closer to cleaning up Huntington.

  • Aaron

    Subsidized public housing simply does not work and does more harm than good. For anyone interested in the facts, here is an interesting article that explains why public housing has failed.

  • w m Filding

    They will move in next to us and try and turn all of Huntington into the hood.

  • Dumb Liberals

    What will happen to all the entitlement urbanites? Where will they go to target shoot? Sell their heroin, cocaine, and meth? Where will the babies learn the ways of the hood? Not to mention what will happen to the vermin. Where's PETA when they are needed?

    • Well...well...well....

      You and people like you are what's wrong with this area. You'd rather add insult to injury than any sort of kindness. No matter how you twist your words. Your hatred and bigotry shine right through. I can't believe that your racist, bigoted comments are even allowed on here. Oh well...I would pray for you...but you don't deserve it.

      • Dumb Liberals

        Well...well...well..., Pray for yourself, 'cause you need the brain from the wizard. BTW, are you posting from your free m0r0n-phone?

      • Rev Roy

        Pray for an end to the hood and their culture. Mothers with four or five kids and no dad in sight. Kids grow up following their older brothers and sisters perpetuating the drug scene. Facts are facts.

        • Dumb Liberals

          Which dad? Every one of the four or five came from a different s p e r m factory. The only thing that hasn’t been between the knees is an aspirin.

        • Drama Queen Conservative Troll

          And don't forget to pray for the same in rural, white West Virginia. The poverty stricken sub-culture, regardless of its root cause, exists all over the state of West Virginia.

          Remember, Jesus said "the poor will always be with you". So, how is it overcome?

          • Dumb Liberals

            There is a difference between the poor and the thieving, drug dealing, entitlement trash, scum, low-life, vermin.

    • Richard