PRINCETON, W.Va. — A former Mercer County teacher faces up to 40 years in prison when he’s sentenced Monday for sexually abusing girls at PikeView High School.

Jonathan Kirk, 34, of Walton, pleaded guilty in July to five counts of distribution of obscene material, two counts of sexual abuse by a guardian and one count of solicitation by a computer.

Prosecutors said Kirk was involved with about a dozen young girls at the school from 2010-2012. They said one thing the plea bargain accomplishes is it keeps the girls from having to testify in a trial.

The sentencing hearing is scheduled to begin Monday at 9:30 a.m. before Mercer County Circuit Judge William Sadler.

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  • Fred

    Sometimes a girl's biggest danger is her own mother. The 'Today' show on NBC recently featured a concert by Iggy Azalea, an Australian rapper whose 'songs' are sexual in nature and full of four letter words. The audience consisted mainly of middle-aged girls with plenty of 'tweens' also there (with their mothers). They knew all the words and were singing along. Mothers nowadays are living their lives through their daughters and are dressing them and coaching them into situations they are far too young to be involved in.

    • Amanda

      No. You'e wrong.

      A girl's worst enemy is a man who takes advantage of his physical power over her, exploits her vulnerability to his authority, and controls her with fear. The ONLY person at fault in these situations is the abuser. Don't you dare let him off by blaming anyone else.

  • Scourge

    Pure scum. A sick, sick man. I pray for the victims, and hope they can overcome it and live reasonably normal lives.

  • william

    Cut it off!
    Better yet - Send him over to ISIS, they will cut it off
    What a LOSER!

  • Dumb Liberals

    Want to send a message to any future perverts? First you castrate him in the public square and then everyone stand back and watch him bleed out. Bet that would make the next one think twice. But oh, I forgot. Doing this would eliminate union teachers and destroy the liberal democrat voting base - quickly?

    • Chip

      I am trying to find the part of the article that explains the union's role in working get this scumbag off the hook. Is there another statewide syndicate that explains this?

    • Silly Conservatives

      Not all of those with liberal opinions oppose killing scum like this, nor do we all support affirmative action, unions, or the environmental lobby.

      Some of us are armed, independent, self-employed, wood-burning, SUV-driving locals who've bailed hay and milked cows and repaired fence, hunted our own meat, canned our food and have about as much use for Obama as we had for Romney or any other rich professional politician.

      Just sayin'.

      • The bookman

        Really? Could you explain it for us then? What liberal opinions do you espouse that is in conflict with what you say you support? If you claim a conservative platform, then how do you propose a liberal opinion? Sounds like you want to ride the fence you've mended.

        • Ron- from Morgantown

          For me it's simple , I'm a fiscal conservative and a social liberal . In other words I'm Bill Clinton , the greatest President in my lifetime ( 2nd term ) We had peace , gas was 1.25 gallon , growth at 4 per cent, crime was way down , and huge gov. surpluses , and we were on schedule to retire the debt in 5 years . Then Bush 43 came along - "The decider " . Do you realize Clinton can do the NY Times crossword puzzle in 15 min . This country needs Hillary .

          • hillbilly

            Does your self defined stance keep you awake at night? On your left "socially liberal" hand, you want to create programs and entitlements for people to "help" them, but on your right "fiscally conservative" hand, you then say "we cannot afford this?" That is a hard fence to walk..

          • The bookman

            I give credit to Clinton for his pragmatism, and Newt Gingrich for pushing the National agenda in the "right" direction. If Hollary could govern in that manner, another Clinton Term wouldn't have to be a catastrophe.

            But all you need to know in defining Bill's politics is look at the Court and those he appointed. As a conservative, my concern is the lasting influence of 16 years of appointments to a very old Court. The concept of 4 consecutive Democrat terms keeps me awake.