The Mountaineers football season opener is this Saturday in Atlanta and the start of what many believe will be the phoenix rising from the ashes of the last two seasons. And while eyes have been focused on game day preparations and hopes for the season to come, let’s not forget about the Pride of West Virginia, the Mountaineer marching band.

WVU Band Director Jay Drury says the band will be on the field in Atlanta to show the world what Mountaineer spirit is all about.

“The whole group’s going to go with us. The band’s about 375 members this year,” he says.

It takes just about as much preparation and coordination for the band as it does for the football team, says Drury, and it’s no small undertaking.

“With our whole travel party, including our staff and our drivers and everything, we’ll have about 400, a little over 400 people that will be traveling with us, so it will take nine buses.”

Drury says it will be a unique opportunity for the band when they open the game along with Alabama for the National Anthem.

“The director of the Alabama band is a former member of the WVU band, so it’s going to be kind of a neat experience for us to get a chance to put both our bands together on the field for that.”

Drury explains that the pre-game show will be short, only about four minutes, but the band will get to show their stuff later on in the game.

“We do an armed forces tribute every so often that we enjoy doing in saluting our military and we’re going to do part of that show for our halftime performance while we’re down there.”

And, when the Pride of West Virginia takes their show on the road, it’s not just a one night stand, says Drury.

“We’re going to hit McDowell County on Thursday night, we’re going to play at the meeting between the two county schools and then we’re going to play in Princeton on Friday morning, then we’ll head on down to Atlanta.”

The band will also perform at an alumni event at the Park Tavern in Atlanta, the Georgia World Congress Center before the game, and a WVU team event on Saturday before returning home on Sunday morning.


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  • Dr.Pill

    Let's get real here. The Mountaineer Marching Band will have a much better day in the Georgia Dome than the WVU football team. Talk about a mismatch! The Crimson Tide will demolish WVU on the gridiron, that's for sure!

  • Diane

    Why can't y put sound bites on these posts...really would like to hear them in the pics...;)

  • george

    hey: one things for sure ,,the bands always consistent and always good...we've got this 50 % licked. now if the team can roll their other 50% we're done........victory

  • Jane Sentelle

    It would not be football in Morgantown without THE PRIDE!

  • Otis

    Roll Pride..... hee hee!

    Go 'Eers!

    • Artimus

      Ahhh.....I saw what you did there. :)

  • Ole Sasquatch

    TV coverage does not include the bands anymore. We will just get to catch an occasional glimpse of them in the seats. Let's hope they have happy faces and are rocking to the beat of the old Appalachians.

    • Diane

      Yeah it sucks not being able to see or hear them very often as I'm in Florida now.

  • TruthTeller

    Somebody does not have much of a life if the only thing they have to do is post negative things on this site. Why not put the time and energy towards something good instead of something hurtful? Do something good for some one in need, volunteer at you local shelter, go help a friend in need. There has to be better ways to spend your time than try to create pain for someone. You will have to answer to God one day so just remember that the next time you think about wasting your time trying to stir up anger in some one.

    • Mac

      Ahh, I know who posted this. Come on Mr. Luck, don't take it so hard and quit using TruthTeller as your comment name!


    I wonder if the band's performance will be better than the football team's. probably

    • Jabo

      go to Marsha