MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The NCAA has reinstated Icky Banks to West Virginia’s football team but the cornerback must serve a three-game suspension to open the season, coach Dana Holgorsen said Monday.

Allan Taylor/MetroNews

West Virginia cornerback Icky Banks must sit out three games after being reinstated from an academic eligibility situation.

MetroNews first reported last week that Banks was being held out of practice while facing an academic situation that threatened his eligibility this season. Holgorsen confirmed Monday that as part of the NCAA’s ruling, Banks would now be allowed to practice throughout the suspension. He must miss games against Alabama, Towson and Maryland and will be cleared to play against Oklahoma on Sept. 20.

“We’re glad he got it resolved,” Holgorsen said.

A native of Richmond, Va., Banks has appeared in 36 games at West Virginia while making 16 starts. He and safety Karl Joseph were the lone defensive returnees to start every game in 2013.

In Banks’ absence, junior Terrell Chestnut and senior Travis Bell have been rotating at left cornerback. Holgorsen said both “are going to take snaps” against Alabama, and added that recently admitted junior college transfer Jaylon Myers is “full-go” as well. That news could be a huge boost to West Virginia’s pass defense, considering Myers only enrolled Aug. 18.

“We’ve got bodies at corner, bodies that have played,” Holgorsen said. “We’ve just got to see how they respond.”

Some highlights from Monday’s Big 12 coaches teleconference:

• What has Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops most excited about the new college football playoff? “Hopefully us being in it.”

• Baylor’s Art Briles on his certainty the first-year playoff selection committee will pick the correct final four: “I’ve got all the confidence in the world. How can you think something will be wrong before it has a chance to be right? I’m all-in.”

• Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy on facing defending national champion Florida State: “They’re as far along as any team I’ve ever played against in my 25 years at this level.”

• Charlie Strong on how Texas players perceived their 17-8 record the last two seasons: “They feel like they let themselves down and let the university down because they have such high expectations.”

• Paul Rhoads on how stadium improvements lure recruits: “They buy with their eyes to a large extent.”

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  • Aaron

    "I still have great memories of HOME. I have great memories of the people and the relationships that I have at home and you know, I’ve always kind of been a Mountaineer fan."

    That was comments by Nick Saban this week in discussing the game with reporters, which is further proof of the dimwittedness of some posters in their failure to understand a man like Saban or the concept of home.

  • jay zoom

    (Truth Teller) evidently Icky can't either thatswhy he's on the sidelines. willing to bet a beer there are more athletes at WVU than at Alabama with Academic problems. Coach Holgerson will be calling Coach Saban after the game to get some pointers on how to win football games. and we can thank Ollie for that. this game will be like Florida State playing Hundred H.S. when its all over THANKS OLLIE.

  • jwg66

    This feels like when we played Nebraska many years ago. Tough start but we finished strong that year. I hope we can compete like we did against LSU, but Clint is not Geno. Glad Icky is back and hope he makes the most of his second chance. Go Mountaineers!!

  • BigFoot1970

    Lovin it!!

    Let's go Mountaineers!!!

  • TruthTeller

    Well if he played for Alabama he will not be suspended at all. Most of their players can not
    even read or write.

  • any major dude

    I definitely do not think this is a "tune up" game for UA. Nor do I think THEY think it is a tune up game. Yes, they are favored and damn well should be. But Saban didn't get where he got by taking opponents lightly. He will have his team ready, and we will be ready too. Arrogance comes natural to UA fans, but its not about what the fans think, or ESPN or Vegas or Big Larry either.

    • Aaron

      Those smart enough to research comments by Saban understand that the Crimson Tide doesn't think this is a tune-up game. Sometimes, dimwittedness knows no limits. About the only thing left to wonder is how one questions something that simply does not exist.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Does the players start getting paid this year?
    To clear things up for Icky, will he get paid for any of the 3 game suspension?
    We have to be concerned about these things now. The players consider them important.

    • Greg

      "Suspended with pay". The dream of every American worker!

  • Big Larry

    ESPN in one of their spots stated that the Alabama game with WVU is nothing more than a "tune up" for the Tide to allow their quarterbacks to get acclimated.

    A Tune up? Alabama fans are treating this game as a "scrimmage" and nothing more.

    • Ole Sasquatch

      That is just the kind of talk that will get our players fired up enough to win this here ball game.

    • Monty Burns

      I would love to see WVU win this game. It just is not going to happen. I agree with the observation that it is a tuneup game for Alabama. It is like WVU playing Wofford or William and Mary.

      • Ole Sasquatch

        Quit now.

    • uncle phil

      Not true. Use your internet search skills and check out a thing called Google. You'll surprisingly find quite a few Alabama bloggers who are concerned about this game. Not sure why myself. I think Alabama pours it on garbage time and embarrasses us. This game is going to set the program back years.

      • Big Larry

        Punxsutawney Phil,

        Nothing wrong with my internet search skills...Go to ESPN and check it out for yourself....The story was today about their QB situation...

        I hate when people question my intelligence...

        As far as the Alabama fans, just read their comments...

        Its not Rocket science you know...

        I think Alabama will discover its a little more than just a tune up...

        • uncle phil

          Your point is simply not valid. We sucked it up in the second half of the season in 2012. We sucked it up even MORE last year. And what? You want other teams to shake in fear?

          The treatment we are receiving is EXACTLY what we deserve. And until we PROVE otherwise, why would you expect anything to change?

          Your intelligence IS questionable.

      • BigFoot1970

        Uncle Phil I bet you wear Green and White!!

        • uncle phil

          You got me. I'm busted.

        • Steve In WV

          So the majority of the country wears green and white because they think Alabama will easily beat WVU?

          • T Morgan

            I'm glad it's not up to the majority!

  • MD of BS

    He probably broke amateur status when he was tipped for helping an old widow with her groceries!

  • BigFoot1970

    I am fed up with everyone saying West Virginia is going to get Mauled, a Wakeup Call, Beat Down or whatever you want to call it by Alabama!!!! What will all of these people be saying if WVU actually goes down and whips the dog S&*t out of the tide!!! Last years team was not that far off and shot their own self in the foot time and time again. Turnovers, Penalties killed us last year. If we didn't fumble at the Oklahome 2 yard line we could have possibly beat Oklahoma in Norman. Yes this is the same Oklahoma team that beat Alabama. Now this Alabama team is not as good as last years team and will need some time to gel. We get them at a perfect time, you have a new quarterback, freshman OL and some pretty dang good running backs. But they can be beat. I don't know if all of you Negative WVU fans remember when we played Georgia, Oklahoma and Clemson but we was heavy underdogs in all of those games also and the mountaineers opened a major can of whoop A#$ on all of them. Remember don't back the Mountaineers in a corner because the Tide may just get Rolled!!!

    • Monty Burns

      Quit living in the past dude. I think it is funny when WVU fans go "Remember When we did this and that 6 years ago." And what is this we crap? Are you part of the team? Do you play for them?

      • richard

        hey monty burns.....bigfoot1970 can say we all he a matter of fact he is part of the team. he and anyone who supports a team can say we. "we pay for tickets" that help fund the team, "we are the people" that the coaches and players ask to come out and support them whe they play, "we are the ones who make the noise" that help rattle the other team when they are near the goal line........i can go on and on. BUT YES!!!!!! he can say we all he wants because he is part of the team when it comes to different areas. let's see a team amke it without the fans in the stands. WHAT IS YOUR BIG PROBLEM ANYWAY MONTY BURNS? WHY DOES THIS HIT SUCH A NERVE WITH YOU?it's like it made you mad for him writing it. you're the one who needs to back off dumb sh--!!! say it to my face and see what happens! anytime anywhere!

        • William's Disciple

          And this is why it is a sad day to be a mountainner fan. Losers like Richard.

          • richard

            i think everyone on here knows who the loser is william (thats not even your name---is it you loser?) you need to keep your mouth shut so you don't look so stupid-----STUPID!!!

          • USAFRyan

            Williams disciple- if what rich is saying is being a "loser" then you must be a bum who lives under a rock. Every single person in basically the world says "we/us" regarding their team. When our team loses we feel it too when we win we rejoice the same. For someone to be a loser for what supporting their team? A team that for most west Virginians, we have been born into. Some of us new country roads before we could walk, new lets go mountaineers before we could say mom or dad, and we all have the same everlasting love for our boys. It's a shame to see that what you're saying is happening these days. It's not about treating the team like entertainment or you treat them like family and unless they royally screw up, you have their back. People like you calling other people losers for supporting their team are a disgrace. Oh and one last thing. When the sun comes up in the morning, it's ALWAYS A GREAT DAY TO BE A MOUNTAINEER.

      • BigFoot1970

        No true WVU Fans on this page!!! But I bet if WVU beats Bama then there will be all of you Negative - So - Called-WVU fans will want to jump on the band wagon!!! We will see August 30 after the game is played!! I bet you would be one of those who would say I knew they was going to beat Bama!!!

        • T Morgan

          It wasn't 6 years ago, it was 2 years and 7 months ago we set the all time record for touchdowns scored in a bowl game. We (and yes I said we because we are the Mountaineer Nation) have come up big in big games consistently over the past 10 years. The time for talk is over and the Tide is about to get caught up in a perfect storm. If you want to go off "what have you done lately," then the great Tide is 0 for 2 in their last two games. The Mountaineers are experienced and hungry going up against a Bama team that's replacing all but three players on defense and their star leader at QB. This is a whole new ballgame and they had better bring their A game.

          • Bluefoot

            If you waste that much time with Mountaineer foot and have it down to the year and date of WVU's last big win, you are a loser. You are going to eat some serious crow after 8/30/2014 when The Tide rolls over your beloved mountaineer nation.

          • Monty Burns

            OK T Morgan. Don't bust an O-ring. Time for you take a nap after your temper tantrum.

        • Monty Burns

          Not true fans. True raving, fanatical lunatics on this page.

          • T Morgan

            I'll be back next Sunday to see just how much wisdom you have Monty. In the meantime, Let's Go Mountaineer's !!!

    • uncle phil

      Started drinking so soon, did ya?

      • BigFoot1970

        Yes!! I drank a gallon of whoop A#$ this morning!!

  • Raging Moderate

    Good news. You can never have enough depth. Practice well. Get the grades up and keep going. Be like Karl. Do the Icky scuffle.

  • DonnieB

    When did players stop wearing cups and start sporting the full pork and beans?

    • hailey

      Weird, but of course you already knew that

    • MD of BS

      Uhh..that's what you noticed?

  • Mountaineer Fanatic

    Great news!!!



  • uncle phil

    Great news. I was afraid what our injury situation would look like after our players get a wakeup-call from Alabama. Worst case scenario - at least we'll have a solid corner remaining by the time we play Oklahoma, which is more important than the Alabama game anyway because it's a conference game.

    • MD of BS

      Not anymore. With new playoffs and commitee it's the non con games that will count more. So goodbye fcs opponents unless you want to not be important

      • uncle phil

        You're thinking too simplistically. Stop and put those brain cells to work. Think about it.

        Fella, there's no way in hell we should be thinking about playoffs right now. Man, some of our fans are just out of their minds! I'm saying that if Alabama jumps to a big league, we should throw our green horns to the sharks and save our starters from getting injured. That's the best option on the table.

        • TD

          If your not thinking playoffs what's the purpose of even having a team? Every team from pee wee thru pro starts the season with the same goal, win the championship. Just some lose their goal quicker than others. Last year means squat, two years ago means squat, five years ago means squat, ect, ect, ect. This is a new year and no one knows what will happen yet, but the smart bet will be on WVU. You can tell it by the coaching staff, you can tell it by the players, this will be the year of the Mountianeer! First ever playoff will be WVU's first ever national championship!

          • uncle phil

            Do me a favor, please don't go around the Internet acting like that. It's people like you who give our fan-base a bad name. Seriously, keep all your kooky, Kool-Aid stuff here... and we'll drink it too. Just don't do it anywhere else.


            Your uncle phil

  • FNP

    Good news