PRINCETON, W.Va. — Former PikeView High School teacher Jonathan Kirk was sentenced Monday to 30-40 years in prison for his conduct with a dozen girls at the school that began in 2010.

Kirk, 34, of Walton, pleaded guilty in July to five counts of distribution of obscene material, two counts of sexual abuse by a guardian and one count of solicitation by a computer. Police said Kirk inappropriately touched the girls, sought sexual favors, had sexual communications with them and showed explicit photos of himself.

Mercer County Circuit Judge William Sadler sentenced Kirk to 30-40 years in prison. He’ll have a chance for parole in 15 years. The judge ordered 15 years probation once Kirk is released.

Prosecutors said the plea was better than a trial because the girls did not have to testify.

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  • jason

    Agree with place in society for people like this. However, I do find there is a huge double standard in cases like this, had this been a female 34 year old teacher having relations with high school boys, do you think the sentence would have been 30-40 years? (yes, I know the boys probably would be high fiving each other, not talking about bragging rights for teenage boys, just pointing out how the law balance is definitely skewed by our perceptions).

  • Bill

    This is why we need to pay our teachers more, had he made more money he could have afforded to date a grown woman.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Tattoo his crime on his forehead and then turn him out into general population. Then stand back and count the days.

  • wsr

    Hang him by his nuts.

  • william

    Cut it off!
    Better yet - Send him over to ISIS, they will cut it off
    What a LOSER