RODERFIELD, W.Va. — A McDowell County woman died Sunday, three days after she was severely injured by falling from a railroad bridge as a train approached.

State police said Ruthie Mullins, 24, of Raysal, was pronounced dead at Charleston Area Medical Center.

Mullins was on the bridge with Kenneth Neace, 20, of Roderfield, and Randy McNeely, 29, of Hensley, late Thursday night when a Norfolk Southern train approached. Neace was struck and killed and Mullins suffered severe injuries after falling 60 feet. McNeely suffered only minor injuries after jumping.

Troopers have said they plan to file trespassing charges against McNeely.

The bridge is located near Roderfield Tunnel.

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  • Moco man

    Sorry are terribly wrong!!! There is no walkway because it is a bridge for trains.......not a pedestrian bridge. Bridges are clearly marked with no trespassing signs. In the case you aren't quite smart enough to understand "no trespassing"......there is a picture of a person falling. Sometimes there has to be a line in the sand between stupid and curious but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at a RR bridge and realize that there isn't room to escape should a train suddenly pop up out of the middle of nowhere.........

  • george

    correction --they should sue Norfolk southern for not at least building escape ways on the sides of these things....what if this had been a know how curious they can be .I don't side with law enforcement on this one but the railroad police are always power hungry anyway......

    • Dumb Liberals

      If it were a kid, it would be a dead kid. Then you charge mommy and daddy for allowing them to be unsupervised!

  • Dumb Liberals

    The State should sue the estates of the dead dummies to recoup all expenses and the lone survivor should also be charged with "Stupid in Public", "Littering" (for throwing trash in the water) along with Trespassing.

  • Moco man

    Just not a very smart place to be. Not like the train can swerve to miss them..........charge him to protect NS against another ridiculous lawsuit because a greedy lawyer will be whispering in his ear about how much money he can screw the railroad out of........

  • Ryan

    Actually railroad tracks and right of ways of the railroad are federal land. They were trespassing the only place legal on the tracks to non railroad workers are the crossings for vehicles and everyone driving across one should always stop look and listen for a train

  • Jason412

    I wonder if McDowell County first responders took advantage of their armored personnel carrier or 84 pairs of night vision goggles to deal with this heinous crime.

    • Stephen

      NV goggles = no need for the spotlight during "hunting" season...

  • taxes

    save the tax payers money I think the survivor has been through enough. trespassing? really?!?

    • wvu999

      If you don't call it trespassing then get ready for a lawsuit

      • ViennaGuy

        Exactly. And railroad tracks are private property, unlike most roads.