LAYLAND, W.Va. — The wife of a Fayette County man charged with sex crimes against children is now in jail for allegedly trying to have him killed. 


Sarah Swaggerty is being held in the Southern Regional Jail on $100,000 bail.

State Troopers arrested Sarah Swaggerty of Layland and her friend Tammy Bair over the weekend after Swaggerty allegedly gave an undercover police officer $500 as a down payment to kill her husband, Gale Swaggerty. He was recently arrested on 21 separate criminal counts involving alleged sexual abuse and assault of children.

Sarah Swaggerty, 53, and Bair, 40, were booked Sunday in the Southern Regional Jail. They are being held on $100,000 bail each. They are charged with conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to commit murder.

State Trooper J.L. Milam told WVVA-TV Sarah Swaggerty called someone in Pocahontas County to do the job and that person called police.

“She pretty much said she wanted her husband dead and she wanted it to look like an accident,” Milam told WVVA. “She was going to pay at first $2,500. She was going to pay $500 up front.”


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  • WheezyC

    Everyone is either saying they should have turned a blind eye or saying God will deal with him. Well, my personal opinion seeing as how I've been raped. I think he does deserve to be tortured and then death. Seeing as how rape victims are tortured by memories the rest of their and then die. Why do they not deserve the same punishment??? This guy will get sent to a special prison or a special place in prison because he's a high risk for being killed because people in jail hate Touchers. So he will get special treatment, be out of general pop, and be taken care of better than 75% of society. How is that punishment?? So, I really don't blame his wife for wanting him dead. At all. And as for the people screaming Gods Judgement.. how do you know there actually will be judgement for them?? How do you know heaven and hell really exists??? Because I'm from a Christian home, went to church when I was growing up every Sunday and Wednesday.. and I still question it. Because all the other bibles in this world were written to give people something to believe in. What's to say the KJB wasn't written for the same purpose?? It was manufactured by Man. It was binded by man. So who's to say it was not altered to fit the governments wishes???? I wish she would be acquitted of her charges and left alone. I'd hate the SOB too!!!

  • Susan Layman

    I wouldn't want to be either one of them facing God's judgement. Just saying. Let the legal system handle it for now. Sure it's not perfect but no man is. There will be justice in the end. It is not for us to judge but our Heavenly Father.

  • barbour county resident

    I am right with you 2XLPatriot and WOW yeah let the justice system slap him on the wrist ... bad boy, you can not be that stupid!!!
    FRY his damn a** for all the children he has messed up including his wife.

  • Hillbilly

    Done deal , If I was married to her I would gladly take my own life .

  • Wow

    The husband obviously committed a horrible and disgusting crime. However, it does not warrant death. Let the justice system do it's job. Believe me, I would like to beat this guy up for what he did, but death? This does nothing but give him a way out of what he did. I can't believe so many of you think the authorities should have turned a blind eye. Shame on You. This man will get what he deserves, but it certainly is not death.

  • 2XLPatriot

    Anyone guilty of raping / molesting children deserves to die. This should be a capital crime and the punishment should fall in those boundries. This is not an illness, it is not an addiction, it is a plague on our society and the only way to stop a plague is to erradicate it! Personally, I am not against public hangings on the court house plaza. A few molesters swinging by their necks in the breeze just might deter these sick bastards who have urges to harm children!

  • hillbilly

    Check it out... her husband is 67, and in jail "charged with ten felony counts of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, custodian or person in a position of trust in relation to a minor child; ten felony counts of first degree sexual abuse and one felony count of first degree sexual assault."

  • Randy

    The law shouldn't turn a blind eye. But if he was guilty, I wish they hadn't been caught.

  • George

    Should have turned their heads and let her do her plan to the taxpayer dollars

  • Jonus Grumby

    Maybe her and her husband can have adjoining cells.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Boy, you just can't trust those folks from Pocahontas County to keep a secret, can ya?

    What is wrong with the hillbilly women folk? Looks like she has a friend in deed, with both in need - of bail money. I wonder what hubby is going to let slip to the authorities that has her so worried she wants him dead? I'd say the skeletons hanging in the closet need rattled a tad more.

    • Jason412

      Uh, maybe she wanted him dead for raping children? Just a guess. Is that one of the few crimes that doesn't warrant death in your book?

  • Ubob

    What's the old saying ..... If you want something done do it yourself.

  • tim

    looks like her 2500 would of saved a lot of money in court costs and besides the guy prob deserves it. 21 counts!

  • Diane

    She just wanted to save the tax payers some money, and mete out the punishment he probably deserves.