MOOREFIELD, W.Va. — A Hardy County cabinet-maker announced plans Monday to spend $30 million on an expansion project that will eventually result in 80 new jobs at the plant.

American Woodmark Corporation said it plans to expand its South Branch plant by 100,000 square feet.

Company president and COO Cary Dunston credits the project to Woodmark’s close working relationship with the state Development Office and the Hardy County Rural Development Office.

“Thanks to these strong, long-term partnerships we are able to boost our investment and bring new jobs to the region,” Dunston said in a news release. “The housing sector continues on its journey towards full recovery. Our decision to expand our capacity is a statement of optimism and confidence in the market, our people and the value proposition of our brands.”

Woodmark currently has approximately 575 workers at its Hardy County plant that makes kitchen cabinets and vanities.

“I want to thank American Woodmark for continuing to expand its footprint in West Virginia,” Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said in a news release.

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  • Angel

    My question is, why expand the existing plant when they have a perfectly good plant that they shut down and is sitting there to rot? Why not open it back up and give the people they laid off a chance at getting their jobs back? It's not fair to hire 80 new people when they have others who should be first in line to get their jobs back????? Just my opinion, and I'm sure some jackass is going to comment on how opinions are like assholes,, which is true, but this one is mine.

  • wv outdoorsman

    my son was a previous employee of awc, was laid off when the plant closed, never to be rehired, 14 years of service meant nothing to this employer, just maybe they could give him his job back if they are going to hire another 80 individuals, hope may be in the future

  • Bill Hill

    And now for the rest of the story -

    I ran across this in the Charleston Gazette this morning:

    "Commerce Secretary Keith Burdette says the company qualified for a $700,000 (FORGIVABLE) (Emphasis Added) loan for site assistance. Other tax incentives are possible."

    Someone please explain to me, why the taxpayers of West Virginia would be required to give $700,000 in a forgivable loan to a company that is profitable.

  • WVU fan in Boston

    Reading negative comment from Questions and DK you two should be happy they did not close down completely or move out of WV. The nature of business these days is very competitive, via expenses, price performance and hopefully a profit. I bet both of you shop around for the best deal you can get with buying a truck, a house, cloths and food. All businesses are the same regardless of product, I would say you don't invest $30M, and increase the workforce by 80 additional jobs is a negative but a investment. FWIW.

    • David Kennedy

      I was a building contractor for 18 years. Closed up with 2,500 other WV contractors when Obama came into office.
      I always used American Woodmark cabinets for our our kitchens because I had a summer home in Moorefield and felt like I belonged to that community.
      Things have changed...the country has slipped a great deal...we will never see a building boom of any significant kind in the future..
      American Woodmark is still here...I'm good with that.

  • Questions

    American Woodmark Co has closed two manufacturing plants in Hardy County since 2009. They are not expanding their footprint. They will never get back to their former glory. They have many more former employees than current employees.

    • David Kennedy

      Thank you...I was wondering.
      Somehow, in the New America the truth is always shaded...