Telisa Renee McCauley, 22, left, and Alisyn Lee Proctor, 19, were arrested in Panama City, Florida Tuesday night.

PANAMA CITY, FL. — The two Charleston women police have been looking in connection with the Aug.14 armed robbery and shooting at the Kanawha City Foodland were taken into custody Tuesday night in Florida.

Charleston police said Alisyn Proctor and Telisa McCauley were arrested by U.S. Marshals in Panama City. They are being held in the Bay County Jail.

Police believe they were in the getaway car that took John Proctor III and others from the Foodland after Proctor and a 17-year-old boy held up the store. Proctor is also charged with shooting a clerk. A criminal complaint said Alisyn Proctor, John Proctor’s sister, and McCauley were promised $3,000 for their part in the crime.

Investigators have also charged Ricky Patterson, 18, of Charleston, who allegedly cased the store before the robbery and another juvenile in connection with the robbery.

Charleston Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper is expected to release more information about Tuesday night’s arrests sometime Wednesday.

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  • Monty Burns

    Those smirks are going to wiped off their faces when they go to the Big House. They're both going to be someone's girlfriend.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Yea, ain't so funny and big now are you?

  • ffejbboc

    They probably think they're gonna end up starring in Orange is the New Black. They're in for a rude awakening. Hollywood glamorizes the criminal. I have seen kids on social media say "Jail looks cool!"

  • Roger Stamper

    good job both will have sorry ---

  • donutfiend77

    In the style of the Price is Right losing theme....(Wha Wha Wha whaaaaaaaaaaaa)! Good job U. S. Marshals.

  • The Answer

    I hope the court puts these two pieces of trash away for a long time.