MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia U.S. Senate candidate Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito and U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) met in Morgantown Wednesday to tour Mon General Hospital and discuss what they see as the need to fix what’s broken with the Affordable Care Act.

I’m an orthopedic surgeon as well as a senator from Wyoming and Wyoming and West Virginia have a lot in common in that we’re both coal states,” Barrasso said.

Capito agreed the two can learn from each other.

He’s from a coal mining state that has a lot of health care and we’re from a coal mining state that has a lot of health care, so we have similar issues,” she said. And, they agree on the Affordable Care Act. “It’s exceedingly unpopular. Premiums are going up, deductibles are going up, people are loosing physicians and we’re still just part of the way through.”

Barrasso said a lot of people in Wyoming have had their health insurance canceled and had to buy insurance under ACA that was more costly. He wanted to see if people in West Virginia were experiencing the same thing.

As a physician I wanted to hear from patients as well as physicians, their experience with the health care law and what I’ve been hearing is that it’s driven up the cost of care, taken time away, the doctor’s time away from the patients and the patients don’t like that and a lot has to do with the paperwork.”

Capito and Barrasso didn’t limit their discussions to health care issues. Both West Virginia and Wyoming are dependent on the coal industry and they found common ground there as well. Capito says both states are seeing a loss of jobs because of new clean air policies.

He’s seen that in Wyoming and we’re seeing that in West Virginia,” she said.



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  • WhereisOT

    "Capito says both states are seeing a loss of jobs because of new clean air policies"

    Nope still a bold faced lie...not 1 single job has been lost in the cowchip state because of "new clean air policies" Not 1...shes a pretty bad liar...must be connected to wallstreet..

    Many ran to N Dakota for big $.....but no, "new clean air policies" haven't caused a single job loss...that goes for coal, for oil for gas for...well thats bout all there is...
    And to tell the Truth, its pretty fu..fudging offensive...
    Truth is the Elderly are paying a heavy price as the toxic air settles in the Valleys during Winter Months....Truth is the very Young are paying a heavy price because of the toxic air....
    Not to mention small Communities with toxic Water...

    And yet these sadistic moneyed up profit driven bigoil/wall street republicans would rather you not have Healthcare coverage..Just shut up and die, you do not matter...

    Now whats up with all those imports of coal for crissakes...from Columbia? cocaine coffee and coal...But, other US states?
    (Friday, August 15, 2014)
    West Virginia Coal Association
    "For one, he said the state government could be more proactive about using West Virginia coal in West Virginia power plants, instead of importing coal for electric generation from other states"
    “I like Pennsylvania, but why should we be burning Pennsylvania coal, Ohio coal and Kentucky coal and laying off miners here?”

    Blame Obama...blame the EPA...then one said...“Just blaming the EPA, suing the EPA every day, I like it, but it’s not helping us”

    Then the icing on the argument breaks out about this.... "disagreed over which 2012 presidential candidate referred to a coal-fired power plant as something that “kills people.”

    “I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people, and that plant — that plant kills people,” Long ago in 2003
    the same guy who lost a big one in 2008, lost another in 2012 and will loose (for my Spanish Amigos) if the zillionaires pick him out of the pitiful lineup herd for 2016
    For those who understand, get, see, feel Peoples Connection to/with the Earth...well the Mountain top destruction is beyond disgraceful, beyond imagination how something so Precious could be destroyed without a second thought...
    Does it even matter it far too late to heal this warming Planet...fossil fuels death grip...fires, floods, Earth venting huge amounts a methane, limbaugh and trash hannity running their mouths...
    Is it time to take Bad Moon Rising literally...


    • The bookman

      Do you have something other than a really good band's song to make your point? Production is down, even in the "Basin," and the reason given is decreased demand due to emission standards. Post your proof please!

  • Rodney Hytonen

    ONLY business can "raise prices."
    And absolute =unlimited- GREED is its only criterion.
    Collusion has eliminated ALL "competition." Any semblance of it, is an expensive illusion.

    Prices are continually raised, BY BUSINESS, to continue that illusion, and to feed the greed for profit and unlimited "growth" demanded by investor/gamblers.
    That's called Capitalism.

    And when the government, that's supposed to defend the individual consumer from that greed, wealth and power, by regulating that collusion and greed;
    instead protects and enforces it -
    That's called Fascism.

    Whatever is wrong with the HC bill, is what's wrong with the system and the government -
    Unregulated Capitalism; and business being stronger (bigger, =RICHER) than government because it can be, and is,
    bought and owned by business-
    as are the courts (especially SCOTUS,)
    the Universities - Science itself!
    - and even environmental regulation.

    • Rodney Hytonen

      As for WV depending on coal, that has not been statistically true for decades. By hundreds of times, the biggest employer in WV is Wal-Mart.
      Ask yourself why this is supposedly the richest state in resources, yet is traditionally has among the worst individual poverty.
      Extractionists have robbed WV blind, with full support of the government, for centuries. Gas blls -in the midst of a devastating "boom," still rise by 12% and more each month because we will very soon be bidding against Japan's 4X prices, for our own gas..

      It does not take a Ph.D. to realize that permanently poisoning BILLIONS of gallons of water, then leaving 90% of that toxic soup under the ground riddled with thousands of miles of weakening tunnels under massive, unprecedented industrial surface abuse, to inevitably find its way to the aquifer (as do all underground liquids) and the surface EVENTUALLY;
      is NOT justifiable by ANY "benefit to society" - especially the export of our 'dwindling' energy resources to the highest internatinal bidder, raising OUR prices without limit..
      And meanwhile the other, concentrated 10% of those carcinogenic and mutagenic nerve toxins are purposely evaporated int the air we breathe in huge ponds left there or just covered over.

  • Gary

    They have no ideas on how to improve a HC system that was broken. Complaints and misinformation about the ACA only.

  • WhereisOT

    why don't you trash go back to cnn...good place for you...

  • WhereisOT

    the mining "gods" refused to hire forever "good ol boys club" what positions came open they were filled national the idiots realized that many were nearing retirement..then they began to hire...again off national board..then idiots realized they were screwing their own Youth outta jobs...comes nepotism full throttle..many handpicked cronies couldn't hack it so they quit (republican mormon way) and so those positions were filled...
    no reduction of force what so reduction of force...

    "Hungry U.S. Power Plant Turns to Russia for Coal Shipment"
    Jul 16, 2014
    "Utilities in the U.S. are scrambling for coal, on pace to increase imports 26 percent this year, as railroad bottlenecks slow deliveries and electricity demand climbs with an improving economy"

  • whereisotisagoof

    Uh you can continue to bury your head in the sand if you want but the reality is that deductibles and premiums have increased....that is without question. So what do people get? They get worse insurance with higher deductibles they can't afford and premiums that are too high. The insurance company wins. They get people that pay monthly premiums for insurance THEY CANT AFFORD TO USE! I see it every day at the office.

  • itslosing

    It's losing! Not loosing. Ugh I hate when people do that.

  • WV Man

    The unofficial colors of both states--hunter's orange. Capito and Barrasso are also A rated by the NRA.

  • WhereisOT

    Also, if I may...
    "a lot of people in Wyoming have had their health insurance canceled and had to buy insurance under ACA that was more costly"

    "a lot/canceled/more costly"? so john what do you propose? repeal and "replace"..
    Many a republican have signed up and are happy with the deal...

    what does koch puppet (barrasso) think about wyo Medicaid expansion...
    "The Wyoming Hospital Association has supported expanding Medicaid, saying hospitals in the state cover more than $200 million a year in uncompensated care for people who don't have health insurance"

    How about raising the Minimum Wage...No
    How about Fair Pay...No
    "family values" huh...
    You going to have a few "town halls" if you ever come back john....if you do bring along your pals the kochs...

  • WhereisOT

    "Capito says both states are seeing a loss of jobs because of new clean air policies"

    Uh that is a bold faced lie, no job loss at all in wyoming planet killing coal production..

    • The bookman

      Wyoming production has decreased over the last two years in Wyoming 9% in 2012 and 3.3% in 2013. Jobs were shed as well. Data can be accessed on the EIA, US Government website for verification of these numbers. So how is the statement false?