DEERFIELD, Va. — A U.S. Defense Department official said an F-15 fighter jet crashed in Augusta County, Virginia Wednesday morning. 

WHSV-TV/Krista Snyder Johnson

The smoke from the crash site could be seen Wednesday morning in western Virginia.

Witnesses told emergency dispatchers they heard a loud noise at about 9 a.m. A crash site on the side of a mountain was soon located.

Augusta County is close to Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

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  • Dumb Liberals

    Pilot was found dead. Confirmed this evening.

  • mike dineen

    Did the pilot get out

    • Jonus Grumby

      The latest info released was that the pilot did eject. However he has yet to be found.

  • WV Hillbilly

    Metro News Staff. If you are going to report on news of interest within WV then learn the map. Augusta County Virginia borders one WV county and it is Pendleton not Pocahontas. The northwest corner of Augusta joins the southeast corner of Pendleton not too far from this crash site.

    • Jonus Grumby

      They are not interested in knowing anything about that part of the state. If it doesn't involve Charleston, Huntington or Morgantown they are rarely interested.

  • Wv327

    The aircraft was level at 43k feet. Pilot declared an emergency with air traffic control and approximately one minute later crashed. No word on pilot yet.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Flaps up! Don't shoot!

    • Marion

      Harper your an idiot !

  • arp

    A loss to the taxpayers in the amount of $350 million. You could repair a lot of highways, re-build bridges, with that!

    • robert thomas

      more like 50million

    • Dumb Liberals

      Where did you come up with a $350mil dollar figure? An F-15, @ time of assembly(cir '79-'85), total cost was approx. $30mil.

  • John

    The fighter jets fly very low over several of the eastern West Virginia counties and western Virginia. They fly sometimes lower than the ridge tops, especially down the Greenbrier River valley. I suspect that they are flying low in practicing low altitude maneuvers to stay under radar. This crash comes as no real surprise to me as they have been flying over this area for many years, off and on. Most of the flights are out of Langley Field near Norfolk, Viginia...Hope this pilot ejected and was not injured. These dedicated pilots are training for only one thing and that is for the protection of all of us, whether it be here or abroad. Many thanks to these daring men and women....

    • Wv327

      Actually the aircraft was flying level at 43k feet. Declared an emergency with air traffic control and one minute later crashed. No word about the pilot yet.

  • Woodchuck

    They have flying over a Pocahontas County for the past two days. I love watching them. I hope the pilot survived.

  • Citizen

    They are always flying low around Hardy county..This doesn't surprise me a bit.

    • Jonus Grumby

      This particular aircraft was likely flying at high altitudes as it was en route from Massachusetts to Louisiana for an upgrade.

  • Fubar

    I saw an F-15 Tuesday about that time in Canaan Valley - heard several other fighter jets but could not make them out. Hope crew is safe.

  • AMRChiefEng

    The 12:55PM newscast reports Augusta County, Va is right across the boarder from Pocahontas County, WV. This is wrong! Highland County Va is between Pocahontas & August counties. Just thought you'd like to know.

  • Dumb Liberals

    In addition, there is a 2 seat model, the F-15E, that is an Electronic Warfare Fighter platform. It is used for high altitude Air - Air defense and Air - Ground targeting.

    • robert thomas

      the F-15E is called the strike eagle and is not solely an electronics platform.

  • Dumb Liberals

    The F-15C's are still in service with ANG and AFR units. This particular F-15C is inventoried to the ANG's 104th Fgt Wing in Westfield, MA. The fighter was enroute to New Orleans for training. It would have been at 30K ft or higher altitude.

    The C models have been relegated to the ANG & AFR once they figured out the O2 issues with the F-22 Raptor. The C models have been dealing with a metal fatigue issue in which the front of the aircraft literally separates just aft of the c o c k p i t of the aircraft. It fleet was grounded a few years ago and all the aircraft were thoroughly inspected for the defects.

    The pilot, if he ejected, should have GPS beacons in both the seat and his survival gear. They activate immediately upon punching out.

  • Joe

    I thought the F-15 went out of service. Can anyone in the know please clarify if so? Thanks, Joe

    • robert thomas

      i just retired from 20 years of federal service with the 3246th test wing at Eglin afb fl and I can tell you f-15's are still in service although they are phasing out the c models.

  • JTL

    Hope the pilot ejected safely.