CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A $1,000 reward helped Charleston police find two women they believe played a role in the Aug. 14 armed robbery and shooting at the Kanawha City Foodland.


Police say Telisha McCauley, left, and Alisyn Proctor had a large amount of cash on them when they were arrested Tuesday in Panama City, Florida.

Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper said Alisyn Proctor and Telisha McCauley were arrested by U.S. Marshals Tuesday in Panama City, Florida. Cooper said police received a tip from someone who heard about the reward being offered by ‘The Friends of Jeff Moore’ group.

“There was additional media coverage that took place as a result of the reward. The reward itself was a little bit of an incentive, I think, for someone to turn them in. So we’re thankful for those folks (Friends of Jeff Moore) for helping us,” Cooper said, adding social media also played a role.

Moore was 2010 robbery victim who was severely beaten in downtown Charleston. McCauley was convicted in connection with that crime and served a 2-10 year prison term.

Lt. Cooper said both McCauley and Proctor are being charged with first-degree robbery as part of the Foodland crime. An original criminal complaint said they were in the getaway car and were promised $3,000 each. Cooper said additional information about their involvement in the crime would come out during trial. He said some key evidence was found when they were arrested Tuesday.

“They were actually found with a large amount of cash and some other things that will be useful in our prosecution of the case,” he said.

Cooper said all six people believed to have committed the crime are now in custody including John Proctor, III, 19, of Charleston, who allegedly entered the store with a 17-year-old juvenile and demanded money. Proctor allegedly shot Foodland clerk Shawna Sampson in the chest. She continues her recovery.

Police have also arrested Ricky Patterson, 18, of Charleston, who allegedly cased the store before the robbery and another 17-year-old who was allegedly the lookout.

Lt. Cooper said it’s been scary few weeks for the Kanawha City community.

“They’ve gone through a lot following such a violent act. It’s just shocking to conscious what they did,” Cooper said.

Police believe Alisyn Proctor and McCauley left the area soon after the Charleston robbery and made several stops before ending up in Florida. They are now awaiting extradition.

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    I just can't believe these two could have been involved in such a terrible crime, I mean come on, they both have neck tatts, which are a sign of honesty, integrity, and just downright wholesomeness.

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    • Charleston Resident

      Yep. Brandon Woodfell was one juvenile the second was Levi Lanham. Had Charlestons finest actually took the time and made a report or even cared what was going on before the shooting perhaps it wouldn't have happened at all. I had an incident with these same people weeks prior to this for pulling a gun and stealing a bike and called the cops and they gave me their "well keep an eye out for them" speech. I don't believe Telisa served even the two years for her prior conviction.

      • Charleston Resident

        Back in 2010, Moore was brutally beaten and robbed by three people including McCauley. She was sentenced to 10 years but only served 31 months after being released on parole.

  • hillbilly

    McCauley was convicted and served a 2-10 year prison term already, and she is only 22???? Out finest citizens..

    • Pudge

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