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West Virginia’s Clint Trickett and Dustin Garrison (29) share a laugh at preseason practice.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Clint Trickett temporarily turned the talk from rollouts to romance on Tuesday night, recounting how Nick Saban’s daughter Kristen “was my first kiss, back in the day.”

Turns out it was way, way back in the day.

“For clarification, we were like 6 years old!” Trickett said. “Just so everyone knows that.”

For more background: Trickett’s father Rick served as Saban’s offensive line coach at LSU in 2000, around the time the now-infamous kiss occurred.

Barely a beat after mentioning the childhood peck, West Virginia’s quarterback was laughing along with reporters and rethinking the admission—”I don’t know if I should have said that.”—in light of having to face Saban’s defense during Saturday’s opener in Atlanta.

But Trickett diplomatically promoted his deep respect for Saban, who previously hired the quarterback’s older brother Travis as a graduate assistant at Alabama.

“Coach Nick is one of the greatest there is,” he said. “And we’ve known him for years, family friends and just one of the best coaches out there.”

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  • Greg

    Doesn't matter... WVU is going to roll the Tide by 30.

  • Greg

    Trickett would probably like to have that comment back as it has garnered a lot of attention.

  • richard

    i wish they would stop printing comments on these articles!!!!!!! can this be done allan?

    • Hop'sHip

      Well I do know you can stop reading them. I know I decided to stop reading yours.

      • richard

        you're an ass hop'hip. but you already know that since you wipe your mouth with TP every day

        • Hop'sHip

          I'm glad I didn't read that. You should try it.

  • TB

    TMZ. Not news

  • Miater Man

    Allan, I thought your original column was better. Clint saying he probably shouldn't have said it since she was engaged. I thought it did a nice job setting up Clint's punch line. But, I understand why you changed it.

    • Miater Man

      Or, did I read that somewhere else?

  • FNP

    I mean its better than stealing crab legs and getting away with it.

  • squad

    do you guys have to take issue with everything? its funny. so what?

  • Justin

    It's positive article, quit taking things so serious. Did anyone hold a gun to your head and say read it??? NO.

  • cutty77

    This Kid just comtinues to show how Stupid he is. I don't care if she was 2 years old. Trickett just can't stand the spotlight. Saban needs more reasons to beat WVU than whats on The Table. But Bambi Trickett continues to Load up Bama's Wagon. What a Idiot.

    • The flying dutchman

      Over react much? You need to worry more about personal anger issues and less about what two 6 year old act like you know how Saban is going to don't.... It's laughable to think , as you suggest, that Saban will use this to motivate his team.... Here's a thought.... Tricketts not the idiot... My friend

    • Miater Man

      Someone continues to show how stupid he is.

      • cutty77

        Not as Dumb as you and Clint Trickett,my friend.

        • the flying dutchman

          first, its obvious you have no friends because they would have prevented you from posting something so ridiculous. its laughable to believe that tricketts comments are bulletin board material for saban and alabama. what are we in grade school...which is when the kiss occured.

    • FNP

      Seriously? He's known Saban for years! It was a joke and the media twists it into something else.

  • any major dude


  • FNP

    Why is this even news? This is some crap you would see on TMZ. They were 6 years old and Clint has known Saban for years. Get over it and move on.

  • dallen5

    I believe CaptainQ that if you think that this innocent comment about Clint, and Coach Sabans daughter sharing a childhood kiss, and no doubt both parents were there; will do nothing but bring a small grin to Coach Sabans face; its far more insulting to Coach Saban to believe he would be that petty. I generally dont comment as the vast majority of the posters, not all; but most are completely over the top ridiculous. but it is an entertaining read. Nice work on the article Alan. You do a great job!


    Oh! no he didn't!!! How dumb is Clint Trickett?

    I pull back on all my predictions except one, Clint Trickett will not finish
    the game.....HAHAHAHAHAA!!!! "THIS IS OUR KISS OF DEATH"!!!!



    • WVU Fan

      Quit using my profile and talk some sense.

  • Vince Pilato

    Tooooo Much Information!!!!!!

  • CaptainQ

    WOW! Can't believe Clint openly admitted this in public.

    I am watching the Mike and Mike Show on EPSN2, and they are lampooning him over this! They say that this information will make Alabama Coach Nick Saban target Trickett even MORE! Their consensus opinion is, like any good father, Nick will want to 'hurt' any boy who ever kissed his daughter. The Crimson Tide has enough 'bulletin board' material already without adding THIS to it.

    Does this mean Saban will call more blitzes during Saturday's game? Who knows? Nick is just crazy enough to do this!

    • the flying dutchman

      yo captain flash, its not the end of the world. has everyone lost their sense of humor? who gives a flying fig what espn talking heads say? i mean other than you, no one gives the excitable boys much credence. comments like these are made in a self depreciating was a fun comment...they were six...the sun came up the next day...lighten up francis.

    • Hop'sHip

      Jeez Captin. I suspect even the driven Saban will only chuckle at this.