WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — There was very little political sparring at a forum on the U.S. Senate race Thursday at the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s business summit. Both Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito and Secretary of State Natalie Tennant mainly focused on their already stated campaign themes. 

Photo courtesy The Media Center

Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, left, and Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, right, took questions Thursday from Chamber moderator Scott Rotruck.

Both focused some comments on the federal EPA and the situation with West Virginia coal. Capito said the uncertainty in Washington is the problem.

“Businesses like yours need certainty in order to plan for the future. You need to know the rules of the road and have confidence that unelected bureaucrats in Washington won’t suddenly change things,” Capito said.

Tennant, in asking for the support of those in the large crowd, urged business leaders to review her job and energy plans. She said efforts need to concentrate on advancing clean coal technology. She said there’s $8 billion in a federal loan program for clean coal that’s just sitting there.

“Instead of letting this money go to waste we should be investing in it directly and it wouldn’t cost taxpayers an extra dime,” she said. “So make no mistake, we can afford to make advanced coal technology a reality, we can’t afford not to.”

Tennant said the upcoming election is not about the White House, President Obama or Sen. Harry Reid but it’s about West Virginia and that will be her top priority.

“It’s not enough for us to continue to say ‘no’ to the EPA and ‘no’ to the President and that’s why we take a look at my coal and energy jobs agenda—because we have to have solutions, we have to have answers,” Tennant said.

The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Congresswoman Capito during her seven congressional elections and she asked members for their support again.

“I can and will provide that certainty that’s missing,” Capito said. “You will not have to guess or hope where I will be on any issue.”

The business summit will shift its focus on the First and Second District congressional races Friday.

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  • College Ave

    Ms. Tennant says this election isn't about the president or Harry Reid. Well, sure it is. No ambitious young politician who wants to rise in the party ranks is going to part company with leadership.

  • Harper's Ferry

    Tomato, tomata. There's no difference between the two. They both, literally, look like rhinos and they both will end up screwing WV.

  • Stan the Man

    Capito has already proven herself to be good for WV. Tennant is just another democrat puppet.

  • Silas Lynch

    One striking difference between the two candidates, Shelly, the more advanced in age of the two, has a better set of gams and appears the fitter of the two....

  • Gary Keiffer


    • Rita Shifflett


    • Tim C


  • thornton

    The chairs appear large.

  • george

    EXCUSE ME; HOW CAN TENNANT SAY THAT THE ELECTION IS NOT ABOUT OBAMA OR HARRY REID? you had better consider Washington as this is the real problem not only with coal but we are getting ready for possible military strikes and our president is away on a democratic fund raiser. She supported him and still does.......

    • Dumb Liberals

      George, that lets you know Tennant resides in fairy tale land. Be careful or she will put her handler on you - the toilet bowl captain. He's a general turd.

  • Chef Camille

    Is that Capito lady an italian?

    • hailey

      An Indian Cheif

  • Ron - from Morgantown

    The latest internal polls are interesting , David M is up double digits. SMC is up 9 . And here is the surprise , Nick Rahall is UP 6 . That one surprised me . Also Casey is in a dead heat .

  • JimJim

    Capito is a puppet, she votes party line on everything. She voted to repeal ACA over 50 times. She doesn't want poor West Virginians to have health care. Why is that???

    • Silas Lynch

      Capito hardly votes "party line" on every occasion as you suggest. And she wants EVERYONE to have healthcare, she, however. wants you to pay for yours and me to pay for mine, what's wrong with that?

      • JimJim

        Name one time that she voted against "party lines", just one will do.

        • Jim

          No you do your homework. Shelly has not voted with the GOP several times. She is pro-choice don't you know. That is her only fault that I see.

      • J the C

        sometimes, "you" or "I" can't afford it.

        • Silas Lynch

          Again, your mouth is aparently disengaged from your brain and you know not what you blather about...

          In other words, speak for yourself...

        • wow

          J the C, I have been having trouble making my house and car payment, can you give me some money to help out? Wait I know the answer, True Liberals love spending other peoples money not their own.

          • Silas Lynch

            Yep, and I'm having a hard time paying for my 531 channel DirecTV package and also my Exbox live and Netflix accounts, will some one please pay those for me?--- Oh yeah, and I need help paying for my lottery tickets too... You know, the lottery is a State ran program, the government should just give us all tickets instead of making us pay for them...

    • Dumb Liberals

      Yep and the liberal democrat socialists that went to the Dysfunctional Capital voted a STRAIGHT party line and inflicted the largest ever disaster to the health care system (1/6th of the total US economy) is one fell swoop - A TOTAL DISASTER that still does not function. It's called m0r0n-care and carpetbagger and senile criple Jay, and Nick Rahall lined their pockets with it. Tennant sings the m0r0n's accolades. The demo's are the problem with this country - top to bottom! Don't forget to get you cup of blueBarry Kool-Aid on the way out.

    • robert thomas

      she must want poor west virginians to have a good paying job with benefits.

      oh what a concept.

      • JimJim

        And what has she done to produce those jobs. How many job has her programs produced... Think hard, think hard, ,,,, She votes the party line, she has done nothing to produce jobs. She just talks, she does nothing.

        • Jim

          She voted for the pipe line that would created lots of jobs. But the liberals in congress worry more about the enviornment than putting people to work. There was some jobs for you buddy. Who voted those down.

        • wow

          JimJim, the problem with you Dumacrats is you think government creates jobs. It is business that creates job, when not hampered buy high taxes and over done regulations. Why do you think companies in the US are buying companies from other countries? it is so they don't have to pay some of the highest corp. taxes in the world, by moving corp. offices out of the country.

          • JimJim

            You didn't name any programs that she has supported that created job. Come on, give me one.

          • wow

            J the C, being called a dope by a Dumacrat Libtard, I will wear that badge of honor. Thank you.

          • J the C

            Wow, what a dope.

  • C. F. T.

    Another in a long series of WV Metro News reports that shill for Tennant, in this one, one more pargraph and many more words for Tennant than Capito. Where is Metro News unbiased objectivity?
    Also Tennant states "insted of letting the money go to waste we should be investing in it directly and it wouldn't cost taxpayers an extra dime", spoken like a Liberal the money is taxpayer money to start with, so yes spending it does cost taxpayers.

    • The bookman

      Saw that too. What a concept. Billions of dollars plucked from the money trees that grow in the Rose Garden!

      • Jason412


        I believe the key word in that statement is "extra".

  • BH

    It is a certainty, indeed, that Congresswoman Capito will not support the middle class West Virginian. And how exactly does she plan to "end the war on coal'? Her comments have been vague to say the least.

  • Gary

    They should have asked them about letting all illegals sent home coming back and letting illegal women with no skills who have been abused by husband stay here . Send all illegals home immediately. Come here legally. Impeach Obama.

    • RogerD

      I agree with you that a question on immigration policy would have been nice, especially since the U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports amnesty for illegals. I don't know if the state organization would have a different position or not.

  • Mike

    Tennant is waiting for an answer from BHO.

    • jim hicks

      You really need to check out Capito record in DC. She has voted against the middle Class ands workers time. . She voted with the party on every vote.

      • Jim

        You are wrong you need to check her voting record and not just assume that is what she has done. You liberals crack me up.

  • Aaron

    I emailed SOS Tennant questions regarding her energy plan when she announced it and I've yet to receive a response.

    I ask her how she can advise industry to seek money from a coal fund that is to be used for the technology EPA claims is justification for their regulations on existing coal fired power plants right after she has lambasting the EPA for overstepping their bounds and fighting a war on coal.

    I do not expect a logical reply from her or any of her supporters.

    • Dumb Liberals

      Tennant's puppet master, the toilet bowl captain, will get back to you on November 5th, after her concession cry and she is free to realign with the m0r0n.

    • Ron - from Morgantown

      If you e mail SMC she won't respond either . No disrespect here - it's just that politicians don't care about people like me and you . I wouldn't get a response either . So it goes , unless you have a significant donation for either candidate , don't hold your breath about any reciprocal communication .

      • Aaron

        The link said to send questions and they would be answered. I knew I would not get a response.

        I know what Capito brings to the table, which is a better chance of a Senate NOT led by Harry Reid.

        I'm good with that.

      • Dumb Liberals

        Interesting Ron, she's always responded to my emails and calls. I even have a direct email address to her staff. Could the reason be you are an a**hole liberal?

      • jim

        If you want to make a point-to anyone!-send a letter. E-mails can be ignored, letters cannot. This is common business sense.