CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Members of the Communication Workers of America ratified a new contract with Frontier Communications the union announced Thursday. The four-year deal is retroactive to last August.

“While it (negotiating time) was lengthy, at the end of the day we were able to get a contract that the rank and file did ratify and now we just get on with the business of taking care of our customers,” CWA Representative Elaine Harris said.

The approximately 1,500 workers in West Virginia worked under the terms of the old contract through extensions during the past year. The union has decided not to release many specifics about the new deal which stretches until Aug. 5, 2017. Harris said there was some give and take.

“That’s why they call it negotiations because it is the parties sitting down, the union coming to the table and the company,” Harris said.

It’s believed the main sticking point during the year-plus contract talks was health care and how much union members were going to have to pay.

Harris said most importantly because of determination Frontier jobs are staying in West Virginia.

“We want West Virginia workers to serve our West Virginia customers,” she said. “Through this agreement we will be able to do that and expand on that.”

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  • Dumb liberal is idiot

    Dumb Liberal,

    It shows how big of an idiot you are by wanting people to get fired, at least they work for what they got.. You are why West Virginia has a bad rap, wanting everything for free or a hand out from somebody... Get a life!!!

    • Dumb Liberals

      I believe the liberals of this state are why WV has a bad rap. I've just learned how to whittle their numbers down for their own stupidity. You know what, I not one issue with making money off their lazy rears. I have zero regard to kicking them when they are down. After all, they brought their demise upon themselves.

  • Dave

    Frontier inherited a ton of problems from Verizon/C&P including the one just solved. Verizon dumped a good portion of their local territory in order to concentrate on the money making cell service. Obviously they didn't get rid of winners.

    • Amy

      Trust me, Frontier knew exactly what they were getting when they agreed to the purchase of West Virginia. They didn't 'inherit' ANYTHING that they weren't fully aware of. ..

  • CaptainQ

    Smart move, union workers.

    This was going to be the best deal you could get under these circumstances.

  • Dumb Liberals

    Unfortunately, this means we get to continue suffering with the worst CWA union customer service and technicians ever "employed". Also, don't be afraid to file complaints on the employees. I love to see union employees FIRED, just make sure to dot the i's and cross the t's.

    I have learned that with every issue I have with Frontier's antiquated systems, you file an FCC complaint with it. Not only to they make the repairs faster, you also get your credits faster. Been 5 months since I have paid a bill with them due to their screw-ups and the imposed fines/credits.

  • Herb

    Yay, I get to keep my .73mpbs download speed! Go Frontier!

  • Joe

    “We want West Virginia workers to serve our West Virginia customers,” she said. “Through this agreement we will be able to do that and expand on that.”

    They do not do that now. Pathetic service and worker attitudes.