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Nick Saban expects to visit with numerous friends from West Virginia this weekend, including U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Those unsubstantiated reports from 2007, the ones alleging Nick Saban’s agent contacted West Virginia about the vacancy Rich Rodriguez left behind, they didn’t seem farfetched to Joe Manchin.

“It might have been me at the time trying to lure him back,” the U.S. Senator joked Wednesday.

Manchin, a friend of the Saban family since childhood, was serving as governor back then. And despite a desire to see his pal coaching the Mountaineers, Manchin thought the real obstacle dated back to 1968 and the program’s reluctance to recruit the all-state Saban out of Monogah High School.

“I think one of the bigger mistakes WVU made was not giving Nick a scholarship,” said Manchin, who was recruited by WVU four years earlier. “Nick Saban was one of the most exceptional young athletes and young scholars to come out of North Central West Virginia. I’ve always thought if he was a WVU alum …”

After winning one national championship at LSU and three more at Alabama, Saban has become arguably the most powerful figure in college football. His Crimson Tide will open the 2014 season against West Virginia on Saturday in Atlanta, and Manchin plans to visit his friend before the game.

“He’s part of my family,” Manchin said. “I always root for him, except Saturday, when I hope WVU pulls the upset.”

Saban turned nostalgic this week, describing his childhood trips to Mountaineer Field as “the highlight of my year.” More than four decades later, Saban lobbied the SEC to invite West Virginia, but the conference took Missouri and Texas A&M instead.

“Because he loves his home state, he tried to do something to help WVU,” said Manchin.

After Texas regents reportedly made a run at Saban in the wake of Mack Brown’s resignation last December, Alabama made him the nation’s highest-paid coach at a public university with a contact worth nearly $7 million annually over the next eight years. Manchin thinks the 62-year-old Saban will ride out his coaching days in Tuscaloosa.

“I’d love to have him back here, but I think he’ll spend the rest of his career at Alabama,” Manchin said. “He has been treated better there than he’s been treated anywhere else, and he’d tell you that.”

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  • Shawn H

    We all know he is secretly telling Saban that he wants Alabama to win, much like he rubber stamps O's policies while saying he supports coal.

    • Holgie

      Shawn H. You are spot on!

      • Andy

        You are both ignorant tool bags.

        • Shawn H

          I see your are a liberal. When you have no facts to stand on, you call people names. Typical of a democrat.

          • GoEers

            And what facts do you have?

  • mikeyd

    i wonder if he got nicks daughter a free master degree

  • justin

    i wonder how good saban would be and how many championships he would win coaching @ wvu... what do you think?

    • Rob


  • Big Larry

    Just wanted everyone to know I am gearing up for the big game Saturday...and yes I am pulling for the Mountaineers to win!

    I have my 32 inch Big Screen set up in the Basement and I plan to go to Krogers today and buy a generous supply of Coke Zero and Cheetos.

    Mom doesn't have cable so I have to stream the game on Firstrow Sports. Hopefully I wont get any viruses...Mom hates it when that happens.

    My prediction: Alabama 31 WVU 14

  • Independent View

    Manchin REALLY BELIEVES that somebody gives two-hoots about his opinion on sports??? I do not give two-hoots about his opinions on any given subject, let alone sports!
    Is there ANY subject Joe that you do not hold yourself forth as an expert on and now it's sports!
    FYI Joe, the majority of the huddled masses in WV do not wait with baited breath of your every insignificant and self-serving utterance!

    • Allan Taylor

      In fairness to the senator, I reached out to him for this interview, considering his longstanding connection to Saban. He wasn't seeking a media opp to talk football.

      • MountainBuckeye

        But you gave him the media opportunity and he clearly took advantage of this.

        • GoEers

          Joe Manchin played for WVU. What have u done fur this state buckeye fan?

      • notorious

        Washington politicians are all corrupt, lying, immoral scumbags.

        Please keep them out of sports articles. This is where we come to forget about the train wreck our country has become under the "leadership" of these " civil servants. "

      • PMQ

        Allen, I would reach elsewhere.....

  • DWM

    I really like Saban, great coach and a terrific representative of the State of WV.

    Joe, not so much. I'd like to see the voters in WV bring an end to Joe's illustrious political career here soon.

    • Andy

      I can't wait until he's Governor again.

      • susanf1218

        Why?? Did he promise you a position in his administration??

      • susanf1218

        Then you, sir, are an idiot! Unless, of course, you are being sarcastic - in which case, I applaud your biting wit!

  • John

    And que the cheap political comments, most of you would never survive in politics because you only know how to call people names like you were still in elementary school.

    • PMQ

      I disagree John. The bar has been set very low.

  • Protechcpa

    This is much less a story than Clint Trickett's first kiss. The very thought of what the anti gun, rubber stamp of the Democrat party Joe Manchin has to say about anything makes me sick. He is a disgrace to WV and is completely irrelevant to WVU sports. I hope he sits in the Bama section at the game. WV cannot survive much more of his "support" in any form.


    I have heard all I need to hear about our native West Virginian Nick Saban to make an opinion about him, He is a good West Virginian no doubt
    " Saban lobbied the SEC to invite West Virginia"
    when we needed help, he tried.... that is all I need to know, I like him...Not much he can do to change that.

    That is all we could ask of a fellow Mountaineer . We didn't even offer the man a schollie back in his day as a athlete in West Virginia.


  • MountainBuckeye

    I would rather see Rich Rod back at WVU than to see Joe get re-elected to any public office!!!!!

    • grumpy 'ole man

      I have to disagree--Joe Manchin would make a fine dog catcher

  • PMQ

    PLEASE this from BloJoe, sickening.

  • PaPa1942

    Oh God, not the politicians! Let us enjoy the pre-game hype and be thrilled with the expectation of victory without throwing one of THEM in the mix. I just threw up my breakfast!

  • Coal

    Exactly we're is William in his momma's basement with Marshall gear on. Lol uptempo spread Saban hates it.

  • Ron from Morgantown

    At 7:30pm on Sat. Mecca 911 reports 45 fires , 2 cars overturned , and a bonfire blocking the road at the intersection of Stewart street and University avenue . Most of the fires are in Sunnyside and on Locust ,Fife,Forrest,Belmar , Price , Allen , Snyder , Spruce , and Cornell streets . The Dominion Post reports the crowds gathering downtown are estimated at 5000. Social media shows hundreds of pictures and videos of fans celebrating with some singing County Roads with fellow fans and others running and screaming "Lets Go Mountaineers " . Fireworks can be heard in the background . Fans seem to be having their way as police were caught off guard assuming WVU would lose . WVU President Gee sent out a school wide text and email asking WVU students and fans to respect the town and to party responsibly . A WVU ticket office official reports the site that sells future game day tickets has crashed do to overwhelming demand . Espn analysts are saying that if WVU keeps winning the game in a few weeks against Oklahoma will be for one of the 4 playoff spots . Saban said since Alabama lost so early they can still run the table and get in the playoffs . Some Alabama players in the locker room are overheard saying they would love to get another shot at WVU .

    • Charleston


    • Mark

      Love it! Shock the football world!!!
      Let's go, Mountaineers!

    • JWP

      Back on your meds Ron, your becoming delusional...

  • Coal

    who cares about joe manchin he is joke and a waste of the wonderful peoples time in this state. like he cares about us anyway.

    • Mark

      Living out of state for a few years now...but, how does he keep getting elected if these are the true issues?

      Also, I didn't see this as a political story...more one of old friends (albeit they are powerful in their own rights) and what should have, could have, and would have if things had been different.

      Let's go, Mountaineers!

    • C. F. T.

      No-Joe suffers from the illness of "press over exposure", hopefully next election he will be defeated.

    • richard

      Coal, where did you learn to write and spell?

      Manchin is one of the very few in Washington DC who actually has common sense and wants to get things done for the people of WV and the US.

      • PMQ

        You are SO wrong! BloJoe is out for BloJoe and family, period. He has been, and is, a total joke.

        • Elias


    • WV Man

      Wrong, period.