CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Discussion about a first-of-its-kind in West Virginia drug-alcohol stand alone treatment center was taken off the Kanawha County Commission meeting agenda Thursday night after the group said it now plans to have community meetings.

Those with the T-Center were set to appear before the commission and talk about possibly obtaining a $200,000 allocation as seed money but that’s now on hold.

The T-Center idea now finds itself in a controversy after the Kanawha County Board of Education donated property for the center near Capital High School. The school community is concerned about the impact.

County commissioner Dave Hardy said the situation needs addressed.

“You never want to have a project of this magnitude tainted at the beginning by controversy,” Hardy said. “This community needs to understand the project, needs to support it. It’s something that needs to be embraced by everyone.”

Hardy said he’s afraid some residents are reacting negatively to the T-Center without full information. The T-Center announced it would be scheduling some public meetings.

“If the project becomes tainted it won’t have the support it needs,” Hardy said.

The county school board may take up the issue again. Hardy said the county commission doesn’t need to get involved right now.

“The commission certainly doesn’t want to get in the middle of a controversy between the school board and Capital High,” he said.

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  • Tomgone12

    Jeff- Drug and Alocohol Addiction is THE social cancer. There can be no greater need in our community and in southern WV at this time as we lack such a facility in the region and addiction becomes ever more wide spread as it reeks havoc on the young and old. West Virginia is truly facing a growing crisis of emmense proportion and its impact severly threatens our entire quality of life. One needs look only to open their eyes, talk to law enforcement, read your or any other newspaper, review the population statistics of the state correctional centers or talk to any given county commissioner about the MILLIONS we taxpayers foot for housing inmates in the 10 regional jails. We must do all we can as a community to help heal this disease. Let us all hope we find understanding and support.

    • Wirerowe

      Agree with everything that you say. However there are many legitimate questions for this facility that does not seem to have all the parts in place before it is announced. Is this the best location next to a high school? I know property is in short supply in the Charleston area. Still? Is this the best organization to run it. Do they have all their capital financing and working capital lined up? Why do they need And deserve donated property and why is the board donating this to them and selling it to anyone else?

      • Tomgone12

        Wireroe- Certainly they have yet to complete financing and other operational plans but i understand that the process is well underway to include the mental health professionals to operate it.
        With respect to the land transaction your point is well made, yet the notion that such a facility in proximty to schools is poor judgement is subject to debate. We must recognize the significant physical prevelance of drugs in our all of our neighborhoods, both rich and poor. There is no evidence to support the notion that the presence of a treatment center in one's neighborhood results in a higher rate of drug addiction in the immediate vacinity. If the argument is that such a treatment would result in an increase in drug use in the school i believe there is very little chance that the potential Tcenter failures would somehow sieze upon and infiltrate or contaminate the school with heroin. I ould hasten to say they already exist on school grounds. Te proximity of a facilty of HOPE, and that is what it truly represents, can be viewed by the community as a very positive place. In our world let us not only face the ugly truth about the significant existence of addiction in WV, but let us also recognize the resouces for a way out. I believe thee is no better or higher use of this piece of pubkic property.