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No. 3 South Charleston (1-0) defeated No. 10 George Washington (0-1) on Thursday night 56-14 to open up the high school football season.

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Class AAA No. 3 South Charleston entered Thursday’s season opening matchup against No. 10 George Washington without a win over the Patriots since 2009.

Among those losses was a 61-0 setback in 2011. On Thursday, however, it was South Charleston that played that aggressor role as the more experienced Black Eagles torched their rivals 56-14.

“We got the monkey off of our back, it’s been a while,” South Charleston coach Donnie Mays said. “It had been four long years and I even brought some guys in from the 2008 and 2009 state championship teams to talk to them about what it means to beat (George Washington). It means the world to beat them, but we can’t let one game be our whole season. We have a lot more football to go.”

South Charleston junior quarterback Kentre Grier and senior running back A.D. Cunningham combined for seven touchdowns in the win. Grier rushed for over 220 yards and threw for another 180, scoring three times on the ground and two more times through the air (both to receiver B.J. Moore). Cunningham finished with two scores and over 170 yards on the ground on 17 carries.

“Kentre broke off some long runs and had some nice passes,” Mays said. “He’s holding onto the football a little bit too long in our progression reads, but that will get worked out. He’s a good football player.”

South Charleston totaled over 630 yards of offense — a number that allowed the Black Eagles to overcome 21 penalties for 179 yards.

“We have a lot of improvement to do,” Mays said. “We had a lot of penalties and we’ll have the consequences for that on Monday – we’re going to get after it.”

George Washington, meanwhile, entered the game with a lot of new faces after losing most skill position players from last year’s quarterfinal playoff team.

“We made a lot of mistakes and good teams will force you to make mistakes like that,” said George Washington coach Steve Edwards, Jr. “I don’t think we’re a terrible team, but we didn’t play very good tonight – they had a lot to do with that. They got after us, they were hungry and they have some good athletes.

“Kentre killed us,” Edwards, Jr. continued. “He had a great night, he’s very athletic and he’ll do that to a lot of people. He was the difference maker this evening, we had no answer for him.”

Highlights from the game are posted above. A complete photo gallery from the game is posted here from Michael Switzer and Joshua Walker of Michael Switzer Design Works.

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  • Bulldogs 101

    hope everyone in WV is gearing up for Marinsburg this year because this year is going to be even harder to beat them and expecially for a WV team. Capital was good least year but Martinsburg beat them and shoudnt be any difference this year.


    Any given Friday or Saturday, any team can WIN and any team can LOSE!!!! One game at a time. GW fans went home with the gas face last night. Not a good recruiting year!!! lol

  • CharlestonDubV

    Give me a break, we have played a total of 1 (one) (uno) AAA football game and people are talking about playoffs, its an 11 week season and anything can happen, so maybe week 1 game 1 isn't the right time to start talking playoffs. We saw an above avg. SC team beat on a sub par GW team with no playoff implications what so ever. Have a great season everyone.

  • Martinsburg Area Resident

    Martinsburg should be loaded every year! For Christ's sake, they recruit from DC, PA, WV, & Virginia. I've talked to some
    Kids at that school, and see it every year. Just happy kids from any state and area can come together and compete on a playoff level. I'd be willing to bet well over 50% of Martinsburg athletes come from out of the WV State area. Fascinates me how people dwell on previous seasons. As to how they have anything to do with this year, I have no idea, but I'd be looking for SC in the late rounds of the playoff picture. The playoff picture doesn't change too much year to year, but I doubt anyone sees GW this year based on this performance.

    • jaybo83

      Name us some of the recruited kids, Martinsburg Resident. Inquiring minds want to know. Trey Boyd played here 2 years ago, recently moved back to the area. Jaylen Carson moved here a few years ago. The rest of the kids cut their teeth in the EPYFL. The Dogs success is in the coaching staff and the hard work of a lot of young men. Give them their due. As I said, names some names, give what proof you have. Otherwise, crawl back under your rock and troll about something else.
      Patiently waiting your response....

    • Mburg

      Martinsburg area resident - you sir are a liar and the truth is not in you. Based on the lies told in your piece I doubt you are even from the Martinsburg Area? Unlike you, I am familiar with the team and most of the kids participated in the Eastern Panhandle Youth Football League (EPYFL - look it up) and attended either North or South Middle school in Martinsburg. If you attend the game purchase one of the books for $5.00 and often they will feature some of the players who played on the different youth league teams. There are tow transfers on the team Trey Boyd who is from the area and moved back and Jalen Carsen who came from Skyline in Virginia. There are probably one two more but they are not great contributors. That said, I am sure that if one look at any high school roster throughout the state or country one will find a few transfer annually since we are a transient society. Martinsburg has a program that works and when things work others are attracted to it. I am sure that eventually others will come up with programs to challenge and eventually knock them off. But for now, if you are really from the Martinsburg area, please help us celebrate their success and stop spreading lies. Upwards and onwards Martinsburg I wish great success for this season and beyond.

      • sugarbear12

        Well said Mburg. Martinsburg Area Resident is full of it.

  • 4 student athletes


    Did your fingers get tired typing the words "last year" over and over?

  • Hilarious

    I love it!!!!!!!

    Looks like Edwards has some serious recruiting to do. Lmao!!

  • James

    Calm down South Charleston fans you just beat up on a team that might win 2 games this year, and you might want to watch calling out the Bulldogs, seen their scrimmage against Patrick Henry, who would beat most teams in the State, and they complety dominated them, the defense is the fastest and the best in the state, offense will have 2 D1 running backs, all their receivers run 4.6 40, and they play the toughest schedule in the State, last but not least they haven't lost to a team in the State for 5 years now, if they have home field advantage again this year, well enjoy the trip to the Panhandle, because its going to be a long ride back to Charleston

  • HS Football Realist

    I wouldn't get too excited about beating up on a down, slow and un athletic GW team. SC is better than they have been in recent years but, I'd wait for more quality wins before calling out a big dog like Martinsburg....the "highlights" didn't look all that impressive!

  • ODA914

    By looking at the video above I didn't see anything that looked overtly explosive in regards to SC offense, however it does show a slow, soft and poor tackling defense from GW...IMO


    That's right (martinsurge ) lol BLACK EAGLES ARE COMMING FOR THAT TITLE!!!

    • park101

      Hey Black eagle do not know who martinsburg plays that no one in the state of WV would ever play the 4 out of state teams that Martinsburg plays.
      1. State college PA has 100 kids on their team and is 14th in the state of PA and also plays those Pittsburg teams that are allways in the Playoffs.
      Martinsburg won 35-28 last year

      2. Sherando VA won state championchip and Martinsburg won last year 27-13

      3. Tuscoroa Va has over 110 football players. national ranking is 247. state rank is 5th in VA. They are a 5A level school in VA which is the Highest level in VA and Martinsburg last year lost by one point. 35-34.

      4.. HD Woodson: last year went all the way to the DC finals and came up short.

      Is Martinsburg the only team that has the guts to play ny of these teams in the State of WV . i bet if those 4 tough teams where in the state of WV right now it would be Martinsburg and one of those 4 teams in the championchup. Martinsburg plays the same teams this year. if martinsburg wins all 4 games look out WV because Martinsburg will be rocking the state of WV again like they always do. o ya by the way Martinsburg wants SC to be in the Championchip game because with them because so martinsburg can show SC and Capital how good they really are

      • Dave in VA

        A couple of minor corrections -- Sherando didn't win the state championship. They lost to Dinwiddie 56-14 in the 4A final, but still a great team. Also, the largest classification in VA is 6A. By the way, Woodson is the pre-season #20 team in the Washington Post.

        • park101

          hey Dave I think its funny that no WV teams wont play those VA teams Except for Martinsburg.

          • to cover up all the recruiting yall do

            You all best mix it up like that because with all the players you all get from out of state it would look to obvious beating up on little bitty old wv so you all just put a good picture on something everybody now is happening in Martinsburg just keep on dominating and the truth will come out soon.

        • park101

          you are right I was looking at the wrong article. my mistake

  • park101

    i will say this good job South Charlestion on the win but if any teams wants to beat Martinsburg this Year you cannot i repeat cannot make mistakes this year. heard that Martinsburg defense is going to be the fastest in the state and the offense will be explosive. teams cannot make mistakes while playing them this year. good job GW you guys will get better.

    • XXX

      Martinsburg will be a powerhouse again this year for sure but they better bring their A game in the playoffs. SC is very good but capitol is on another level this season.

      • park101

        Martinsburg usually does bring their A game in the Playoffs by runnning up the score on good teams. Martinsburgs defense was ok last year but i heard this year will be a very strong and very fast defense. the defense is very atheletic this year. Capital and SC will have their hands full.

      • sugarbear12

        Martinsburg will be good from what I saw in a scrimmage. A team like SC or Capital that also have speed and athletes will give them a great game. Early it looks like a 3 team race for the crown.

        • mg

          martinsburg va lol send the kids back to va pa dc