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BELLE, W.Va. — A material release at the DuPont Plant in Belle is being contained this morning. The release was reported to Kanawha County 911 as a vapor investigation in the Amiens unit at 3:55 a.m. Saturday.

Emergency crews within the plant discovered the leak of diluted Amiens and started containment procedures. The material is being collected on site and treated.

Kanawha County authorities are on site, but did NOT issue a shelter in place notice. They say there is no impact to residents outside the plant. They have been investigation for vapor detection outside the plant and there was none.

Officials say the material leaked was already diluted and if there was a release it would be minimal, but none had occurred off the plant site.

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  • Jason412

    Dupont being the same company that just 4 days ago had to pay a $1.25 million dollar fine and agree to spend $2.2 million on upgrades due to eight releases of harmful materials that posed a "significant risk" to Kanawha county residents. They also had an employee die from phosgene gas, that was used as a chemical weapon, a few years ago.

    Obviously, no one should be concerned.

  • Raging Moderate

    On don't worry, Andy, it's well known that the commenter named Dumb Liberals drinks something a heckuva lot stronger than blueberry Kool-Aid, which is why he says really dumb s--t.

  • Andy

    And the irony here is that your silly conservative friends are the ones who want to deregulate big business which allows them to do whatever they want in search of the almighty dollar. You sir should go have a drink.

    • ViennaGuy


      Show us one conservative - just one - who said that they want to deregulate big business and allow them to do whatever they want in search of the almighty dollar.

      Just one.

      Can you do it - and link to a quote where they said that?

  • Dumb Liberals

    Flowin', flowin', flowin' toward da river .........

    All you liberals run on down and dip a cup. Swallow away. Next best thing to the blueberry Kool-Aid you love so well. Good to the last drop!

  • hillbilly

    Whatever it is, I just want everyone to be safe.

  • Rick55

    I wonder if it was a problem that State Inspections would prevent.

    • dolphin3111

      Rick, I guarantee you it could be prevented by routine inspections by Dupont. The technology exists, but it costs $$.

  • Roger Stamper

    be careful next time

  • jeff wisdom

    Amines are organic compounds and functional groups that contain a basic nitrogen atom with a lone pair. Amines are derivatives of ammonia, wherein one or more hydrogen atoms have been replaced by a substituent such as an alkyl or aryl group.[1] Important amines include amino acids, biogenic amines, trimethylamine, and aniline; see Category:Amines for a list of amines. Inorganic derivatives of ammonia are also called amines, such as chloramine (NClH2); see Category:Inorganic amines.

  • The bookman

    I can find no such chemical named Amiens. DuPont's site lists one reference to Amiens, and that is to the town of Amiens in northern France. Can we get an update Chris? I know you have your show to do, as I'm listening.

    • Big Al

      Chris spelled Amines wrong.

      • The bookman

        DuPont should be a bit more forthcoming with the compound. Amine is a type of compound, not a specific one. The only other story from wowk has it wrong as well. I would think people deserve a little better than "it is contained and the public is not at risk." IMHO