ATLANTA — Sounds, shots and scenes from West Virginia’s season opener against No. 2 Alabama at the Georgia Dome.

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  • J the C

    One thing that I haven't seen mentioned is the fact that although they were exhausted, the D didn't quit in the 4th Q.

  • TruthTeller

    Unlike the haters I am very proud of this team. They should of won the game. The opportunities were there but they dropped way too many passes and should of turn those field goals into touchdowns. Change those field goals into touchdowns and WVU would of won for sure. WVU could of overcome the bias refs as well. Has anyone ever seen a personal foul on a player just standing on the sidelines and he gets hit by a jumping QB out of control??? The SEC does have the refs in their pocket for sure.

    • Mister Man

      Would've, could've, should've. Unfortunately we lost. I'm disappointed. But, I'm happy with the teams effort.

    • Just sayin

      They were ACC refs. They're just dumb.

      • Mountain Navy

        Should have been Big 10 refs. ACC has always hated WVU.

        • Mister Man

          Yeh buddy!!

  • MountainMover

    Um, I have a question ... Could've sworn in that interview montage that Trickett said their passing game plan was based on Alabama playing man to man, but they played zone. I know it was the first game, but how did someone guess so wrong?

    • Mister Man

      They might have guessed wrong. It that's the case, they did a heck of a job adapting.

    • GoEers

      Clint Trickett threw for 365 yards on the #2 ranked team in the country and should have had over 400 if it weren't for the drops. What are you talking about?

      MountainMover you are classic example of WVU hater/jealous Marshall fan that can't stand the fact that WVU had a chance to upset the #2 ranked team in the country. Kinda makes you mad doesn't it?

    • J the C

      You dope, that passing performance was the 3rd worst licking that bama has suffered during the Saban era! Great performance! we darn near beat the #2 team in the country in their own back yard. Congrats Mounties!

      • Mountain Navy

        Bama will not be the number 2 team at the end of the season.

        • Mister Man

          They could be number one.

  • Tazbo

    Has anyone seen the post by Pat White. He just stated on twitter that Bama had offered him a Corvette to play for them. So glad he is a man of integrity Unlike D. Henry who just posted his brand new sports car. Makes U wonder Proud to be a Mountaineer.

    • Mister Man

      No he didn't.

    • Mister Man

      Apparently, you didn't do any research concerning the car, did you? Proud you're not a Mountaineer.

    • HOLGIE

      The car has been in his family for a while.
      He's using it at school. I saw him play in High school.Same ride.

  • DP

    william-I just posed this same question to you on Allan Taylor's column of yesterday. Since you are such a DEVIANT SICKO, I (and probably many others on this site) am curious as to your answer. Your comment "I'M LOVIN' IT": I'm wondering if this applies as much as when you and your BOYFRIEND(s) have whatever type of kinky sex a creep like you is into?

    Great effort yesterday Mounties!!! A few (quite a few) less dropped passes, better tackling and much less ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING one sided officiating and we would have knocked off the Tide!!! Keep your chins up and play like you're capable of WV and the season will be a very rewarding one!!!!!

  • Kiahsville bill

    One more thing. We should have blitzed more since our pass rush was pretty much none existent. Need to work on open field tackling as we'll.

    • J the C

      We weren't playing Pitt or UConn. Quality players make you miss.

  • Kiahsville bill

    Expected to lose by 26 points and looked as though we could have won the game. Very proud of this football team. Always have been

  • Jdawg

    MU had to hold off Miami of ohio!!!

  • william

    Doesn't Dana "The Man in Black" Holgerson look great wearing that nice BLACK shirt?
    And yes,

    • tsquare

      It was actually dark blue

  • joe

    William get a life .Are you still living at home ?

    • Tom

      Apparently, he lives at home AND works at McDonald's. He's lovin' it!

  • william

    WVU losses, and fans say it was a Great game.
    Wow, WVU fans now think losing is OK.
    How sad is that?
    WVU fans are very weak!
    and yes,

    • Diaspora

      Sorta reminds me of the Marshall fans after the 1997 game and the 2010 game. I actually had MU fans say to me directly in 1997 the "we won that game" it doesn't get much more dilusional than that.

    • An actual athlete

      Nobody says it is OK with loose, however there was marked improvement over last year which is what most of us actual fans are after. Playing the #2team in the country in what is basically a road game and having a chance at winning is pretty good, especially compared to the last couple of seasons. What do you suggest we do to get better William?

    • Kiahsville bill

      Don't hate the university hate your life or lack there of.

  • Mountain Codger

    What a great game!!! Soo close!
    Let's go Mounties!!

    • J the C


  • Codger

    I thought the Mounties had a great game. Bans is good but
    Three very questionable calls
    Pass interference call, unsportmanship, and the intentional grounding all were bad calls. And at least interference call that should have been called on Bama. ACC refs what should I expect much better change those calls change the game.

    • Protechcpa

      Calls definitely were made to protect Bama. I was surprised at the blatancy of the officials and the play by play as well. Had our guy on the sidelines put a forearm under Blake's chin and put him on his back, maybe. It did look like more of an attempt to slow his roll than any act of malice. Guess lesson is, when the other team rumbles into our bench area, they are on their own. No good deed goes unpunished.