ATLANTA — Head coach Dana Holgorsen sizes up West Virginia’s 33-23 loss to No. 2 Alabama in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff game Saturday night.

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  • Joe Keener

    Let's hire a defensive coach and concentrate on stopping the other team like WVU did before this coaching staff came along. If we have defense we can go minimum 8 - 3. Also, coach stated we had 28 yards rushing for the game so why did we start out the last two possessions running the first 2 downs. That is head coach stupidity. The offensive genius can't coach when the game is on the line. Carl Joseph great you have to be kidding 18 tackles is because his coverage let's the opponent catch the ball all the time. He can't keep up to slap a ball away.

    • Allen

      Let me know when you understand football. Sounds more like you hate Gibson than anything else. The defense did what it could. Alabama after al is not the Herd. Alabama actually has the size, depth and strength to wear out most defenses.

  • P. Root

    1. Coach Clueless got it right when he compared the results to last season's Oklahoma game. Seems that is the new norm.
    2. Vaunted running game was abandoned...again. Can't run can't win.
    3. Same issues on defense. Can't stop the run. Can't win.
    4. Under the current staff, the Mountaineers have fallen to accepting effort instead of winning.
    5. Still can't punch it in in the red zone. He's right on that one...but who schemes the plays for the red zone coach?
    6. Still can't execute? What then is the definition of modern coaching.
    7. One bright spot...staff didn't throw temper tandrums.

    • jim hicks

      Did you even watch the game? Playing the #2 team in the nation and all you can do is complain. Sorry but does Marshall even play a top 50 team this year? WVU may lose a few but we play some of the best.

      • Allen

        Usually the Herd hackers don't.