HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Huntington Mayor Steve Williams predicts people won’t recognize Hal Greer Boulevard in five to seven years.

“We have rezoned that entire corridor of that highway commercial and that’s going to invite investment to the area,” Williams said.

The city is demolishing the public housing complex known as Northcott Court. Williams said that property along with some other land will be the momentum for change.

“Of the property that is being demolished at Northcott Court and adjacent property that the city or housing authority controls there’s about 11 acres there,” Williams said.

Residents of the Fairfield community want a grocery store but the mayor said there could be that and more.

“We have been talking with developers about the redevelopment of retail space on that plot of land,” he said.

The mayor predicts a fresh new entrance to the Marshall University campus along the corridor. He said Cabell-Huntington Hospital will also play a role in the development.

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  • Jason

    There are plenty more crack/meth/drug houses in that area that needs torn down.. Check behind CCH.. It's a shame that citizens can't/don't feel safe to walk from the hospital to their cars unescorted. Don't get me wrong, I am sure there are good people that live in that area, but even they have to admit it is overrun with drugs..

  • JM

    Hopefully I'm not there to see it.

  • H Terry

    Will the street be landscaped - with plenty of lighting and under ground utilities? There should be an overpass over the railroad with sufficient turning lanes - deleting the viaduct.These are the changes that need to be added all the way from I 64 to 3rd Ave.

  • BC Meadows

    i sure believe the mayor... i hardly recognize the highlawn area since all the drug dealers moved in...i wonder where they are coming from...

  • Dumb Liberals

    Are they renaming the area Detoilet South? Once it becomes a dump, it will always remain a dump until you get rid of ALL the trash, scum, and liberal entitlement urbanites.

  • Nick

    How exactly does a municipal government "fix" a "drug problem"? Let's be honest here. Drugs are everywhere, in every city, large and small. The "problem" is the nefarious characters who come from Detroit and Columbus to meet the demand.

    Decriminalize drugs and the underground, black market drug peddlers go away.

    But I digress . . . This is a positive move for the city. Huntington is heading in the right direction, and Hal Greer Blvd has a lot of potential between CHH/MU Med Center and the main campus. Getting the societal leeches out of eyesight is a great move.

  • Matt

    Removing the degradation along Hal Greer will definitely improve the overall outlook of Huntington. Temporary tax breaks to business owners would also help to enhance the development process.

  • Doug

    They should try fixing the drug problem first.

    • jawn

      It's the economy, Stupid!
      The drug problem is merely a symptom.

    • Holden Caulfield

      What are you doing to fix the drug problem, Doug?