CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A candidate for U.S. Senate in West Virginia says he believes the Senate has room for at least one Libertarian.

“If we had much less government and more freedom, I think our society would be better off personally and, I think, we’d be more prosperous economically,” said John Buckley who wants the job.

John Buckley

He’s one of five candidates running for the U.S. Senate seat U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) currently holds.

Buckley, who is from Mathias in Hardy County, was a guest on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline” as part of series of interviews with the statewide candidates ahead of the Nov. 4 general election.

“Our party believes in limited government,” he said. “The motto of our state, ‘Montani Semper Liberi,’ well, that word ‘liberi’ means free, Mountaineers are always free, and that’s what our party means — Libertarians favor a free society.”

He’s traveling the state with a “Live and Let Live” message that covers all issues from the 2nd Amendment to the reach of the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

“Why do we have a system in this country where federal agencies, even beyond EPA, have final rule-making authority? It seems to me if they have agency expertise they should propose regulatory solutions, but those solutions should then have to go to the Congress,” he said.

Buckley, a retired lawyer, spent years working in various administrative roles within the U.S. Court of Federal Claims that included chief of staff and senior law clerk to the chief judge and acting clerk of the court.

He’s also worked with the American Conservative Union, the National Tax Limitation Committee, the Cato Institute, the Institute for Humane Studies, the Law and Economics Center at George Mason University’s School of Law and spent time as national chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative youth organization.

“In a free society, people who are different can learn to get along so well if we just have a ‘Live and Let Live’ culture and attitude and laws and that’s what I believe in,” Buckley said.

The other candidates running for U.S. Senate in West Virginia are Republican 2nd District Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), Democratic Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, Bob Henry Baber with the Mountain Party and Phil Hudok with the Constitution Party.

Currently, there are no Libertarians in the U.S. Senate nor in the U.S. House of Representatives. Davy Jones from Martinsburg is running for Congress as a Libertarian in West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.

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  • Mountain Navy

    This is the guy you are voting for some of you are voting for.

    John Buckley - who boasts previous electoral and legislative experience, having served as a state Delegate and Electoral College member in Virginia in the 1980s

  • James Davison

    John Buckley articulates the kind of limited government that Thomas Jefferson espoused---the kind that could keep Americans free. Government waste, lack of accountability, disdain for the American people and self-perpetuation are hallmarks of despotism in the making. If you are not a Libertarian today, you will be someday when it is too late to vote. WAKE UP America!

  • Buck

    Are you really that dense Gary, or is it just an act to fan the flames a little? Heaven forbid people have the right to defend themselves, practice their chosen faith or are expected to be self-reliant and accountable for their own actions. People like you are the problem, not the solution to the mess this country is in.

  • Gary Karstens

    A libertarian candidate is the worst possible solution to this country. I would never vote for a libertarian. Their election would be damaging to this nation. They believe in the absolute power of instrument of death ownership...with no limits. They believe in freedom of religion. They deny the need for welfare assistance. There is nothing good about a liberatarian.

  • Tom Thacker

    This is by far the best candidate we have, the only lover of true freedom and individual rights for every person no matter how small. Go John!!

  • Mike

    WV is in the shape it is in because we keep putting Democrats back in office. The USA is in the shape it is in because as a country stupid people keep voting for Democrats. Look at the city od Detroit as an example of government run by left wingers. America and the state of WV better wake up soon or we are DOA.

  • Mountain Navy

    This guy is backed by the democratic party he is getting funds from democrats. This is what they did in the Virginia governors race. Do not fall for the democrats dirty tricks.

    • Jason412

      ^This is exactly what I was talking about with how uninformed the "informed" voters are the other day. I'm not seeing how an uninformed voter is worse than a voter who votes on completely false information.

      Mountain Navy, obviously you don't realize John Buckley had only raised $9,000 by June, but for some reason continue to spread your Democrat's control everything propaganda.

      If the WV Democrats were smart enough to do what you are accusing them of, which I doubt, one would think they would spend more than $9,000.

      • Mountain Navy

        Yep they said the same thing in Virginia. Until the day before the election.

  • Hop'sHip

    You sure its not a "I live and let you die" philosophy?

  • Rick Adams

    Learn more about John Buckley and his platform at www(dot)johnbuckley(dot)org

  • Jason

    As a registered libertarian the past few years, to me, is the only party that makes sense. I wish we would do away with parties all together, because once they are in office l, politicians do what they want anyway. The fiscal conservative and social liberal, live and let live libertarian party makes sense. It all comes down to personal responsibility, accountability, and education to make good decisions.

  • Ray

    That's all we need is another lawyer in Washington! I say why not add one more idiot to the ballot.

    • Tom Thacker

      25 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were lawyers, 32 of the framers of the constitution were lawyers. So I think it is a fair assumption to say that electing a lawyer with respect towards our constitution and individual liberty would be a good thing for our country.

    • Jason412


      Yeah, because SMC's history as a college counselor/career politician is so much more reputable than a lawyer.

      Obviously if she could provide guidance to 18 and 19 year old kids she is well qualified to be a Senator, right?

      Thanks for posting Ray, I previously had not looked into what SMC's career was pre-2000 until today, and knowing that I am even more confident I am making the right decision.

      With many here refusing to vote for NT due to her lack of experience, I question how SMC was ever elected in the first place.

      • The bookman

        In all fairness, the House is a two year term and that position doesn't hold near the prestige and power of a US Senator. Many politicians start in the House, and that path would have been a better choice for NT given her genuine lack of legislative experience. No, you don't need to be a career politician to run for the Senate, but you best have an associated skillset to offset the missing experience. Mr Buckley brings that to the table. NT, not so much.

  • Kevin Moore

    I'm with you! I am TIRED of voting for the lesser of two evils. John Buckley is by far the best candidate for the job! I decided a while ago that he was getting my vote.

  • BH

    Mr. Buckley is more qualified to be a Senator than either Capito or Tennant.

  • Jason412

    It is an absolute travesty that Shelley Moore Capito ends up winning the election based solely on party. After hearing Mr. Buckley's interview, I've made my mind up.

    • The bookman

      What I heard from Buckley, I liked. Wish the social conservatives could find a way to not be so judgmental politically and open the door to the Libertarians. I could cast a ballot for Mr Buckley, but I can't throw away my vote. Impressive candidate. I might just talk myself into it.

      • June Genis

        A vote for what you truly want is never wasted. All candidates should earn your vote, not get it by making you afraid to vote your conscience.

      • Hop'sHip

        Do it, Bookie! He's a soulmate.

      • jeremy

        My thoughts exactly Bookman. What to do?

    • RogerD

      Jason, I believe I'm with you on this one. Just wait for the crowd to descend on us about how we're just helping Tennant. That's all they got!

      That's pretty much the GOP these days. They are running on the fact that they aren't Obama. Republicans need to start standing for something once again.

      • ViennaGuy

        - That's pretty much the GOP these days. They are running on the fact that they aren't Obama. -

        I seem to recall Democrats running on "We aren't Bush" back in 2008 and, to a lesser extent, back in 2012.

        Running on "We aren't " is nothing new.

      • Jason412

        I would hope Republican's take a look at Mr. Buckley before casting a vote for SMC based on the fact she doesn't support Obama.

        I see him as a win-win. It does nothing to help Democrat's keep majority in the do-nothing Senate, and it does nothing to support do-nothing SMC and her continuing legacy of doing, well, nothing for West Virginian's. Plus this guy seems like he's just bursting with common sense, where as NT and SMC both seem to be severely lacking in that category.

        • Mountain Navy

          The guy is a fraud taking democrat money.

          • Jason412

            Mountain Navy,

            Uh, as of June 30th John Buckley had only raised $16,718 dollars, 44% ($7,333) of that was his own money.

            That is opposed to Shelley Moore Capito's $5.4 million in campaign contributions and not a single penny of it was hers, with the majority of her top contributors being Wall Street companies.

            Someone owes $5 million dollars worth of political favors, and it isn't Mr. Buckley.

            But thanks for spreading the completely false information I'm sure someone will believe it.

        • GregG

          "this guy seems like he's just bursting with common sense"........and there is the problem Jason. Common sense has been replaced with power, profit and prestige.

          • Malinda Joyce Church

            Mr. Buckley brings both common sense, and intelligence.

            He knows the legislative process This is what we need in the USSenate.

            Both the Democrats and Republicans of W. Va. would be well-served with a vote for John Buckley.

            the nation needs Mr. Buckley in the U. S. Senate to champion the mottoe of West Virginians -----
            "Mountaineers Are Always Free.".

            That is the Republican philosophy that elected President Reagan in 1980 and in 1984.