KINGWOOD, W. Va. — The state Democratic Party is dropping its legal action against Republican candidate Melissa Lewis’ bid to represent House District 52 on the November ballot, citing legal issues facing Lewis.

“Based on outstanding warrants for her arrest due to issuing fraudulent checks, we’ve decided to let the criminal justice process run its course and drop our civil suit against Melissa Lewis,” Belinda Biafore, Vice Chair of West Virginia State Democratic Executive Committee said. “We would not have been able to delve into what would be needed for the civil suit while the criminal suit against Melissa Lewis is ongoing.”

A hearing was scheduled Tuesday in the civil case, but the attorney representing the committee Mark Gaydos instead filed the order and Preston County Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Miller Jr. dismissed the case.

Gaydos told the Dominion Post the order was based on discovery they received on Friday.

The committee maintains Lewis did not meet the criteria regarding her change in residence and party.

Republicans issued a statement following the dismissal of the civil case.

“We are proud today to stand with Melissa Lewis for the voters of northern Preston County to choose a Republican for the House of Delegates,” Conrad Lucas, West Virginia Republican Party Chair said.

Lewis’ opponent is Democrat incumbent Larry Williams.

Election Day is November 4.

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  • Jethro

    When I hear Conrad talk I immediately think of Tim Gunn.

  • Big Deal

    Perhaps there is something missing from this article??? "Proud to stand with Melissa Lewis?" It sounds like they are confident in the pending criminal case. Maybe Conrad knows something they don't know.

    • Martin

      or he has to say that because she's a Republican.....

  • Trent

    Proud to stand with a criminal? You're the guy that scheduled the convicted felon for your dinner too.

    West Virginia Republicans are their own special kind of stupid.

    • Pickle Barrel

      Stupid? Really? Yes, that must be why we have two in Congress, the AG's seat, three on the WV Supreme Court and will control the House of Delegates next January.

      If you want to talk about convicted felons, then let's discuss the convicted felon judge, prosecutor and county commissioner from Mingo County. Democrats all.

      • Trent

        ^^Proving my point. Thanks, Pickle Barrel!

        • Pickle Barrel

          Your point lacks logic.

          • Trent

            Your proof of not being stupid is having elected officials? You don't even know the right count on the WV Supreme Court, not that your logic makes any sense at all but at least try to get the numbers correct.

            As far as Mingo County, are you trying to match criminal elected official counts? That is insane.

            I state again, West Virginia Republicans are their own special kind of stupid. See "Pickle Barrel" posts for an example or read anything that comes from their Party Chairman.