MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Little plastic cows parachuted from the roof of the Georgia Dome. Little dynamic Mario Alford ran the 100-yard dash like he did in high school. Alabama ran like Bama always does, and Lane Kiffin won the Emmy for Most Split-Screen Appearances.

It was a rousing season opener for the Mountaineers, who played the No. 2 Crimson Tide tough in a 33-23 loss. Above is our 100-play recap, a weekly staple throughout the season, whereby Allan Taylor and Garrett Cullen point out anything and everything you might have missed watching the game in real-time.

Stick around at the end for the updated Big 12 power poll rankings.

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  • any major dude

    The Maryland game will be the first true test of the quality of this team.

  • Dave

    I really enjoyed Allan's and Garret's review of the game. Well done.

  • TruthTeller

    Well its a good thing it was not Marshall out there against Alabama. The score would of been 52-3 Alabama.

  • FNP is much better!

    • WVU law-daddy

      Sure, it's better, if your thing is scrunched videos, complete lack of analysis, soft coverage, atrocious web design, loads of WVU press releases, etc. ... As a rational Mountaineer fan, I'll take this site any day.

  • FNP

    Good Lord this was brutal to watch. Not because of the game but because of how goofy they acted.

  • Mountaineer Fanatic

    I liked the way WVU played with a lot of spunk. I also loved the way some of the players showcased their talent.
    I do hope that the coaches will put an emphasis on 1st down and goal. We should have had two more TDs giving us 8 more points. Just stopping one of their 3rd and long would have taken 3 points off their score. We could have won by 1 point. We did a really good job however.
    So if we learn from our mistakes we could win a lot of games. LETS GOOOOOO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!

    • Seen Enough

      Two more touchdowns would have given us eight more points. Can some one please explain that one to me?

    • Beaver Sniffer

      Two more TD's equals 8 points?

      • Shawn H

        We got field goals instead of TDs. Had we scored the TDs we would have had 8 more points.

      • NCWVUFAN

        Getting 7 points instead of 3 each time WVU got inside the 5 which was twice. 2 x 4 = 8.

        • Dave

          2x7=14, 2x3=6, 14-6=8

          • Beaver Sniffer

            Got it now...just didn't see where he replaced the FG's with TD's...just saw 2 TD''s all good...thanks guys.

  • Bill

    Things will get better this weekend when WPU play's the powerhouse from the CAA.

    • TruthTeller

      Or they could play Marshall's cup cake schedule and never lose one single game.

      • Big Larry

        UNtruth Teller

        Here's the thing...

        I look at the Marshall schedule and say...

        "It will be fun to win them all, have a national ranking and go to a major bowl"

        I look at the WVU schedule and say...

        "It will not be any fun to lose them all and not receive a bowl bid"

        It is what it is...get used to it and move on!

  • John

    Allan, you got it right the game was one big Alabama love fest. If someone were watching the game and did not know anything about football they would,not have known if Saban or kiffin were the head coach. ABC was also in love with the bama quarterbacks including the backup who was mentioned more times than trickett.

  • Billy

    Allan Taylor's power pole. Sounds like something you would need to hook electricity to a single wide trailer---just sayin---

    • Allan Taylor

      @Billy: I'm essentially a minimalist, but couldn't I at least qualify for a double-wide?

      • Big Larry

        Allan Taylor

        "Love your Work"

      • hailey

        In Billy's world a singl wide = Mansion... when he grows up he will get one of those

        • Billy

          Hailey, What makes you think you know anything about me. As a matter of fact I own the trailer park . So if you mess with me and you will have to mess with the whole trailer park.

      • Silas Lynch

        Didn't I read you were a 'Bama Grad.? Then NO! you don't qualify for a double-wide loan.... Oh the irony of it all coming from a West Virginian :)