HUNTINGTON, W.Va.— Knee jerk reactions can be the worst. They’re never given much thought and are usually an emotional response to a situation. So, that’s why I took a few days to think about Marshall’s 42-27 win over Miami (OH).

Perception is not reality
Marshall could be a victim of its own success. The expectation is for Marshall to 50+ points a game and roll through the schedule. The reality is, those are D-1 scholarship athletes on the other side of the ball too. Blowout wins by four touchdowns are going to be hard to come by.

Redhawks are improved
That was a much better Redhawk team than the one that came to Huntington a year ago. Chuck Martin will get things turned around in Oxford. It helps having three Notre Dame transfers on the team. Say what you will, but there was a reason Andrew Hendrix, Alex Welch and Lo Wood were recruited to Notre Dame, they’re pretty good athletes.

Cato is just fine
Chad Pennington told members of the media during this past year’s Green/White spring game, that Rakeem Cato has been so good that this year he could have a game in which he throws for 250 yards and three touchdowns and people will wonder what’s wrong? That’s what happened Saturday. Cato was 20-for-32 for 261 yards, three touchdowns and no picks. That’s pretty good, expect people expect 450 yards and five touchdowns. Don’t worry, Cato will be Cato.

Holliday won’t show his hand
Even with all the perfect season talk and access bowl hype, the ultimate goal for The Herd is to win a conference championship. Doc Holliday is not going to tip his hand in non-conference games. If he is confident he can run the base offense and defense and not give conference opponents a lot of film to study, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

Helping Addison
After Sebastian Johansson went down with an injury in the second quarter,  true freshman A.J. Addison was inserted in the line up. The young tackled needed help on the edge so Marshall adjusted and kept tight ends Eric Frohnapfel and Joe Woodrum in to block and help Addison. This allowed Miami to adjust the defense and pay extra attention to slot receiver Tommy Shuler, effectively taking him out of the game in the second half.

Bottom line
The bottom line is Marshall went on the road during the first week of the season and came away with a 15 point win. It still put up 42 points and Devon Johnson rushed for 152 yard and a pair of touchdowns.

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  • Mountaineer Florida Boy

    I just want every one to know; in Florida I mention WVU and the people here say "yea they have a great program down there" I mention Marshall and I hear "who is that"
    Just thought I would bring a little dose of reality to you Marshall fans. I want you to be proud of who you are but understand what you are not.

    • Tracy

      I say to my friends "Mountaineer Florida Boy thinks Marshall needs to know its place in the world", my friends say "who's Moutaineer Flordia Boy?" I say, nobody.

      Just thought you'd like to understand your place.

  • BubbaGolf

    MU should join the WV Conference and save on travel expenses. Not much difference in talent from the Concords, Glenvilles and Florida Atlantic Junior College.

  • BubbaGolf

    There are 128 Division I football teams. MU is 122 for strength of schedule. Do they deserve a bowl game? Come on.

    • Interesting123

      As long as they win yes they do. Playing teams above your head and losing isnt an accomplishment. WV State could play Bama and lose.

      • Jay

        I realize you're a Marshall fan, and that's great. It really is. But you're not REALLY trying to argue that Marshall's schedule is just fine and that WVU is somehow terrible for playing a top 20 schedule and losing close to the #2 team in the country, are you???

        I'd be very careful rubber stamping Marshall as some great team before seeing them complete the entire year. I'd also be careful saying WVU "isn't that good."

        I believe Marshall has a real shot at going 12-0 this season. Congrats on that in advance. I also believe WVU might be a better football team than Marshall. I realize that's tough for you to read and process, but I live in reality. Beating up on the little boys on the playground gives you an undefeated record, but doesn't make you Mike Tyson when a big boy shows up. Accept it.

        • chuck

          WVU Sucks!! Except that snaggletooth!

          • Jay

            With the exception of whom? Your mastery of the English language is exceptional. (Sarcasm heavily applied.)

        • Interesting123

          The moral victories in that post are unbelievable. Bottom line is WVU hasnt won a game in 300+ days. Losing to a team by double digits shouldnt make anyone feel good especially when, if it wast for a good kick off return, it could have been a lot worse. The offense wasnt putting up touchdowns while the defense was allowing almost 300 yds rushing.

        • Greg

          Since MU and Wvu will likely never play again (as long as Luck is AD) we will just have to ask Maryland.

          • Jay

            Sure, Greg. We can ask them on September 14.

            I wouldn't be so sure about never playing again. There are a couple of bowl scenarios in which WVU and Marshall can play this season. Bring your 13-0 record and we'll see how bad WVU is.

            In all seriousness, best of luck this season.

  • BubbaGolf

    Really ?

  • Junius

    Not going to worry about style points just yet.

  • Mountain Navy

    Glad one WV team is doing good.

  • any major dude

    Too bad Louisville dropped the Marshall game. That would be a very interesting matchup, and would give Marshall a lot of cred if they would win.

    I do understand Lville is interested in picking that game back up at some point.

    • James

      Louisville game was moved to 2016. MU picked up a BBall game at their place for moving the game.

  • rick

    First game of the season. Great win for the Herd. The schedule was made a long time ago...just enjoy the ride this year and hope for a good bowl to travel to this winter. I was at Marshall in 1970 so I will support them win or lose. Go Herd

  • jrroberts

    Make lemonade from a lemon. We are the best of the worst that's the bottom line.

    • eerdiot patrol

      Still mad marshall is better than wvu right now? What a shame. But hey! You got a moral victory against bama

      • jrroberts

        I'm not a due hard wvu fan
        but we are not even in wvu's
        league. I just want Marshall to do

        • Interesting123

          Not in WVU's league? lol That offense could only manage one touchdown and at total of 28 rushing yards. While the defense allowed a bad QB on an overrated team to rack up a 70+% completion rate and allowed Bama to rush for almost 300 yds. I wouldnt exactly call that team a juggernaut.

          • Interesting123

            Who cares about yards? Take your medicine and realize your offense isnt putting up a ton of points. MU scored more points in week 1 than any other road FBS team. Get over yourself WVU isnt that good.

          • jwws

            Well I'd wvu played the likes of Miami of Ohio you would swe a 700+ ofence output. Sorry no comparison with Big XII and CUSA. Take a reality pill people.

          • Jay

            That Alabama team would be the best team Marshall ever played. Period.

            (And I'm a WVU alum admitting '14 Bama is better than any of the mid-2000s WVU teams.)

        • Jason

          Well, Marshall is doing well.

          • jrroberts

            True. Be hard to see anything other than undefeated. Still have to play
            the games. Go herd. Lets go Eers.