MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A Monongalia County middle school student struck and killed by a vehicle Tuesday morning was the son of a top WVU administrator.

Sheriff’s deputies released the name of the victim, Marlowe Stewart, 13, Wednesday, the son of WVU Associate Vice President for International Student Affairs and Global Services David Stewart.

WVU President E. Gordon Gee issued a statement Wednesday:

The University family is heartbroken over the Stewart families’ loss of their dear son, Marlowe. The Stewarts are a large, loving family — known by many across our campus, state and internationally because of their work — and it is just unimaginable to think of the grief they are experiencing. We are keeping them in our constant prayers.”

Monongalia County Sheriff Al Kisner said Stewart was attempting to cross the Grafton Road near the intersection with Goshen Road at just before 7 a.m. Tuesday when a vehicle traveling south struck him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kisner said no charges have been filed against the driver, though an investigation continues.

Stewart was a student at South Middle School in Morgantown.

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  • Mr.P

    The young boy was crossing the road in order to catch the school bus I believe,there are no flashing lights or signs telling motorists to reduce their speed limit for school children that ride the bus at that intersection,God Bless the family of this young life that was lost.

  • Scott

    I wonder what he was doing so far out of town?

    • Sad

      The accident happened very near his home.

  • Scott

    What terrible news. :(

    The only reason I clicked on the link was because of the misleading title...but I never imagined hearing this.

    I was an RA in Boreman when Dr. Stewart was the RFL there. Marlowe was just an adorable little toddler back then...and I was friends with their older son Blake.

    I feel so bad for the Stewart family. My heart goes out to them...I can't fathom.

  • Chris

    The title is very confusing, a well placed 'was' would make this much clearer.

    • I agree

      I agree, it sounds like a boy killed someone.

      • John of Wayne

        That is exactly what I thought.

  • The flying dutchman

    One of the most classless comments I've read. Your life must be miserable to be so lacking in compassion for the death of a child ......there will be a special place in hell for people of your ilk.

  • The flying dutchman

    You're a pig of a human.....which is an insult to pigs everywhere. Please crawl back under whatever rock you crawled out from.

    • Mr.P


      • The flying dutchman

        Rather sensitive tonight ? My comments were directed at a post that has been deleted.. I won't dignify the comment with a summary... But sufficient to say the poster should be banned , if that's a possibility.

  • knows

    REAL NEW...... U truly are a SORRY SOB to even make such a statement

  • haleigh

    he was too young too die he was the most caring person I ever meet love you Marlowe. lizzie loves you too.

  • Mr.P

    It's a DAMN shame a child lost his life BECAUSE local authorities and politicians didn't LISTEN to the PUBLICS concerns and input on this dangerous intersection, AFTER THE FACT something probably will be done,THIS IS JUST PATHETIC!!