CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Customers at the 47 CVS/pharmacy stores in West Virginia can no longer find tobacco products. The company stopped selling cigarettes and other tobacco items Wednesday at its 7,700 retail pharmacies nationwide.

CVS first announced back in February that it planned on making the move in October but they were able to do it about a month earlier. The company’s chief medical officer Troy Brennan said CVS is a health care company.

“There’s nothing that is as bad for health as smoking. So selling a product in our stores that was causing people health problems really didn’t make any sense,” he said.

Some have criticized CVS saying smokers will just find other places to buy their cigarettes. Brennan said that’s not necessarily true. He said a previous ban at stores in San Francisco and Boston showed something else.

“From what we found there was up to a 13 percent decrease overall in tobacco utilization. That’s up to 65-thousand lives that could be saved,” he said.

CVS/pharmacy also announced Wednesday the launching of a nationwide cessation program for smokers.

“So across all of our stores not only have we pulled tobacco products but we are inviting smokers to help them quit,” CVS/pharmacy President Helena Foulkes said.

Foulkes said the company has received a lot of positive feedback since its February announcement.

The 47 CVS/pharmacy stores in West Virginia are located in 24 different counties. There are 4 stores each in Huntington and Parkersburg and 3 stores in both Fairmont and Beckley.

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  • Hillbilly

    When they legalize the gateway drug cvs will be the first in line to sell it . LOL

  • Nan

    Truth is, there are hundreds more dangerous products in CVS than cigarettes. People using unnecessary medications, including the prescribed ones, often do so at great risk to their health. What hypocrites! I will avoid shopping at CVS for anything. They may call themselves a Health Care Company, but it is not my health or yours that they care about.

  • husker red

    So what..chances are there is a sheetz store next door to get cigarettes at

  • Marion

    CVS will never get another dime of mine. Pro choice.

    • Rick S.

      Apparently CVS is pro-choice, also. It chose to quit selling tobacco products.

  • thornton

    Now there will be more shelf space for Twizzlers and tater chips.

  • navin r johnson

    our corrupt government cant afford to ban tobacco. it makes way too much money from all the "sin taxes" imposed upon buyers.
    I remember when a pack was .79 with its approaching $5 a pack.

    • ViennaGuy

      Exactly. The same government which says it wants people to kick the tobacco habit is reliant on tobacco-related taxes for programs. Talk about trying to have it both ways ...

  • Hillbilly

    The Government wants all tobacco products banned and they want to replace them with Pot the Gateway drug , makes sense to me considering the way Government works these days .

    • Mason County Contrarian

      This isn't about The Fringe's Booger Man: The Government. This is about a successful business making a business decision. CVS is to be applauded in their efforts and the risk as well.

      Selling tobacco products at a pharmacy is like offering brewskis at an AA meeting. If CVS can keep one individual from becoming a nicotine addict, then it is well worth it. Agreed?

      • Dave. Just Dave.

        Then get rid of the energy drinks, soda pop and junk food as well.

        Selective outrage by CVS

  • FNP

    I think all drug stores should ban them. And they should stop selling liquor and beer too.

    • Rick S.

      I am with you, FNP. Alcohol abuse is a much bigger problem in this country than the use of tobacco products is.

    • makes sense to me

      Yes, and all stores should stop selling Bibles because that violates the separation of church and state, right? And they should stop selling fatty foods too, right? How ridiculous is that logic?