RIPLEY, W.Va. — Jackson County Sheriff Tony Boggs said some residents may choose to use illegal drugs in his county but if they do they are going to get caught.

Boggs said the newly formed Jackson County Drug Task Force was successful Thursday in a drug bust that arrested nearly 50 people. He said unfortunately there’s a little bit of everything in his county.

“We have a complete mixture. There’s everything from marijuana to heroin and everything in between with this. We have pills. I would say heroin is as prevalent as anything these days,” he said.

The arrests followed months of investigation.

Sheriff Boggs said State Police, the U.S. Marshal Service, Ripley and Ravenswood city police officers all helped in the sheriff’s department in the sweep.

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  • mommaw

    More children need to be removed from these families that use right n front of their children and leave needles in reach of them!!! Instead of taking children away from good families that want to keep them in the family, and not even given a chance to regain the children into the family!!! Good job on the busts and hope you keep getting the bad addicts and dealers!!

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    What, no democratic politicians caught in this dragnet? Oh, that's right. They're all leftist fairies and angels.

  • mountainsurfer

    Law enforcement has killed 100% more people than marijuana.

  • Moco man

    Pot is just as illegal as crack.......rightfully so.......

  • Legalize

    "There's everything from marijuana to heroin and everything in between with this." I guess we know where Sheriff Boggs thinks pot falls on the list of dangerous drugs.

  • Jason

    US Marshal service?