CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Public Service Commission has scheduled three public hearings in connection with a rate case filed by Mon Power and Potomac Edison.

The hearings begin Oct. 1 in Flatwoods followed by an Oct. 2 meeting in Morgantown and Oct. 6 at Shepherd University.

The case, which was filed in April, seeks a $96 million increase in the companies’ base rate and $48 million to pay for an enhanced vegetation clearing program already approved by the PSC.

If approved, the average customer’s power bill would go up about $14 a month.

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  • Roger

    Bend over and receive. You are about to be awarded!!

  • never

    Well since they can't criminally estimate your bills anymore I guess this is the next best thing

  • epeer

    Signed, sealed, delivered. Over before it starts.

  • Dave. Just Dave

    Anybody seen the lube? No? Didn't think so.