WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — Greenbrier Resort owner Jim Justice announced plans Thursday to build a 2,500-seat tennis stadium next to Howard’s Creek. 

Ground has been broken for the 46,000-square-foot facility, called Center Court at Creekside.

“We are so excited to be able to take the already top-of-the-line tennis facilities at The Greenbrier to a whole new level,” Justice said in a news release. “With folks like Pete Sampras as our resident tennis pro emeritus and such legends as tennis Hall of Famer John McEnroe and former world No. 1 Andy Roddick as our guests, it was only right that The Greenbrier should have the premier resort tennis stadium in the U.S. to call its own.”

Justice said the facility should be open by next June. It will be u-shaped with a view of Howard’s Creek.

The Greenbrier will host its third annual Tennis Champions Classic later this month.

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  • Gary Keiffer

    Jim Justice is bringing in more tourist which means more money which means more taxes for the state. How many gas stations, restaurants,gift shops etc. has all this helped? Answer A lot. He just purchased property in Raleigh County to bring new business in which means more JOBS AND MORE TAXES. I Thank God for Jim Justice and wish the state had more like him.

  • Chef Camille

    Yes I heard that he will also put a cricket field in at the behest of Lady Goodwin. The summer season will start with a gala ball for all of our political royalty. I heard that Lord Rockefeller will also make an appearance at the event. It will be his first visit to the state in 12 years.

  • David Kennedy

    So very smart & savy to do this.
    It all began with the imprisonment of Martha Stewart...all the free publicity about the airport and great golf...all the op-ed pieces.
    Then came the Boy Scout Camp on the New River and all that free publicity... and the people!
    Did I say the PEOPLE...they have only just begun to visit Wv and share our secret.
    Thank You, Mr. Justice for this classy offering. It's like putting a morsel of that fine Rainbow Trout in my mouth and savoring the taste of heaven, just for an instant.
    This is class.
    Raising the state and its people to a higher level. and the design of the stadium is wonderful...what a view it must give.
    I do not play tennis anymore...did it in college and later with the kids...knees just won't take it...but the love of this 'one on one sport remains and I'm glad you had the money and foresight to place this venue at the Shrine of WV...the Greenbrier...
    I'm looking forward to the future professional events that will played on that site...be seeing you and

    Thank you, again,
    David Kennedy

  • Realist

    Tennis? Another dying sport in the US like golf. What's next cricket?

    • cutty77

      Ok Realist,
      These Dying sports you bring up are sports of Blue-Bloods. Which means they have plenty of money to spend,and Jim Knows this. If not for Jim The Greenbrier would of been lost in Cheesy Hotel/Motel world. Unlike The other Clowns that run this State. Jim brings these Blue-Bloods to WV. The other Clowns run people out of our State. I like Jim's way better.

      • stophating

        He brings them hear on the backs of the working class in WV.... let him spend his own money, not my tax dollars!

        • cutty77

          You just keep going to the Wendy's drive thru. I guess that cost you nothing.

  • Jeff

    How long before the greenbrier turns into a creepy post-apocalyptic olympic villiage?

  • Game Changer

    This will be huge. When I think of WV and sports, my mind automatically goes to tennis!!!

  • I Dontno

    I don't know, but from the looks of this rendering it looks like it should hold more than 2,500 spectators.

    • Chef Camille

      I counted the seats on the rendering I came up with 2,486 seats. Someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes!

  • Michael

    Jim is such a awesome guy he is way ahead of his time he's trying to put Wva on the map in many different areas

    • Jay

      At least he's not like consol & every other energy co. That is like rape our natural resources, take money out of the state, and have unions and democrats make us think we are better off.

    • Cigarman

      He needs to pay his bills. He has put several WV business in financial trouble or out of business. I just bought one out of bankruptcy that your hero owes $300k to and refused to pay.

      • Steve In WV

        There is a big difference between the personal liabilities of Mr. Justice and the liabilities of a corporation he owns.

      • Big Bob-E

        No you didn't...

        • cutty77

          Very Simple when you do business with Mr Justice. CASH ONLY. Its better for both of you. Get the BS out of the way quick. Most people with Big Money slow pay everybody. Thats why they got the money.

  • TMW

    Excellent. What is the state doing to support this gift of private investment. Are they building roads from the north (population centers from the coast) and upgrading to 4 lanes 219 etc. My guess is no. Git on it.

    • CB44

      The state just granted the Greenbrier $25 million in tax breaks over the next 10 years. I'd say they (or we the taxpayers) have ponied up enough already.

      • Steve In WV

        The taxpayers are not funding the projects. Therefore, have not "ponied up" one nickel for the projects relating to the tax credit. The state is simply allowing the business to keep more of their money when it makes a profit from the investment.

      • Aaron

        I'm curious CB44, can you explain how this tax break works?

        • Wondering

          I'm curious as well, Aaron. Can you explain further the "nuisances" of the WVU offense?

        • CB44

          $2.5 million per year over the next 10 years. You can thank Larry Puccio (who lobbied for Justice & the Greenbrier this past legislative session) for this.

          • TMW

            And the jobs just keep going to forward looking states that grant tax breaks and hold out sweetheart deals for jobs and industry. Do you really think the car companies would be in SC, AL, TN without these deals? I really can't understand why so many on this site don't get it. I don't consider it a break or give away if the alternative is nothing on the site.

          • Aaron

            Not exactly. Any investor (it's not just limited to Mr. Justice) who invest a specific amount of money that increased their revenue above a base year amount get to keep the taxes above the above the base year amount for up to 10 years with limits on the amount the can receive capped each year. It's a bit more complicated then your version implies and requires that the state to receive the same tax revenue as the base year EVERY year.